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    PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

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    Pets who need a little help getting up onto furniture will appreciate the PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs.

    These pet stairs make it easier for older dogs and cats, pets with joint problems, or even just tired pets, to get up onto their favorite couch, chair or bed for a well-deserved snooze. Arriving completely assembled, the molded-plastic pet steps have carpeted treads and built-in safety side rails. These special features allow your small or medium-size pets to use these dog steps to get onto beds and other furniture with confidence. PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs also saves your back from lifting your pet up and down.

    The stand folds underneath so you can easily store the pet steps in a closet or under the bed when you don't want your pet on the furniture. The PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs is lightweight, so you can move it where you need it--even outside to help your pet climb into the car--yet it holds up to 120 lbs. The classic beige color is attractive with any decor and these portable pet steps are easy to clean.

    PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs features:

    • Helps older or ailing dogs and cats, or puppies, to get onto beds, sofas, chairs
    • Reduces jumping to help prevent injury to your dog or other pet
    • Stair treads are carpeted for better traction
    • Side rails help your pet feel more secure
    • Easy to move from room to room
    • Can be used outside as a pet ramp into a vehicle
    • Stand folds in for easy storage
    • Dimensions: 16" x 24" x 19-1/2" tall when open
    • Weight: 7 lbs.
    • Materials: Molded plastic
    • Assembly: No assembly required


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    1. NULL review by funnyface on 5/1/2015

      My doggie steps are great. My three mini dachshunds now can climb on the bed and sleep tight. The steps are very easy to store, just push a button and slide under the bed. Great Item.

    2. Smart purchase. Wish I had found it sooner. review by Cheri on 5/1/2015

      My doctor told me the number one reason for insomnia were with people who slept with their dogs. She told me to get them off my bed. My husband and I decided to make some steps. Unfortunately they were heavy and took up too much room. What we will do for our pets! All the other steps we had seen were too short or too expensive. PupSTEP is perfect. I can pick it up with one hand when I want to move it away from them. It takes up 1/4 the space the old one did. Cleans easily. The dogs get up and down without waking me up. It's awesome.

    3. Worth every "step" review by Zanne on 5/1/2015

      My dog is old and over weight. Recently we took her to the vet for a torn ACL. Since then she has used the steps to safely crawl up and down onto the bed. She is small and threatens her safety jumping before we got the steps. They are definitely worth every step and every dollar.

    4. NULL review by keith on 5/1/2015

      This is a great product. My dog is to short to get on the bed without lifting. This allows her to come up whenever she wants with out bothering me. The folding feature makes it easy to store under the bed during the day.

    5. Great doggie helper review by Roxie on 5/1/2015

      Terrific purchase for those small dogs who have difficulty jumping onto high objects. My shih tzu knows exactly where steps are and will go out of her way to use them. Great construction and easy folding to travel etc.
      I did purchase other steps offered on TV. No comparison, I threw old steps away.

    6. Perfect review by lowroller on 5/1/2015

      Our bed is too high for our 4 year old Shih Tzu to jump up on. The pupSTEP Plus was the perfect solution, light weight and the perfect height. Bargain priced compared to things I've looked at elsewhere.

    7. Great price!! review by Debi on 5/1/2015

      I have looked at similiar items, online and in catalogs, they average almost $100. This is a great buy for a quaility item. My 7 year old Beagle, Molly, finds this very easy to use. It's strong, and I love the idea that I can fold it, and put it away when I have guest over.

    8. my puppy's worth it! review by vavalou on 5/1/2015

      well constructed & no assembly required

    9. Dog´s life review by Sebas on 5/1/2015

      Excelent. Now our old dog is so happy and is improving his quality of life. Also ours. He lerned to use the product just in a few minuts.

    10. Makes my dog more independent! review by Vciris on 5/1/2015

      The stairs are lightweight and easy to use. My older dog is able to get in and out of the car, as well as onto the couch.

      Excellent product - excellent price!

    11. NULL review by slyder on 5/1/2015

      excellent quality and great shipping

    12. Better quality than expected review by Emigh on 5/1/2015

      I was surprised with the quality of this product for the price. It is sturdy enough for my large dog to use, with slip resistant pads for each step and it looks nice. It would be perfect for a small to medium size dog but my big dog uses it with ease.
      Instructions are simple and takes five minutes to put together...................

    13. NULL review by rascal on 5/1/2015

      I am sorry I got this. I went by the number of pounds it wouldaccomodate. The item description should have indicated that because the steps are so short, larger dogs can't use it - even if they fall under the poundage limit. This is the case with my dog, so it is useless

    14. disappointing review by nanimin on 5/1/2015


    15. Perfect size review by mjr1 on 5/1/2015

      Good construction. Well built and the traction on the steps is perfect for your pets. Performs it's function well. Now if I could only get my dogs to use it!

