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    Price From: $79.00


    Double your pet's comfort with the tufted, orthopedic comfort of our easy-to-clean Sofa Dog Bed.

    All the luxurious comfort of the off-limit couches they crave, yet durable enough for their wear-and-tear and perfectly designed for their proportions.

    • Wraparound back bolsters add support
    • Removable, foam insert provides additional orthopedic comfort
    • Tailored from luxuriously tufted, 100% polyester microsuede that's 8 times stronger than the cottons found on other pet beds
    • Conveniently machine washable

    Select size:

    Small: Overall, 27"W x 22"D x 14"H; Inner, 19"L x 11"W; 12 lbs.
    Medium: Overall, 35"W x 27"D x 15"H; Inner, 26"L x 17"W; 15 lbs.
    Large: Overall, 42"W x 32"D x 16"H; Inner, 31"L x 19"W; 20 lbs.
    Extra Large: Overall, 48"W x 38"D x 17"H; Inner, 32"L x 25"W; 25 lbs.


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    1. Best Purchase Ever for my dogs review by joefra on 5/1/2015

      My dogs love this bed. I am buying another one.

    2. NULL review by jolly on 5/1/2015

      great quality, better than i though it would be

    3. Dog Comfy Couch review by HuskieFrankie on 5/1/2015

      Best Dog Bed ever purchased! Our dog loves his new bed and especially his new bone pillow that he carries around as a bone whenever we come home. The bed is well made and very durable - would recommend this product to anyone that loves their dog

    4. Honey loves her comfy couch! review by Tacvicki on 5/1/2015

      Honey the greyhound LOVES her comfy couch! The large size is just perfect for her to curl up in. She often uses the "arm" of the sofa as her pillow - when she isn't using the dog bone pillow that came with the bed, that is. The sofa fits nicely in our living room and allows Honey her own space so she isn't tempted to get on the "real" sofa.

    5. If you Love your dog! review by TEXASMAF on 5/1/2015

      Zack loved his bed. Our Grandpuppy went right to the bed and curled up in it. He likes to curl up so this size was just right for him. Great investment for the extended family!

    6. A dog's dream come true review by emma08 on 5/1/2015

      I've been looking for a quality bolstered, dog bed for a long time and this one is beyond my expectations. The exterior is classy and the internal support material perfect. My labradoodle loves it. You can't get a better bed anywhere!

    7. Almost perfect... review by 4Dogs on 5/1/2015

      I bought the XL couch for my Greyhound snd he loves it. The inner cushion is removable from the couch but the cover does not come off, so in order to wash it you need to put the whole cushion in the machine. I also would have liked some memory foam in there, the cushion is pretty mushy and doesn't give great support.

    8. great item review by binarygirl310 on 5/1/2015

      I love this bed and so do my 4 dogs. I bought this for my Rottweiler but my 3 small doggies fit right in. The Rotti is able to fully stretch out and loves it. She loves hanging out in her bed and so do the other dogs. They love snuggling together. The material is great , easy to vacuum and very comfortable. No complaints yet.

    9. Love the couch! review by Rita410 on 5/1/2015

      My beagle absolutely loves this couch! It's really cute and comfy. It also matches our decor!

    10. The Dog loves it! review by Thor on 5/1/2015

      This bed is so comfortable, my dog loves it! I've even fallen asleep on it.

    11. My Maggie Is the Happiest Dog in Town! review by LyndhurstLady on 5/1/2015

      As soon as I opened the box, Maggie got excited. This bed is big, soft and as the name implies, comfy! She really loves her bone pillow.
      Its big enough that she hides many of her toys in the sides. I would recommend this bed to anyone who loves their dog.

    12. Best dog bed review by Denverite on 5/1/2015

      As soon as we pulled it out of the box our 2 year old dog got right on it as if it was a bed she had had for years. The bed is comfy and our dog sleeps on it all the time!

      This is a great buy!

    13. NULL review by doglover16 on 5/1/2015

      This is the BEST bed I have ever purchased for my dogs!! It's so comfortable!!! It's much better quality than I expected.

