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    The Portable Gel Seat--16".

    Unlike bulky seat cushions that are heavy or difficult to carry, this compact gel-filled cushion weighs only 2-1/2 lbs., folds in half, and is easily portable due to its integrated handle. The soft, pliant gel- and supportive foam-filled pads disperse weight across the width of the cushion, relieving point-of-contact pressure inherent in long periods of sitting (at a desk, behind the wheel of a car, in bleachers while viewing a sporting event, and more), helping to prevent or lessen back strain and blood vessel and capillary constriction. For additional comfort, the center groove eliminates contact pressure on the tailbone and soft tissue.

    1" H x 16" W x 13-1/2" D; 2-1/2 lbs.


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    1. Definitely worth it review by Fitman44 on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this product to provide some extra comfort on airplanes. And it did not disappoint. Airplane seats are extremely uncomfortable and especially after a long trip create a great deal of stiffness in the lowerback and hip areas. This gel seat provides great comfort without being bulky and is easy to stick in a carry-on or roll-aboard. The small one is perfect for airplane seats and I plan to by the big one for the car.

    2. Gel Seat review by SouthernCanadian on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for my wife's sore tailbone. It's been 2 years of painful sitting and she has resorted to sitting on two books to take the pressure off of the area - after two weeks of this gel seat the pain is almost all gone. Love it!

    3. Works Great review by Skybird on 5/1/2015

      Easy to transport from one truck to another and saves the body wear and legs don't hurt when I get out of the truck.

    4. Not too bad review by LTDean on 5/1/2015

      The Gel Seat is comfortable. A seat is a little harder than I thought it would be but cushions the posterior nicely. I fly to and from DC to Japan at least once a month. I use it on the plane when I am flying coach for those distances. I have no more tail bone aches and my legs don’t go to sleep anymore. I totally recommend it for those that have the same problems with sitting on airplanes for a long time.

    5. Disappointment review by Mariposa on 5/1/2015

      I was very excited about getting this product based on the advertisement and so many positive reviews it got. I tried it for a few days, but for some reason, instead of helping me (in the many hours I spent sitting in front of a computer), I started to experience new pains on my back and hips. Eventually, I realized that the seat appears to be meant for flat bottom chairs and all chairs at my place of work and at home had either a curve bottom or had some sort of cushion, which did not allow the Gel Seat to rest flat on it and this affected my posture. I suggest that the company inform the prospective buyers of the apparent need to use the Gel Seat on a flat bottom chair. I was sorry to have to return it. It's probably nothing wrong with the Gel Seat itself, but it wasn't working for me on the type of chairs that are available in my work environment or at home.

    6. NULL review by erlioe on 5/1/2015

      Works great in my car. Can't wait to use it on my next flight.

    7. HARDER THAN THOUGHT review by Beagleman on 5/1/2015

      I ordered this product hoping it would make my flight sitting time more comfortable. Boy was I wrong. This did not have the soft get feel to it and it was in fact quite hard. I returned it for my money back. I was disappointed.

    8. Gel Seat review by superdooper on 5/1/2015

      I just used this product to fly to Japan. Did not like it, in fact it was worse than the regular seat. For that length of time it still hurt my tailbone. I guess I was hoping for a miracle and comfortable ride. Wish I could return it.

    9. NULL review by Tkago1 on 5/1/2015

      I haven't used it but one time on the airplane & so far i like it. My tail bone did not hurt me at the end of my 8 hr flight.

    10. Good value ! review by nhiguchi on 5/1/2015

      It is compact and comportable during sitting in aircraft , home and even car. It is heavy but stable and does not change the form.

    11. There are no words... review by flashromx on 5/1/2015

      This was so much better than expected I have no words. I drive 200 miles daily and have no more issues with hemmeroids or anything else. This is a must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Too hard review by dceb on 5/1/2015

      I am disappointed in this product.  It is way too hard and does not help with my issue.....high hamstring tendinopathy.  On top of that, I had to pay a very high delivery fee and extra duty upon its arrival in Canada.  

    13. Too hard review by Sugarmam on 5/1/2015

      This seat was hard as a rock, where was the gel? I thought maybe it would get higher with time but it did not. I do not recommend it. I returned it and it cost me the shipping $13.00. This product was not as it was advertised. 

    14. Not what I hoping. review by drbigred on 5/1/2015

      Used it on 12 hrs flight. Was hoping for a better trip. 

    15. helps a lot on long flights review by karen10 on 5/1/2015

      We enjoyed our so much we bought for our kids to use at school activities. Bleachers are so hard. They are wonderful gel seats.

    16. Very comfortable review by NYAZ on 5/1/2015

      It was a suggestion from a friend who had bought gel seats for some of her family members.  Both had significant back issues.  Since I have had several back surgeries our frequent cross country flights were painful and uncomfortable.  Used the gel seat on our last flight and have not been this comfortable in an airplane seat in a very long time.  The compact design makes this seat easy to transport as well.

    17. My elderly father was happy. review by Linda1218 on 5/1/2015

      The ordering experience was good, polite and fast service.
      My 87 year old father really likes it. I think the price was outrageous. I was willing to pay it for my dad but would not do anything at that price for myself so as far as I am concerned, the seat has a limited market.

    18. NULL review by Ken VB on 5/1/2015

      I bought the Portable Gel Seat just before attending the US (tennis) Open and am glad I did. I sat on hard seats for 3 long days, and never had a sore behind. It was well worth the investment.

    19. Most Comfortable Seat review by Gel Pad on 5/1/2015

      I was a little skeptical when I purchased this but not now, wow! I use this when I am riding the bicycle at the YMCA as a seat cushion ( 1 HR ) for my workout !!

    20. Good but not great review by Menomom on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for my car and for airplane seats. Though it does the job, it doesn't have as much cushion as others I've tried since. It sits "hard" but does have enough cushion to keep you off the harder surface of a seat or bench.

    21. THIS WAS A BAD ITEM review by Cannon on 5/1/2015

      I don"t know who talked you in to this product but I found it horrible and totally ineffective..Its more trouble to send it back.Ive ordered from SKY MALL vmany times and have never been disappointed until thid piece of trite was sent. No comfort whatsoever..A 10 dollar stadium seat is much better.t

    22. Compact easily portable review by Cassius on 5/1/2015

      Received a month ago to use on my motorcycle. Have used twice with my Silverado truck on long trips. Makes trip more bearable. A

    23. works great review by luvgz1 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this seat for my scooter and so far it works great ..I will try it on the summer too and see how that goes ..

    Portable Gel Seat
    Portable Gel Seat

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