Pocketed Impervious Carry-On

    • Pocketed Impervious Carry-On
    • PocketedImperviousCarry-On
    • PocketedImperviousCarry-On
    • PocketedImperviousCarry-On

    Pocketed Impervious Carry-On

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    The Only Exterior Pocket Impervious Carry On.

    This is the only hard-sided, impervious carry on with an exterior pocket, allowing you to stow and easily access vital travel necessities. The 13" L x 10" W pocket provides ample room for a boarding pass, iPod, passport, and reading material, and the dual ABS zippers enable quick access. The shell is made of high-density 2.6mm-thick ABS/polycarbonate composite--the same material used in automobile bumpers--that withstands 250 lb./ft. of force, ensuring optimal impact protection for travel items. Despite its durability, the carry-on weighs merely 7 1/2 lbs.--30% lighter than most soft-sided models. The generous interior is lined with 420-denier nylon and has a built-in divider with a mesh pocket. It rolls on four ball-bearing wheels that each rotate 360 degrees and are trimmed with inline skate wheel rubber, so they will not corrode from exposure to rain, snow, or salt.

    With an 18" telescoping aluminum handle. (21" H with wheels / 19" H without wheels) x 14" W x 11" D. (7-1/2 lbs.)


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    1. Pocked Carry-on review by Milt on 5/1/2015

      The Pocketed Impervious carry-on is wonderful.You have a good strong carry-on and the easy accessable outer pocket is so handy for airline ticketts,Passport,reading material and so on.It's easy to handle,small enough for carry-on yet large enough for a couple days clothing.I love it!

    2. Just What I needed review by seatom on 5/1/2015

      Pocketed Impervious Carry-On - Not only easy to handle - protects your personal items. i.e. My UnderWater Camera Equipment.

    3. NULL review by bbear on 5/1/2015

      More room than I expected.

    4. Red, but darker than Guard's Red review by DaveN007 on 5/1/2015

      It is a nice case for the money, but it is a bit more "blue" than it appears in the catalog and online. Only important if you are trying to match the Porsche color "Guard's Red".

      Pretty close, in case you were interested. But not quite as "bright red".

    5. NULL review by Mers on 5/1/2015

      Light and durable than other carry-ons.

    6. Pocked Impervious carry on review by Paulcruzmd on 5/1/2015

      Great purchase for the Design and Utility

    7. NULL review by peedee on 5/1/2015

      lightweight. The wheels make it easier to turn corners and navigate. I love it.

    8. Great Purchase review by bearhug on 5/1/2015

      The pocket in front is faabulous. I can take everything I need and have easy access to my materials. Only problem I have had is when I had to check (small planes) and it came back beat up. The wheels go in any direction so you can pull or push. Very lightweight too.

    9. AWESOME review by smullig01 on 5/1/2015

      This is a must have for anyone who travels. It's very light and moves easily in any direction. My 1 year old loves pushing it around on the tile floor.

    10. Awesome purchase review by Theresae on 5/1/2015

      I love it has even more room in it then I expected! love that my notebook computer fits right in the front with extra room for my passport and I-phone plus snacks, its perfect.

    11. No Regrets! review by Taanya on 5/1/2015

      I was a little skeptical at first...but, I love this carry-on! Everything fit so neatly and I still had room. Couldn't believe how much it holds. Very Pleased! The movement is so clean and I love that it's red. Love the built in locks for the large section.
      The pocketed section is great for my documents and reading materials and other items that I need easy access to. Too bad the pocket doesn't have the locks.
      Would consider buying a larger one to have a set...for those times I need more than a carry-on.

    12. Good value review by Mike2830 on 5/1/2015

      This carry on has a lot more space than I expected. I packed everything I needed for a four day trip to Europe. Not having to wait for a bag and then clear customs was great

    13. excellent purchase review by MAXS on 5/1/2015

      This little carry on is good looking with lots of room despite its size

    14. Looks Great review by anngie on 5/1/2015

      I haven't used this product yet, but it looks great1

    15. Carry on Luggage review by patti488 on 5/1/2015

      I've had my red hard-sided impervious carry on for 4 months now and I LOVE it. Just got back from taking it to a 3 week trip to Italy. It's so convenient to have the handy exterior pocket. My small laptop fits in it and makes it easy to take out when going through airports. Also has room from my travel papers. I try to travel without a purse when going through airports and this handy luggage allows me to do this! I love the bright red color. I know it"s mine. I have to be padded down since I have a knee implant so the bright red color allows me to keep my eye on it. Try it, You'll love it. You can get it in black if you do not like red.

    16. Great for carry-on traveling! review by mutzinger on 5/1/2015

      Excellent travel gear! Very light and easy to move arround. Great product for frequent travelers.

    17. Good choice review by TheBull on 5/1/2015

      I travel extensively and have been looking for a different setup for my carry on luggage. This is a great travel tool. It is very light, and rolls very good. My only suggestion for improvement is to move the handle that is on the inside of the case. If it was just a little bigger it would be perfect for longer trips. I can usually pack for 3 days with workout clothes and shoes but more than that would be a challenge.