    14. Great treat for our pet review by Ivird on 5/1/2015

      For sometime we had been looking for the right bed for our pet and althought we saw the dog comfy couch on skymall, we were not sure what to expect of it.
      I can tell you now that it is an excellent treat for our dog and it has surpass all expectations we had.
      It's definately worth every penny spent.

    15. Good product but size too small review by pgwiz1 on 5/1/2015

      We ended up returning the product, even tho the quality of the product was good (and the bone pillow is super cute!). We got the medium size which is for dogs up to 45lbs...and we thought it was very cramped. Our dog is 30lbs, and she wouldn't even step on it. We unfortunately had to return it.

    16. Doggie Comfy Couch review by drc1 on 5/1/2015

      GREAT purchase!! My doggies love their comfy couches. Great for older dogs because the comfy couch provides lots of support. Very high quality and quite fashionable!!!

    17. Our Greyhound loves it review by WRK10 on 5/1/2015

      Our 11 yr old Greyhound loves the new bed and spends most of her time on it.

    18. Really Soft review by erim on 5/1/2015

      It took about two weeks for my dog to get used to this couch. He has been sleeping on it for the last week or so. He only uses it when he goes to sleep at night.

    19. super comfy review by laltizio on 5/1/2015

      We bought this for our dog since she's getting up there, and she loves it. She melts into it, and sleeps like a log, I am really happy with it, just was a little concerned with the size (medium), and our dog is not that big, we were thinking of getting another for our big happy lab, but we'd probably need a XXXL.

    20. Great product review by ADELCHI on 5/1/2015

      I love this doggie couch but, most of all, my dog loves it. She jumped on it as soon as I put it on the floor and she never jumps on my bed at night since. Very recommendable.

    21. Dog Comfy Couch X-Large review by wolverinesby7 on 5/1/2015

      I had bought a few different "large" beds/pillows, disappointed in all that I have tired. This bed my chocolate lab will actually never grow out of. The product is well made and the dog loves it. My dog is 70lb and he a whole lot of "room to grow" into the bed.

    22. Highly Recommend review by chocolate on 5/1/2015

      We have two labs and they love it so much but are to big for both of them to fit on it so we just ordered another so they will not have to share,

    23. Ike Loves It! review by mac0430 on 5/1/2015

      Our dog loves his new bed. Very comfortable and durable. We purchased the large for him. He is 20 pounds and he has tons of space. Worth every penny.

    24. NULL review by newt059 on 5/1/2015

      My dog Max is a 14 1/2 year old lab/golden mix who suffers from arthritis but healthy otherwise. He was curious to know what was in the big box, but once unpacked, he loved his comfy couch. He does share it with his other dog and two cats who also love it. He is 58 lbs. and fits perfectly in it. I know he will be more comfortable for the rest of his years. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to give their pets comfort, but also because it is astetically pleasing.

    25. So Comfy review by maxou on 5/1/2015

      May dog loves this bed so much. It is really comfy. The fabric is soft. It is very chic!

    26. Well Worth The Money!!! review by Babybelle77 on 5/1/2015

      What an awesome dog bed! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bed. I was amazed at how well-made and plush it was. Under the main cushion was even more padding! I was concerned we weren't going to get what we paid for but this dog bed is so perfect I wish I had bought it a long time ago!! A great bed for your great dog!!

    27. Dogy Heaven review by chocolate on 5/1/2015

      We have two labs & they loved the first one so well that we bought a second one so they would have there individual bed.

    28. Dog Comfy Couch Large review by Carddude123 on 5/1/2015

      I have a 8 year old Boxer with a bad back and she just loves her new bed.

    29. NULL review by LR0022 on 5/1/2015

      The x-large is big enough for our 70# lab and austrialian shepard of the same size together. Looks great in our greatroom instead of one of those plain dog pads. When not in use by the dogs, our cat also loves the bed!

