• The Inada Sogno DreamWave is "The World's Best Massage Chair."

    Designed and manufactured by the oldest maker of massage chairs in the world, this is a massage chair experience so powerful and nuanced that it transcends all common expectations of what a massage chair can do.

    Loaded with a huge list of proprietary capabilities and features, the Sogno DreamWave will transport you to a place of total relaxation with more body coverage than any other massage chair in the market.

    Inada is the recognized world-wide leader in massage chair innovation, quality, and performance. The Sogno DreamWave has been designed in in conjunction with a team of shiatsu masters.
    *Rhythmic full-arm shiatsu revitalizes from fingers to shoulders
    *Deep, soothing pressure relieves hips and thighs.
    *Gentle rotational stretch function for hips and low back.
    *A youth session for younger users (14+).

    Technical Specs:
    *Reclining angle: Approx. 120-170 degree power recline
    *Reclined dimensions: 3.2' (W) x 6.9' (L) x 2.5' (H) (38" x 83" x 30")
    *Upright dimensions: 3.1' (W) x 4.6' (L) x 4' (H) (37" x 55" x 48")
    *Leg rest adjustment range: approx. 10 inches

    Seat Heater: Outer cover temperature: 102 deg F or less (at the ambient temperature of 77 deg F). Provides very gentle heat.

    Weighs: approx. 265 lbs
    Power supply: AC 120 V
    Power consumption: 170 Watts
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    Synthetic Leather Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

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  • Health

    Care for your family's health with dependable first aid and safety products. Air purifiers and humidifiers provide clean air for allergy sufferers.

  • SKITS First-Aid Mini (32 items): super compact First-Aid pouch goes with you everywhere.

    With this brilliant, refillable first-aid pouch in your bag, backpack, or glovebox, you'll always have a bandage when you need one. Contains bandages, cotton swabs, antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic wipes.

    • compact kit goes everywhere you go
    • quality, durable materials stand up to daily use
    • easy to refill as you use items

    Dimensions: 3-1/4" (W) x 4-3/4" (H) x 1/4"(D)
    Weight: 2 oz.

    Contents (32 items, listed as they appear in kit):Bandages, cotton swabs, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, mini bi-fold

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    2.0/5 (1)
  • Health

    Care for your family's health with dependable first aid and safety products. Air purifiers and humidifiers provide clean air for allergy sufferers.

  • Duo Insulin Cooling Case

    The Duo Insulin Cooling Case makes it easier (and safer) to travel with temperature-sensitive medicines. With this handy case, there are no ice packs or refrigeration required! Simply immerse the inner pouch in cold water, dry it and go.

    Medications stay cool for more than two days. Just soak again in cold water to reactivate. Also provides insulation against the cold of winter, which is important, since insulin will lose potency if frozen.

    Tucks easily into any purse or day bag, and can hold either two vials (with syringes) or two insulin pens.

    (7.25" x 3" x .25"; 1 oz)
  • Our Insulin Cooling and Insulating Case makes it easy to travel with temperature-sensitive medicines.

    No ice packs or refrigeration required! Simply immerse the inner pouch in cold water, dry it and go. Medications stay cool for more than two days. Just soak again in cold water to reactivate. Holds six vials with syringes or four insulin pens. (8 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 1/4"; 2 oz)
  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy wherever you go with the Dazzlepro Sonic Pulse Travel Toothbrush.

    Using Sonic Pulse Technology to generate up to 28,000 Sonic Pulses per minute, this slim unit provides powerful cleansing action to remove plaque along the gum line and from deep in between teeth. The Sonic Pulse Travel Toothbrush uses DuPont Bristles that promote whiter teeth naturally by gently polishing off surface stains.

    The compact & stylish design makes it perfect to use just about anywhere. The advanced electromechanical drive system offers 2 brushing modes for varying oral-care needs.

    Waterproof. Battery operated (1-AAA battery not included). Compact, Stylish & Portable Design.

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  • Inada Yu-Me Rocking Massage Chair

    The Yu-Me (pronounced You Me) rocking massage chair is a holistic massage experience so powerful that it will transcend your expectations of what a massage chair can offer. Yu-Me faithfully replicates age-old Shiatsu master manipulations and motions that transform, relax, and transport you to a place of total serenity. It's the perfect massage chair for everyone -- the perfect chair for You and for Me!

    Blending Eastern medical knowledge, modern technology, and a collection of proprietary features and functions, Yu-Me delivers unsurpassed therapeutic benefits, ultimate stress relief, and holistic relaxation of your mind and body. Pre-programmed massages, manually controlled massage options, and the most user-friendly interface on the market.

    Yu-Me incorporates the industry's gold standard in body scanning, Inada's Proprietary Body Scanning. But there's much more to YuMe, a whole collection of new and remarkable capabilities. A Proprietary Neck Stretch Pillow with unique capabilities that only Inada could have possibly conceived and developed. A proprietary calf and foot massage feature that will delight and amaze you. Color Kinetic LEDs that add a visual relaxation component to your massage. And (of course) the completely amazing ability of your massage chair to also be your rocking chair! Using Rotary Rocker Technology, an industry first, the Yu-Me's gentle rocking motion soothes your body and mind completely.

    Designed by world-renowned Toshiyuki Kita -- a Pinnacle Award finalist in 2009 for his Sogno DreamWave massage chair design -- the new Yu Me rocking massage chair perfectly blends Eastern and Western sensibilities into one perfect, modern, and very comfortable package.

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  • Fashionable Folding Canes.
    Folds to just 11" for storage. Snaps in place when opened. Safety-locking ring prevents the cane from folding until you want it to. Easily adjusts with the push of a button from 33" to 37"H.

    Lightweight 3/4" aluminum shaft supports 250 lbs.

    Wide, slip-resistant rubber tip.

    Polished, contoured derby-top style handle for a smooth, secure grip.

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  • The Garmin FORERUNNER110GPS Enabled Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor is the easiest way to track your training.

    With enabled GPS, it knows how far and how fast with no extra bells and whistles, just a simple press of a button. The included heart rate monitor is able to keep track of your heart beat in beats per minute and also provides heart-rate based calorie computations. There is virtually no setup required, just charge, press start, and go. Whether you are training to complete your first 5k or you want to get faster and fitter, having accurate workout data is the key. Forerunner 110 uses GPS to accurately record your distance, time and pace. Data from each run is stored in the unit, so you can go back and review how you did last week or last month. One special feature allows you to track your data with Garmin Connect. Simply go to the website for free data analysis to view the route you traveled, and a summary of your workout.

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