    16. PupSTEP Plus review by katieb1 on 5/1/2015

      PupSTEP Plus is exactly the product I was searching for. It is durable, easy to store, and just the right size for my Yorkie to access the bed. I would definitely recommend this product.

    17. PERFECT FOR MY CATS review by NULL on 5/1/2015


    18. Good product review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      After looking everywhere, finally found stairs tall enough to reach our bed! Could have been a little taller but best found

    19. pupstep review by amani on 5/1/2015

      sturdy and very useful

    20. NULL review by afr56506 on 5/1/2015

      The steps are extremely stable - no movement. We bought the steps for our mini-dash but he would not try them because of an earlier bad experience. Shorter pups would do better with this product.

    21. NULL review by kchamp2 on 5/1/2015

      The product is sturdy and my doggy loves it

    22. Worth the money review by jdmbj on 5/1/2015

      I have a boston terrier that is 10 yres. old, he no longer can get on the bed by himself, these steps have given him his dignaty back. During the day I put the steps by the front bay window and he now can look out at the birds and squirrels. They are light weight, all you have to go is pull the sticky tape off the back of the stair pads(so they don't slip) and apply. 2 seconds! Best thing to buy for your older friend!

    23. Handy Dandy for Pet and Man review by Kell on 5/1/2015

      PupSTEP Plus is an excellent product and is useful in a number of ways for my smaller pets to get up on sofas, chairs, outdoor chaise, etc. It is especially helpful for older individual owners who are finding it more and more difficult to lift pets.l

    24. NULL review by YorkieMom on 5/1/2015

      The pads that are to go on each step had an adhesive backing but the paper stuck to them was stuck so well that we could not pull it off without ruining the entire pad. I ended up having to glue each pad onto the actual steps. Also, these steps are not good for people with extremely small dogs. The height of the steps is too great. If your animal can not climb regular house stairs, s/he will not be able to use these steps either.

    25. NULL review by mosden on 5/1/2015

      I was very impressed. Lightweight, folds down easily. and the angle makes it very easy for them little ones to use it with ease.

    26. Great Idea review by ckbk on 5/1/2015

      These steps are a great idea at a great price. Our beagle would wake us up in the middle of the night as he is too old to jump in our bed. Didn't take long to teach the old dog a new trick and he uses it exclusively now. The only drawbacks are that the padding was a little difficult to put on as the paper backing stuck to the adhesive and was hard to pull off. The other thing is that our bed is a little taller than normal and we had to put a wood platform under the steps to raise them about 4" so the dog could reach from the top step. It is designed for a standard height bed and is not adjustable or available in other heights

    27. Outstanding review by Lenard on 5/1/2015

      I find that I use the PupStep for my 5 year Golden Retrieve to get into a high above ground swimming pool, as well as onto the back of my Ford Ranger Pickup and our high queen sized bed. It is extremely helpful, and hopefully will be used for many more years as she gets older.

    28. Great Purchase for my Puppy review by Brat on 5/1/2015

      Great Purchase, does what it is intended to do and makes it easy for our yorkie to get onto the bed any time he wants to, without us having to pick him up.

    29. I am glad I ordered it review by Carolina on 5/1/2015

      I love the PupSTEP Plus. I had purchased a similar product before and was not convinced. I kept on looking and found this one. My dog loves it, he learned to use it in 2 days. Now its making everything easier for both of us. I like the color, it is very easy to store and to clean.

    30. this is our second pupstep plus review by Cloud on 5/1/2015

      Dow Jones, Yorkie, loves his stips! We got a set for each house.

    31. skymall Pupstep Best purchase review by Jazzy on 5/1/2015

      Great product. I have purchased two other puppy steps, but not as good as this. Easy set up,very clean line eary to care for. I think I my get another for my cottage.

    32. great purchase review by suspoos on 5/1/2015

      This was the best purchase I have made in a long time. It took our little 4 leggers only 10 minutes to become pros at going up and down the stairs and they love it!

    33. It's great review by TCinVB on 5/1/2015

      Light weight, easy to put up and take down. Our cat quickly learned how to use the steps; just two demos - showing her how to go up then down and she took it from there.

    34. THE BEST FOR THE MONEY review by AJAX on 5/1/2015

      I shopped all the local pet shops and not only were their steps more expensive but, they were not as sturdy or compact. I thought I would give PupSTEP Plus a try and was very impressed with it's size, portability and construction. I'd recommend it to anyone with small pets.