    30. Large Comfy Couch review by Sweetpea0626 on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves the couch! I wanted to get him a bed for the living so I didn't have to keep taking the one out of his crate. I was worried at first that he might not like it, but I was completely wrong! He sleeps on it everyday while we watch TV or when he is tired. I think it actually would prefer to sleep on it instead of his bed in the crate but unfortunately it will not fit in the crate. I am planning on getting another dog soon and will definitely be buying another one. I totally recommed the item; comfy, nice looking, and affordable!

    31. Very Good Quality review by APAG89 on 5/1/2015

      My dog and I are extremely happy with this purchase! Let me tell you, the money is worth it for this item. It delivered within 15 days; it's a very elegant bed and does not look cheap (which I was worried about) My dog has made the bone pillow his new toy, which made him even more happy. Make sure to measure it in your home, before buying, so your dog will fit comfortably. It's a little bit heavier than a regular dog bed from a pet store. I would think well before getting a dark color, because I bought the honey colored, and is a little bit darker than in the picture. And to my surprise! The bed is machine washable! Very Very Happy! *Just for refference my dog its about 12lbs and I bought the medium size bed

    32. Way better than expected review by cherlynn on 5/1/2015

      This is by far the best dog bed I have purchased. I have two labs, both quite large at 90+ lbs. They love the new bed! They both can fit on the XL bed. I probably could have bought the L. The dogs love the way its built like a couch...with arms. Actually thats why I bought it, to get my couch back. They have never been so drawn to a dog bed. They would rather lay on it than on the couch...its a miracle!

    33. Love the bed review by terp on 5/1/2015

      We bought two of these beds in size large for our English Springer Spaniels. They knew whithin 5 minutes that they had awesome new beds and loved them right away. They even share sometimes!
      The bed is great quality and made of very soft fabric. I haven't had to wash them yet so I'm not sure how the fabric will stand up but it seems like it will be fine.

    34. dog bed review by swmantis on 5/1/2015

      The picture of the dog bed was misleading in size. I have returned it and am waiting for the XL size to be delivered.

    35. "baby come back".... review by bronc on 5/1/2015

      ...that's the tune our boxer puppys' old bed is now singing. the comfy couch came in this afternoon around 4pm, and he hasn't left it since. i was expecting the pillow but did not receive, so i may have misunderstood. bed seems to be of nice quality and provides a safe, comfy place to snooze.

    36. So comfortable! review by garemiliz on 5/1/2015

      Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my medium size dog. I bought an X-large, which gives her plenty of room to spare! It is of excellent quality and looks beautiful in our living room! She went right to it and picks her bed now over our couch! The kids and I had lain in it and it is very comfortable. Grandkids want one to watch tv in their play-room..."sorry kids, this is for our pampered puppy!" :)

    37. Very Comfy review by Dookiebyrd on 5/1/2015

      I purchased a meduim and small couch for my dogs. My little one tries to sleep on the meduim even though the small is plenty big enought. Both dogs love the couch, however I should have purchase the same size for both dogs.

    38. NULL review by Goosy on 5/1/2015

      I DO NOT recommend this item for Siberian Husky owners... Due to the couch being to warm for them. I own 2, and they can only stay in the couch for no longer than 10mns, due to it getting to warm for them. Although they look are a pleasant addition to the house hold.

    39. I deserve it review by BEIBI on 5/1/2015

      This is the second dog couch I have ordered from SkyMall. Guess the reason. My dog really loves it! Now she has a couch upstairs and another one downstairs. When she saw the second couch she was very happy. She immediately jumped into it and looked at me with this funny eyes. It was like she was saying: "Hey, I deserve it".
      I have to say that my fifteen years old niece also loves to seat on the couch. Sometimes I find my niece and my dog sitting together in the couch. It is incredibly soft and has a wonderful and unique design.

    40. Doggy Dreams review by Hodobogi on 5/1/2015

      Our dog "Lyric" gives the Dog Comfy Couch "four paws up". We have tried many other beds, including full memory foam beds, but none are as well made or as comfortable. Lyric loves her Comfy Couch.