    18. Great carryon review by KellyL on 5/1/2015

      Love having a hard-sided carry-on that is lightweight but also has an easy-access pocket on the side where I can store my book, boarding pass, etc. Lots of storage space inside.

    19. Color is not same as pircture review by thisisgood on 5/1/2015

      The function is not bad but the redcolor is not same as picture. It is dark red.

    20. Best Carry on review by 209001748 on 5/1/2015

      This carry on is by far the best in class. I have owned several other models but I found this one to be light weight, durable, and the laptop pocket seals the deal. This is a must buy for the short term business traveler.

    21. Pocketed Impervious Carry-On review by JohnK on 5/1/2015

      After waiting 3 months for this back ordered product, it finally arrived.

      I was not impressed with the luggage, it was big on the outside and too small on the inside to carry my hand carry luggage. Will keep my old Samsonite a little longer now.

    22. Exellent purchase review by Tavi on 5/1/2015

      It has been a while that I was looking to have a carryon bag or suitcase that has a side pocket for the travel documents. I have tried many models but not very handy when you travel with a carry on suitcase. Now I found the all in one system I needed. Elegant, light, and easy to access.

    23. Handy Dandy review by bermyboy on 5/1/2015

      This is the best thing I have ever bought, compact in size yet you can put easily 2 days of cloths in there. Runs smoothly on the wheels and the best of all, you have your papers in the outside pocktet so you do not have to open the entire case every time you need something!
      Keep them coming!

    24. Impervious Suitcase review by Bojo on 5/1/2015

      Using it for the first time and so far very nice.

    25. Fancy carry-on review by BobJim on 5/1/2015

      This hardback carry-on is almost soft but very sturdy and capable of keeping my contents safe. The lock looks good but I couldn't get the rollers to turn. The case and the opening pocket will make traveling more convienient.

    26. Great carry on for the job review by Ninitica on 5/1/2015

      This carry on looks small, but offers good space inside. The color is really nice.

    27. I love my new carry on! review by Deidre on 5/1/2015

      I have wanted one of these for two years and nobody would buy it for me; so, I got it for myself and my entire family is jealous!!!

      I want to buy two larger hard side cases for a matching set!!! Best present I ever bought myself!!!

    28. Good but with a problem review by Emms on 5/1/2015

      A very well made case strong but light and lots of room but it will not be accepted as cabin luggage by a few airlines (virgin atlantic) for one so check size allowance before using.

    29. Great Carry on review by Occmmguy on 5/1/2015

      My company wanted me to use a carry on to save money on baggage. I ordered this carry on and could not be happier. It fits in the bins in the planes and the outside pocket makes it easy to get to your travel documents. The pocket has zipper that you can lock together using a TSA approved lock if you have to check your bag on small planes. It is better to pull the bag on the carpet on 2 wheels and push on 4 wheels on any hard surface. I can get at least 1 weeks clothes and toiletries in the case without any problems.

    30. Lock didn't work review by Jordon on 5/1/2015

      Love the bag. Hate the lock.

      Got it on a Wednesday before a Saturday trip. The first thing I did was set the lock to a combination of three digits that I can easily remember. Locked it and unlocked it three times. I packed on Friday but Saturday morning before heading to the airport I had to get into the bag, but it wouldn't unlock. Tried for about 10 minutes before cutting the zipper pulls.

      Maybe the next one will work better.

    31. Excellent new suitcase review by JerryJ on 5/1/2015

      Just used this on my first trip over the Christmas holidays, and it performed excellently. Easily fit in overheads M80/90 planes. Has more room inside than it appears. Only negative was a plastic film (like food wrap) which appeared to needed to be removed, and did not come off easily from the frames. But otherwise, very pleased.

    32. Red Travel Bag review by cashew on 5/1/2015

      Love the bag, but should be offered in a larger size. I ordered this bag because it was the only one that has that side pocket. My friend needs the side pocket for documents and and and larger size to pack his suits.

    33. Great Purchase review by Fred100 on 5/1/2015

      Great product. Very lightweight sleek and stable. I have bought hard top carry-ons before that were very unstable. The outside pocket is a big plus. Highly recommend.

    34. nice looking case review by diaj on 5/1/2015

      only problem it has a hole in the front pocket opening pocket but I don't have time to return it as I want to use it the week on a business trip so I guess I will just have to live with it, but apart from that I love it, Will tell you more after it's first outing

    35. Very handy review by 10s4jh on 5/1/2015

      the outside pocket is very handy... I can pack my iPad, iPhone, ear buds, as well as several other items I need to get to regularly...

    36. Great product review by lboo on 5/1/2015

      The carry-on arrived after being back ordered for several weeks. Must be a really popular item. But when it got here it turned out to be a great buy. Love the front pocket for travel docs since we usually take large groups everywhere we go. The hard side is behind the pocket so the inside items are still protected. And the zipper locks are great. Looking forwward to lots of use on this one.

