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Propane Torch

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Long-Reach Propane Torch melts thick ice, burns-out hard-to-get-at weeds.

Environmentally friendly, chemical-free way to get rid of ice patches and snow in Winter, or Summer weeds and unwanted grass in driveway or sidewalk cracks. Attach your own standard 14.1-oz. propane tank (not included, but available locally) to the nickel-plated steel and brass burner with adjustable regulator valve. 31" reach.

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  1. Enviromental toy! review by crackjackmom

    Great gadget! I bought one of those water bottle carts and strapped a big propane tank. I wheel that around with it so I could use it on my large lot - this way the propane last all year. I have saved money in chemicals and propane by using the bigger tank. This torch has also preserved my cement as I no longer use salt on my sidewalks. It can also be a great firestarter for those stubborn wet logs. Easier on my back then bending all the time to reach weeds with chemical sprayers. Now my husband is helping me maintain the yard with this as it is more fun to him!

  2. Lovin' My Propane Torch! review by mammygammy57

    This is just the coolest "tool" I've bought in a very long time. It has countless uses and is so much safer than some of the alternative methods of lighting fires, killing weeds, etc. If I had a lot of land I would definitely do what the previous poster said she did by buying a large propane bottle and strapping that sucker down to roll around. However, being 58 y/o and my daughter's having families of their own and gone....well, the small bottle of perfect for my needs! Would I recommend this? YES!

Propane Torch
Propane Torch

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