    41. I want to sleep on it review by MjnSpw on 5/1/2015

      This bed is the best dog item I have ever purchased. Molly (our dog) loves this thing and it looks like a piece of kids furniture.

      It is so soft, and the dog lays in it a lot.

    42. NULL review by DBM1 on 5/1/2015

      Best dog bed ever - seems like it will stand up to time and wear and tear. Others I have bought did not last and the padding flattened out. This one is well worth the extra money.

      The bed is a little tight - I should have bought a larger one. They run a little small. But still works great

    43. Great Bed review by roxysmom on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this bed for my 7 yr mixed breed dog. She recently injured her back leg and I wanted something she could relax and be comfortable in. As soon as I took it out of the box she climbed into it and didn't move out of it for about 6 hours. My other 2 dogs have also "tried" it out and they like it as well, but Roxy is the Queen of the house and they always get out for her. We carry it up and down the stairs so she has it to sleep in at night and to lounge in during the day.

    44. I love this couch!! review by Rosie2 on 5/1/2015

      Our golden retriever wasn't quite sure of this at first, well maybe for about 10 minutes, then she decided that she just loves her new couch and bone pillow!! We got the extra large and she has plenty of room.

    45. Cutest dog couch review by Wacken on 5/1/2015

      It is the cutest dog couch I have ever seen, my dog loves pilows, so the bone pilows was perfect for him. My dog is a miniature schnauzer and fit perflectly, he can freely stretch.

    46. AWESOME! review by 53Bigdog on 5/1/2015

      Was thoroughly impressed with the bed and its comfort. My Black Lab/Pointer mix loves it and lays in every position imaginable. Worth the money!!!

      My dog is 60lbs and the XLarge was well big enough for him. He has leftover room for toys and pillows!

    47. Very good purchase review by Dkump on 5/1/2015

      Dogs love the beds

    48. Great Purchase review by mcjac on 5/1/2015

      These pet beds are well-made, of high quality, and our lab loves his new bed. Our lab likes to prop against things and this bed is perfect for that with the surrounding padded back and sides.

    49. Lucy loves her couch! review by ConnieMarie on 5/1/2015

      Our Boston Terrier, Lucy expects and demands the best...and we hasten to give her whatever she wants...She absolutely loves her Dog Comfy Couch...and we are extremely happy with it looks great in our living room...the paprika color blends beautifully with our furniture...while this serves as Lucy's favorite hang-out, I am delighted with it since it is a good looking piece of furniture...and the monogrammed pillow lets everyone know...this is LUCY'S bed. Highly recommend. Lucy is 30 lbs...we bought the large so that she can spread out in it...she has plenty of room in it.

    50. Everything they said it was review by mcjac on 5/1/2015

      Our dog loves her bed. We purchased 3 of these for our dogs in different sizes and they all love their beds. They are well-made, comfortable, and look great in the house. I would recommend these beds.

    51. Best bed I've seen review by mcjac on 5/1/2015

      We purchased this bed for our puggle, lab, and german short hair in different sizes. They are pretty much true to size, of high quality and all three dogs love their beds. Would highly recommend these beds.

    52. Best Dog Bed Ever!! review by ChicagoBeagle on 5/1/2015

      This is the first time I have ever written a review. This dog bed is so fantastic, I had to tell everyone.
      We needed to get our dog out of our bed. Our theory was, get him a bed so "comfy" and nice, he wouldn't want to be in our bed.
      That is exactly what happened. First of all, when the bed arrived, I was very impressed with the quality, look, and feel.
      Secondly, our 30lb Beagle is in it all the time! No longer in our bed.
      Totally worth the $100.

    53. Great purchase review by Aussies on 5/1/2015

      This bed is as comfy as it looks in the picture. My two boys wanted to sleep in it! Money well spent!

    54. Dog loves the bed!!! review by LoveMyPit on 5/1/2015

      We have had a problem with our dog jumping on our bed in the middle of the night... however since she has this bed the problem has stopped.
      She usually follows us around the house but now we will sometime notice she isn't under our feet and we will find her in her bed!
      I highly recommend this bed... the price id high but well worth it!!!