    37. Nice Product review by Ontherun on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this product for a 6 day get-a-way. I was looking for a hardsided carryon that would allow me to place liquids where they could be easily accessed. This suitcase fit the bill. With the available front zipped pocket I was able to place my travel sized liquids in a quart sized bag and just open the outside pocket grab them and place them in the tray for the journey through security. I am very pleased with the way the suitcase wheels rotated. This made pushing instead of pulling a great option. I would recommend this suitcase to anyone wanting a hardsided carryon. The only thing I can complain about is the packing, upon arrival there is a film on the entire suitcase which must be removed, this is intended to protect the shine during shipping. Seems to me they could come up with another option, such a wrapping in a light weight styro or plastic covering taped together tightly to protect the unit which could easily be removed upon arrival.

    38. Good for overnight review by TLCNYC on 5/1/2015

      The only reason I'm keeping this instead of returning it is because it's truly the ONLY hardside spinner with an exterior pocket. It rolls nicely and it looks good, but I took an overnight trip and it barely held my things. The other negative thing is that the handle feels flimsy. It isn't as sturdy as even the low-end carryon handles I've experienced.

    39. NULL review by twn1005 on 5/1/2015

      very good over nighter with small outside computer pocket

    40. Size review by NCRROG on 5/1/2015

      Since the size was not given in the description in the magazine, I called and asked. I was told it was a 21" and it is not so it is too small for most of my weekly trips. Also getting the wrap off the suitcase was very frustrating. Other than that, it is a nice piece.

    41. Love it review by Gulliver on 5/1/2015

      Ive been wanting this for a long time and now that i own it am very happy with it. Convenient design easy to handle. I particulatly do not like to check bags and this is perfect for one two, or for the savy traveler even a 3 day trip. The front pocket is very easy to access for a quick grab of your passport or travel documents, it even holds a small lap top or your tablet. I will highly recommend it. It shipped quickly and arrived in very good condition. Good value, I just wish shipping was free.

    42. Looks can be deceiving! review by ScottyB on 5/1/2015

      This is very difficult luggage to find and I was even backordered for months before canceling and reordering almost a year later. This one piece is part of a 3 matched set of Heys brand luggage. It is manufactured with a thin plastic shrink wrap protecting the glossy finish however difficult to remove leaving traces of plastic wrap behind every nook and cranny. The irony is that after one flight the baggage handlers are so rough that the glossy finish is scuffed forever. A matt finish would be much better. Heys proudly displays their logo on a raised acrylic emblem which was scuffed and cracked after first use. The dual swivel wheels are of good quality and an import feature and hard to find on luggage in this price range and size. Capacity is adequate for up to week long trips if no jacket or extra shoes. Extra pocket opening is good for business travelers with tablets or small laptops or TSA 311 toiletries plus headset case. This piece will not fit in CRJ or similar regional jet overhead bins and will be gate checked.  

    43. Caution wheels may break off when checked review by jkkee on 5/1/2015

      If you need to check this bag be aware that the wheels may break off making it useless. Before this occured the bag was pretty good. Manuevers nicely, and fits more than you would expect. Also scrathes easily

    44. Fantastic style, awesome carryons! review by Marita on 5/1/2015

      Unlike expensive Rimowa carryons, side pockets are made of canvas not of same material as newly delivered carryons.
      Long long wait was certainly worth it. I ordered them thru Sky Mall Sept, 2013 and it arrived Dec 2013.
      Do you have a matching 30" red color?
      I'm very interested to order one, for check in. If yes, how much?

    45. Accessible and perfect review by CGBL on 5/1/2015

      We had a difficult time getting the Carry-On but it was worth the wait. We haven't used it yet but are looking forward to the time that we do.

    46. Great features and roomy for the size review by bblackbu68 on 5/1/2015

      I have been traveling weekly for just little over two years. I first Samsonite bag lasted about a month before being damaged by the airlines. So, I decided to give this one a try. Although I'm on my third one now, they are more durable than most and the only hard sided bag I could find with a side pocket. The airlines managed to break one of my wheels off the first bag and they broke the pullout handle off the second one. So as far as durability, I get about 9 months of heavy use out of these bags. I can get about 4 days of clothes into this bag including an extra pair of shoes for exercising. I've been using my third bag for about 3 weeks now and I feel the quality is improving. The handle seems thicker and more heavy duty than the last two bags.

    47. Very few shortcuts review by TJC424 on 5/1/2015

      Love the hard case and extra computer pocket.
      However, there could be a stronger: handle and more then one inside pocket..
      Fits in the overhead, wheels good and looks great - had it two weeks and one trip - time will tell if it holds up - I would recommend it - with caution to your needs

    48. NULL review by PGerstle on 5/1/2015

      Returned for credit. My wife said the suit case is "too small and not her color".

    49. Great idea for regular travelers review by grandparents travelin on 5/1/2015

      We bought this and used it the first time that past week, what a easy way to take our tablets for easy access! Love it!

    50. Great quality review by Ileana on 5/1/2015

      I love this suitcase. Light and great design of compartments. My favorite feature is the big outside pocket.

    Pocketed Impervious Carry-On
    Pocketed Impervious Carry-On

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