    35. Handy review by estrube on 5/1/2015

      Simple to setup. Peel and stick carpeting is easy and makes for a nice finish. Saves me from leaning over in the middle of the night to pick up our pup.

    36. Great purchase review by Marimac on 5/1/2015

      I have a small dog and she cannot jump onto my bed and I always had to pick her up during the night. With the PupStep, it took a couple of weeks to train her to use them but now it is great and she can get on and off the bed herself.

    37. It's perfect review by KWSW on 5/1/2015

      My cat is getting older and the new bed was too tall for her to reach jumping. I tried a couple of other steps. They were bulkier, not as tall or manageable for her. This is a great size for lots of places and very comfortable for pets.

    38. Great product! review by LittleGirl34 on 5/1/2015

      I am very happy with my pup step I have a 3 lb Chihuahua and she cannot get up on my bed and wakes me frequently during the night if she hops off the bed and wants back on. Now my dog can easily get onto the bed and it only took a few training sessions to get her familiar with it. The pup step is easy to assemble fairly lighweight and folds down for easy storage.

    39. Works very well review by 4petlovers2 on 5/1/2015

      I know this is suppose to be for getting small pets onto beds, etc. but I bought this for the OUTSIDE to get a medium size dog into a suv/truck, which is a high jump. Most, that I priced, that were intended for such purpose, were well over $100.00. This plastic one supports 120 lbs. and most mid-size dogs are only about 60 lbs. It was just what I needed and works great to get your dog into a high seat. And it cost very little. The stairs are carpeted, also, for comfort. It also folds flat so you can store it in your back seat floor area, up against the back of the front seat for when you need it. I would highly recommend this.

    40. better then the rest review by angldream on 5/1/2015

      had bought another brand of puppy steps but this prduct far exceeds the other brands , built better, reaches to the top of the bed, padded, dogs love it and so do we. awesome price

    41. If your ok with dogs on furniture review by djsfourth on 5/1/2015

      durable and easy to fold away. Worth the price

    42. PupStep Plus review by poppie on 5/1/2015

      I bought two for my two Beagles and they love them. It was very easy to help them learn how to get up and down the steps. Shipping, packaging, set-up, stability, appearance, useability are all great.

    43. Great Bargain review by Doxielover on 5/1/2015

      Very much worth the price. Easy to store and both my dog and cat love it. Light weight so I can easily move it from room to room.

    44. Great steps! review by CindyL on 5/1/2015

      I have had my pupsteps for about 2 weeks now, and I love them, so does my Jack Russell. She can now get up on our bed very easy. I would highly recommend this product.

    45. PupStep is a Great Step! review by jojo1129 on 5/1/2015

      This foldable set of "stairs" for my dog is excellent! Very strong and durable. Easy to assemble the nonslip step material. And my 15 pound dog took to it immediately! When not using it, just fold it and slide it under the bed!

    46. It's Great review by OldGirl on 5/1/2015

      I purchased the PupStep Plus for my 18 yr old cat that has been having trouble getting up and down. Instead of having to regain her balance, she can now get to her spot in the window with ease. I am very happy with this purchase. I know she is.

    47. Pupstep Plus review by renodivorce on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this for my older cat who has arthritis. Easy to put together and she seems to enjoy it. Shipping was quick, it said shipping would take 3-4 weeks, but it arrived in 5 days

    48. Steps for Camper review by Kimmer21 on 5/1/2015

      These steps were bought for our camper, the pull out bed sits really high to where the dog had to be picked up and sat on the bed. Now she can come and go when she wants without help.

    49. Great Step UP review by nanapat on 5/1/2015

      The PupSTEP Plus is great. I had no problem putting it together as there was so little to do. It is sturdy and the height was perfect. I had searched for this height of stairs but had not been able to locate anywhere. It works perfect for me and my 7 lb maltese dog. Thanks a million and the price was great also.

    50. My Old Lab review by NYJoe on 5/1/2015

      My girl is 13+ and failing a bit. This is the perfect solution to get her where she feels part of the family.

    51. PupStep Plus review by TravelingGal on 5/1/2015

      This product is very helpful for my older dog. He is blind in one eye and the steps help him get onto the couch without help.

    52. great purchase review by katrod on 5/1/2015

      Very easy to assemble and my dog loves it.

    53. Very good product review by Taz23958 on 5/1/2015

      This works perfectly for my 2 dogs, also very sturdy.