    55. Best Dog Bed Yet!!! review by apleyl on 5/1/2015

      I have bought many beds for my dogs over the years and happened across this one while browsing the Sky Mall catalog during a recent flight. This is the best dog bed ever! I'm going to have to order another one because my dogs aren't interested in any of their other beds anymore. Great quality and value! Nice looking too.

    56. Best Ever review by Marimac on 5/1/2015

      I have bought many dog beds in my last 20 years and this is the very best one I have ever owned. I have 3 Maltese and they all share and love this bed. The sad part is they love it so much they are in the bed now more often than on my lap -:). I highly recommend this for any dog lover (actually my cat gets in it also).

    57. Best Dog Bed review by AGMMGM on 5/1/2015

      My dog is 11 years old and aging. We wanted to buy a big soft bed for him so that he would be comfortable. Buying this bed was the best decision we made. Even though the cost was higher then any other bed we have bought before, it was worth it!

    58. Dog Comfy couch review by Bambi on 5/1/2015

      We were very pleased with the construction of the doggy couch. It is really very plush and looks good in our living room. Our collie loves his new bed, he likes it more then our couch.

    59. Best dog bed in our house review by gazish on 5/1/2015

      This is the fifth dog bed in our house since we got our dogs. But I wouldn't compare this one with the others. If this is a bed, than the others were definetely something else. It is so soft, so comcortable, made out of such good quality, has such a nice color (sage), and our dogs just love it. The only problem is they don't want to share it, and nobody wants to sleep in the old beds anymore. So Unfortunately we have to buy one more of these.

    60. Classic edition to our decor review by NMR1 on 5/1/2015

      The Dog Comfy Couch (large) is our lab's new favorite place to relax! He is about 50 lbs, and the large size is perfect for him to sprawl out and rest throughout the day. The quality of the material is top-notch, and it is a classy addition to the decor of out home. Just an FYI -- the bone-shaped pillow did come in a separate shipment, but it arrived the following day after we received the dog couch. I would highly recommend this product to all of you dog-lovers out there!

    61. Best Dog Bed Ever review by Snappy on 5/1/2015

      I have been purchasing dog beds for well over 40 years and this bed is the nicest one yet. I have four dogs and every one of them love this bed. It not only looks nice but the dogs are obviously enjoying the comfort of it and actually prefer it to the living room sofa!

    62. BUY ME NOW!!! review by SandySue on 5/1/2015

      Stop searching for anything cheaper.

      $ - Just fork over the money. You will be happy that you did! I wanted to make one, but it was going to cost just as much for the materials.

      BENEFITS - This is good quality and machine washable too! My Buddy used to wake me up at least once a night. He would leave his lumpy old bed and sleep on Daddy's recliner instead. But now, he is so comfy that he is sleeping through the night! He has STOPPED WAKING ME UP every night! YAY!

      OBSERVATIONS - Dogs have so many elbows; it's GOT to feel good to lay on this ample cushioning. They snuggle into the arm and back rests, and it makes them feel warm and secure.
      Your best friend deserves a good, comfy bed. This is the BEST!

    63. Do they make these in human size? review by ILuvMandMs on 5/1/2015

      This is an AWESOME dog bed! I read the reviews, but was not totally convinced until I unpacked the bed and sat on it myself. It is very well-made, comfortable, and just plain cute!

      My 7-year-old lab mix had taken over the middle of our huge sectional couch, so I wanted to divert her elsewhere by purchasing a nice, orthopedic bed since she is getting older. It is slowly working - she spends about half her lazy time on her new comfy couch now, depending on where her "humans" are situated because she likes to be right by us (well, mainly just where my husband is).

      Yes, it is kinda pricey, but I believe this bed is made to last a long time, and the memory foam makes it very comfortable, so to me it was worth the extra cash. Plus it matches our decor! :-)

    64. Dog Loves Sofa review by scooty on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves his new sofa. He use to sleep on our big sofa, but since we got him his own, he stays on his and looks so comfortable.

