• Carry and Secure Your Valuables

    The perfect compliment to our Travel Safe Concealment T-Shirts (sold separately). Travel Safe Compression Shorts are another great way to protect your valuables, no matter what you're wearing. These "Short Shorts" are the perfect way for men to carry and conceal their valuables whatever they're wearing.

    here are eight convenient, yet highly secure, concealment pockets. Six are on the outside of the shorts, with two of those being additionally secured with our ultra-tough micro-zippers. Inside the waistband are two more pockets; one equipped with integral "flap..." just as secure, but more easily accessible than a zippered pocket.

    And UnderTech UnderCover shorts can be worn with just about everything you own... gym shorts, sweat pants, jeans, dress pants, or even a suit and tie.

    Made in USA, Cotton/Spandex blend, machine washable.

    Select color and size:
    Small -- 28" - 31"
    Medium -- 31" - 34"
    Large -- 35" - 39"
    X-Large -- 40" - 43"
    XXL -- 44" - 47"
    XXXL -- 48" - 51"
  • This Skeletor costume hoodie is available exclusively from 80sTees!

    Our Skeletor hoodie design was based mostly on the original Masters of the Universe action figure instead of the He-Man Filmation cartoon version. We chose the action figure because it had much greater detail than the cartoon Skeletor.

    The hoodie comes with a detachable armor belt to fasten around your waist just like the one Skeletor wore. We used metal rivets to add detail at the end of each armor strip on the detachable armor as well as on the shoulder epaulets. The bat logo that is featured on the action figure has been sewn directly into the chest armor. The famous crossbones are also right in the center of the chest. The bottoms of the sleeves mimic the gills found on the arms of the original action figure. Finally, the back of the hoodie looks just like the action figure as well, with appliqued armor straps and metal grommets for the ultimate bad-guy look.

    Select size.
  • It's time to Transform your old boring sweatshirt and Roll Out this Optimus Prime Costume Hoodie.

    This zip-front hoodie features spacious kangaroo pockets, rib knit cuffs and waistband, and appliqued lights, windows, grill, and sleeve accents. A half-mask is formed by zipping the hoodie all the way up, which is perfect for cold weather as well as being a "robot in disguise". The hood is fully lined with blue satin fabric, and features topstitched details and foam-lined antennae. There is also a white screenprinted Autobots logo on the upper left sleeve.

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  • Carry and Secure Your Valuables

    The "Soft" Belly Band is another versatile method available to protect your valuables... wherever you are and whatever you're wearing. And with the new "Soft Touch" Spandex/Cotton fabric, a little less support means a lot more comfort. The "Soft" Belly Band is another versatile method available to protect your valuables... wherever you are and whatever you're wearing. And with the new "Soft Touch" Spandex/Cotton fabric, a little less support means a lot more comfort.

    Whether you're dressed up for the office or going to the gym, This Belly Band can be there, protecting your valuables; safe, secure, and comfortable!

    It has 7 pockets of various sizes. The pockets are individually designed to fit a variety of items including billfolds, watches, passports, mobile devices, currency, proximity cards, and more.

    There are even two "ultra secure" pockets with a high quality micro-zipper as well as one with an integral "flap" for extra safe storage that's easier to access than the zippered pockets.

    The UnderTech UnderCover "Soft Belly Band" is made of a 4" wide, spandex and cotton blend. It is Latex free, and machine washable.

    Select color and size:
    (Sizes are measured by waist, in inches:)
    Small -- 28-32
    Medium -- 33-36
    Large -- 37-40
    X-Large -- 41-45
    XXL -- 46-52
    XXXL -- 52-60
  • Me Grimlock Costume Hoodie Kick Butt!

    Me even have me tiny stuff T-Rex arms on top of puny human arm place. OK, who let the Dinobot do the product description This officially licensed Transformers Grimlock Costume Hoodie features a front zipper, screen printed Autobots logo on the chest, yellow yoke, and appliqued red striping. Stuffed T-Rex style arms are sewn to the sleeves, and they even include 3-dimensional claws! The hood is fully lined and features a unique removable snap-in lower jaw. Topstitched details on the body and hood add to the robotic look of this garment.

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  • Ever wish you were a Trollan with inconsistent magical powers and the ability to float around in mid-air

    Well, now you can at least look like one in this Orko Costume Hoodie, available only from 80sTees! The zip-front hoodie features a black appliqued "0" on the front, side pockets, and cuffed sleeves. The drawstring hood features attached blue ears and a see through black mesh face mask with Orko's eyes sewn on. The mask can be tucked up into the hood, and out of your way, when not in use. It also comes with a removable purple neck scarf and a foam-lined orange hat--complete with ear holes!

    When you wear this Orko hoodie you may not be the most menacing of the Masters of the Universe, but at least you'll be great for comic relief and end of episode life lessons.

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  • Spinal-Air Decompression Brace Relieves lower back pain.

    The DDS Belt's unique and patented vertical cell expansion system creates lumbar traction when inflated with air by anchoring up underneath the rib cage pushing upwards and down against the hip bone pushing downwards. This action gently stretches the torso vertically, reducing pressure on the nerves in the lumbar spine, minimizing pain while assisting active rehabilitation.

    Made with 100% cotton lining, it's thin, lightweight, and can be discreetly worn under clothing. A laundry bag is included for easy machine washing. For an accurate fit please measure around the navel.

    Select size:
    Small: 26" - 28"
    Medium: 29" - 32"
    Large: 33" - 35"
    X-Large: 36" - 38"
    2XL: 39" - 41"
    3XL: 42" - 44"
    4XL: 45" - 48"
    5XL: 49" - 51"
    6XL: 52" - 54"
    7XL: 55" - 58"
  • This Transformers Megatron hoodie is available exclusively from 80sTees and is perfect for keeping you warm while your wreak havoc on those pesky Autobots!

    The zip-front hoodie features roomy side pockets, topstitching and appliqued robotic-looking details, and a screen-printed Decepticon logo on the front. It also features a fully lined hood with an attached foam-lined shaped helmet that looks just like Megatron's from the Transformers cartoon series. The right sleeve even has a sewn-on fabric scope so you can set your sights on your enemies and blast them!

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