    54. He loves them! review by McDi on 5/1/2015

      These steps have a wider step than I found in the pet stores........he loves them and so do I.

    55. Pup Step review by Villager on 5/1/2015

      I needed inexpensive steps to build into my grandchilds playhouse . . . . these PupSteps were perfect when bolted to the frame.

    56. pup step review by TonyZ28 on 5/1/2015

      The item arrived just in time, as I had an injured beagle, and came in quite handy as she wasn't supposed to run or jump. With a little help, she learned quite quickly how to use the steps to get up on her favorite chair and the bed. And just as easily learned to go down as well. The carpeted steps and the sturdy construction make it well worth the cost. Would highly recommend this item to any pet owner.

    57. Excellent review by Toolwoman on 5/1/2015

      This has been spectacular for our cats. The dogs cannot use it because the steps are too narrow. But, our cats love it. Thank you for such a great product.

    58. NULL review by Stoop on 5/1/2015

      We have a Yorkie, who is getting older and having problems with his legs. This allows him to climb down the steps from the sofa, instead of jumping down.

    59. OK for small dogs review by DogFather on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this Pet Stairs so two of my senior dogs could get on the bed easily. The steps are narrow, so it may be better designed for smaller dogs and puppies. My dogs don't see to like using it.

    60. Nice fit but slides on laminate review by NikkiJc on 5/1/2015

      I like the steps but the stoppers or not doesn't keep it from sliding on my laminate floor

    61. Good Buy!!! review by LoveMyDogs on 5/1/2015

      This is very easy to use & clean out afterwards.

    62. great for cats review by nick666 on 5/1/2015

      We have nine cats and they love their steps. 

    63. ease of use! review by yyoungM on 5/1/2015

      I have 7 dogs using these and tgeir weight range from 4lbs to 20lbs and they love it. No problems with it.

    64. NULL review by murphygirl on 5/1/2015

      My dogs have not learned to use them but I think they are great! Very well built and will last.

    65. Great for Mini Schnauzer!!! review by SMLifer on 5/1/2015

      We purchased this for our "micro" schnauzer, Charlotte so she could get up on the bed at night.  She learned to use it the first night and is so happy to have her own way up!!  

    66. pupSTEP plus review by sara13 on 5/1/2015

      Am very pleased with the item that I ordered. It is exactly the size (and color) for the bedroom in which it is used for my one dog - and my dog navigates the steps very well. The price was right as well.

    67. PupStep review by BellaRose on 5/1/2015

      I bought this item for a very small puppy, 3 lbs and she has learned to go up and down with ease. She just loves it and now is a pro. It fits the sofa perfectly.

    68. Great purchase -Better than I expected!!! Buy It! review by Blind Lady on 5/1/2015

      Hope this info helps you decide - it is 26 " from floor to top my bed - my pup is fully grown at 12 1/2" tall from floor to top of his shoulder - he weighs about 19 lbs. - although he started using these steps when he was 15 lbs. and a little shorter - the top step is 8" to top of bed - that little distance is no problem - this product is inexpensive and is perfect - it took him a couple of trys when I first set it up & from then on no problems at all - far superior product compared to steps I was able to find in pet stores - it is very sturdy and the carpeted steps prevent any slips - he flies up & down the steps with no problems - One word of caution - the plastic screw on the right side worked loose & fell out - my pup chewed it up & it will not fit anymore - I will have to find something to replace the screw to hold the support to the steps - but am sure it will not be a big deal -I highly recommend this product!

    69. pup step review by eddieoscar on 5/1/2015

      This is a sturdy set of steps for a small dog or cat. Even my cat enjoys using it. It works great and is made in the USA!

    70. My dog doesn't like them! review by TNT903 on 5/1/2015

      My dog has occasional trouble climbing on to the bed because she has a condition in her back knees that flares up so I thought this might ease her difficulty. However, she at the present time seems to be scared of them and won't used them, even when I try to tempt her with a treat. If she didn't weigh 50 lbs I could lift her myself but I can't.
      Otherwise, the stairs are exactly what I wanted. Strong enough for her weight, but light enough to carry in the car, which is another place hard for her to get in to.

    71. Awesome stairs review by Terre25 on 5/1/2015

      This was the best purchase I ever made for my toy dachshund!

    72. Pup stairs let down review by ARMYNRS on 5/1/2015

      The pup stairs are not for every breed. It lacks sturdiness and adjustability in height, for higher beds. Do not recommend if your dog is a different breed other than little or minature types.

    73. My dog loves it. review by sheemie34 on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this a couple of months ago and my dog loves it. Going up and down is so much easier on her joints.

    PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs
    PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

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