    65. Excellant Quality review by JANOK on 5/1/2015

      This is truly a quality product. I wish I could find a sofa for my livingroom that was as great looking and as comfortable for myself. I culred up with the dog to read and even an over sized chair that was as comfy would be great. My daughter was ready to fight the dog for space.

    66. best pet bed ever! review by rubymonday on 5/1/2015

      This is the best dog bed I have ever purchased! My lab jumped right in and quickly fell asleep. The thick, supportive cusioning is great. It absolutely looks like it was made for her.

    67. Fabulous review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      My 14y/o Dalmatian absolutely loves it. I purchased it because she has severe hip and joint problems and has a difficult time sitting or getting up from a sitting position. The bed sits higher therefore there's less distance for her to get the the lying position.

    68. My Dog Loves It! review by Lalita on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this bed for my 6 year old Yellow Lab and she loves it! It seems to be really comfortable for her. She has arthritis in her front legs and this bed has her sleeping comfortably all night. I highly recommend it.

    69. My puppy loves it! review by lovedogs on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed is as comfy as it looks in the picture. If you purchase one for your dog you will be as happy as the lucky pooch that gets to rest and relax on it.
      It is of superior quality and workmanship. I would highly recommend this product. You and your pooch will not be disappointed!


    70. Dog Comfy Couch - SUPER !!! review by Schnauzer on 5/1/2015

      My dog Rocco loves his Comfy couch. He enjoys resting on it after a long walk.

    71. Comfy couch review by sunurse on 5/1/2015

      My doberman loves his new bed!! He sleeps better than ever.the bed is very pretty too, looks great in my bedroom.

      I would recommend this dog bed to anyone who is looking for supreme comfort for their furry friend!!

    72. nice but my dog wouldn't sleep in it review by td76 on 5/1/2015

      I tried for a week but I couldn't get my dog to sleep in it.

    73. Dog Comfu Couch Smal review by cesta on 5/1/2015

      This bed is comfortable enough for me! I have three Chihuahuas and they all fit in the bed perfectly. Not only is it good for them, it is a nice addition to my living room!

    74. My dog Loves it review by Katiegirl on 5/1/2015

      Purchased the large hazelnut couch, and it fits my 9 year old 80lb yellow lab perfectly. She likes to lay her head on the "arms" and enjoys the extra support when leaning against the back. Only change I'd make is to include a removable cover for the pillow portion like the rest of the couch has, instead of having to wash the entire pillow.

    75. Good, but smaller than expected review by TeriA on 5/1/2015

      I initially ordered the medium bed in hazelnut for my lab/beagle mix who weighs 33 lbs. She is a medium-sized dog and is about 20 inches tall when standing on all fours. The medium bed definitely was too small, so I returned it for the large bed which is a much better fir. My dog appears to feel unstable with the thick cushion in the bed, so I removed it and the pillow and now she seems to like the bed. It still, however, definitely is not her favorite place to sleep. We have only had the bed a couple of days, though, so I think she just needs to get used to it.

      Also, when I returned the medium, I was charged shipping for the return and shipping for the new bed. The first bed came with free shipping. I did get a free shipping coupon with the first bed, so I called and they applied it to my order and removed the charge. I also chose to keep the bone pillow, which came separately, so I would not have to pay for shipping to get the same pillow back, and they initially charged my $16 for the pillow even though it was included in the price of the bed. They removed the charge when I called. Just be careful with returns and check your charges.

    76. Bed dog bed so far review by smsteffy on 5/1/2015

      I bought two beds for my two dogs - a large and a medium. They both love them! They are very fluffy and very durable. I run them through the sanitize cycle in my washing machine once a month or so, and they still look like new. The fluff doesn't go away, they stay in shape. Funny thing is that my 80 lbs dog tends to prefer the medium size bed, he cuddles in it and looks awfully comfy.

    77. Wonderful Bed review by EMurd on 5/1/2015

      My puppy loves this bed because he loves to stretch out when he sleeps and it's the perfect width for doing that. It's so comfortable and he loves it!

