• Your favorite place on earth, printed on canvas, stretched on a frame and hung on your wall.

    Using satellite technology that's become so advanced, the detailed print on these canvases is better than ever.

    Simply tell us the exact address and zip code that you'd like centered on your print; we'll deliver it in full color, 1:5000 sized, gallery-wrapped and ready to hang.

    Please note: Only U.S. addresses are supported at this time.

    Comes with installed hanging cord.

    18" square.

    The front of the canvas will display an area of 0.71 of a mile radius of the chosen center point therefore making a total coverage of approximately 1.4 miles from side to side. There is a small amount of extra imagery that will be wrapped around the sides of the wood.

    Personalized Aerial Image Canvas Print
    3.2/5 (6)
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    Efficiency begins with a well-stocked and organized office. Find everything from desktop accessories to reception-area d├ęcor for your workplace.

  • For the memo-writer, blogger, tweeter, e-mailer and future Great-American-Novelist in all of us.

    Snoopy stands out in this charming accent, perfectly sized for desktop use; the old-fashioned typewriter is a great reminder of what we put up with before that handy "delete" button.

    Comes ready to hang.

    4-1/8"H x 6"W

    Snoopy Writing Plaque