    78. Comfy Couch Dog Bed review by JConn on 5/1/2015

      This purchase was for my 103 lb weimaraner turned 103 lb lap dog. Sergio started an entitlement to the leather couch in the main living area and refused to sleep on his $20 Costco dog bed. He began claiming his territory on the couch and made it difficult for any visitors my girlfriend and I had. After 2 years of this new claimed territory it was almost pointless to try and keep him off "his" couch. His poor behavior even started following him outside of the house and he was becoming territorial in my office, scaring off fellow colleagues . Then came this couch/bed hybrid that entirely changed the dynamic of our living area. Sergio was instantly drawn to his new comfy couch and has since abandoned "his" old leather couch. This new comfy dog bed was not just a simple change in furniture, but a drastic change in the psychology and behavior of our dog. He has not been on the leather couch since the comfy couch addition to our home. It looks and feels great and Sergio has never been happier. His overall attitude has improved and I can now get my work done with a happy dog.

    79. Doggie Heaven review by JLopez on 5/1/2015

      Our 100 lb American Bulldog just loves the bed. It cradles him well and we can hardly get him out of it. The personalized pillow is a nice touch. Great quality.

    80. Great Bed review by SuperKaki on 5/1/2015

      Excellent product, high quality materials, nicely done.

    81. Best Little Dog Bed in....Illinois review by maxiesmom on 5/1/2015

      We bought this bed for our little Maltipoo and it is so comfy my daughter likes to sit in it while watching TV. Our little dog often fights for it...and usually wins and is so comfy sleeping in it that he almost purrs. Very well made and the little pillow is definitely a nice touch.

    82. Comfy enough for me review by pipsqueak on 5/1/2015

      I purchased the dog comfy couch and my dogs love it, I love it also. My granddaughter lays in it and says it is more comfortable than my couch. It is the best bed my dog has ever had and it is very sturdy.

    83. Daisy Mae luvs it review by DanP1953 on 5/1/2015

      Our little Sitszhu Daisy Mae just loves this bed.

    84. Super Comfy Dog Couch review by Budman66 on 5/1/2015

      This bed is top quality and the most comfortable bed I have ever purchased for my dog. He has to share it with me when I get in trouble and it's very soft and supportive. The foam cushions double as a pillow when your wife keeps them all in the bedroom with her.

    85. Awesome Bed! review by TTMM on 5/1/2015

      My Dog loves it and lives in it!!! Thank you sooo much!

    86. My doggie loves this! review by scvtax on 5/1/2015

      The best bed. My dog loves this.

    87. wonderful dog bed review by library on 5/1/2015

      Our daisy is very happy with her comfy couch. She immediately got in and fell asleep. Great product. Easy purchase with free shipping.

    88. Comfy Couch review by Brentam on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves her new couch she is a large bearded colliie/lab she takes up the entire extra large and shares it with her pug cousin It was worth the wait We are very happy with our couch!!!!!

    89. Great bed review by Bruiser on 5/1/2015

      My dogs love it! Easy to wash and is high quality.

    90. Worth the wait review by Catdog on 5/1/2015

      We had been looking for a bed for our eleven year old pit bull. She weighs about 70 pounds. Of course, She is very happy when she can be with us on the couch or bed, but the truth is, she's much more comfortable in her own cozy bed. When I saw this I knew it was much nicer than anything I had seen in the pet stores. Although a little pricy, I decided to splurge. This bed perfect for her. It's firm but soft at the same time and the large bed was exactly the right size for her. Your dog will love it too!

    91. Comfy dog bed couch review by Bkochie on 5/1/2015

      It is everything and more than we wanted!! Our sweet little puppy gets to sleep in style now!! Thanks so much

    92. Dogs love Comfy Couch ! review by jag2 on 5/1/2015

      This couch is the best thing that ever happened to my dogs. I will probally have to order another on to make them happy campers.
      It vacuums like a charm and the colors are
      awesome !
      Have had many dog beds but this is the best !!!

    93. Great gift idea review by WGBDEB on 5/1/2015

      I bought for my wife's Yorkshire and not only did Toby like it but my wife loved it. It matched the furniture!

    94. Dogs Love It! review by dogloverx2 on 5/1/2015

      My dogs love this bed. It is so much like a couch, that our oldest prefers this place to rest on over jumping up on the couch. The primary reason for purchasing the dog couch was for the dogs to have a comfortable place to lay down and to keep my dogs off the "other" couch. It's perfect.

    95. Beautiful product review by Floridadoglover on 5/1/2015

      Love the quality of this dog bed - luxury for my pet plus well made and durable. Worth the price to me!

    96. I want one for myself! review by Rangerdanger on 5/1/2015

      Our two dogs love this bed -- Unbelieveably soft and cushy and luxurious. And the color (we got green) is very nice and understated.

    97. Best Bed for Older Dogs review by VCAA on 5/1/2015

      I purchased the large and extra-large beds for my older Golden Retriever and Lab/Sheltie mix. Both dogs have some arthritic issues and since getting these beds, I find they not only rest better, but wake up with more energy and less stiffness. Great beds!

    98. Dog loves it! review by PattiO on 5/1/2015

      Doesn't matter much if I like the new couch, the dog loves it and that's all that matters!

    99. RE: Great Bed review by Yano415 on 5/1/2015

      Great Dog Bed! My dog has beginning signs of arthritis in his back. This is the only bed that seems to help him. He has had three beds in the last 12 months and this is by far worth the money.

    100. NULL review by KimS on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this bed for my boxer. She loves it! I am planning on ordering another one for my other dog.

    101. My dog loves it! review by Moms on 5/1/2015

      I'm so pleased with the Dog Comfy Couch. It's great quality and goes well with my living room decor. My dog is really enjoying it and spends less time on my furniture! The personalized embroidered bone is

    102. Large & Comfy review by AmeriBrit on 5/1/2015

      What a great dog bed. Worth the cost. Arrived quickly.

    103. GREAT PRODUCT review by JoeDarque on 5/1/2015

      Very comfortable bed for my dog. It seems to be holding up well as he uses it daily.

      The dimensions are a bit misleading due to the interior removable pillow.

      Bottom line...Dog loves it!

    104. Ultra comfy review by Eadesh on 5/1/2015

      Our 80 lb dog loves his new bed and is spending a lot of time on it! It is very supportive as well as plush and he has plenty of room to stretch out. Definitely in a class above the dog beds available in major pet stores. The bone pillow was cute, but didn't last long as our dog thought it was a chew toy! The only disappointment is that the color I ordered, hazelnut, is much lighter than it appears on the web site- more of a beige than taupe.

    105. awesome dog couch review by jeannie7 on 5/1/2015

      this is just what I was looking for! it is just as the ad states...large and comfy. I have a wheaten terrier and he is about 55lbs so I bought the large which I feel is perfect for him. I can actually sit in it with him! It is a little pricey but well worth it. This will keep your dog off your couch for sure.

    106. Great Dog Couch/Bed review by Marefran on 5/1/2015

      My Boxer loves this comfy dog couch. She sleeps in it every night. This is the only dog couch that got her out of our bed. Love it. Now we can all sleep better!!

    107. Great bed, misleading ad review by TarheelTrixter on 5/1/2015

      The bed is great, however I ordered the wrong size based on the misleading ad in the magazine. You see the picture of the bed with a shelty laying on it with plenty of room, and right next to the picture it says "$99" and states "Medium", however the bed pictured is NOT a medium bed. I really wouldn't have minded paying a little more for a bigger bed, but based on the picture and caption I thought the one I ordered would be the correct size for my dog. it really is too small for my dog but is just not worth having to go through the trouble to pack it back up and return it. Too bad - the bed is really nice, but they need to be more careful with how they depict their product.

    108. comfy couch review by Barbiematerial on 5/1/2015

      I bought this because the vet informed us that my basset hounds are prone to hip and back problems. I bought the extra large thinking it is large enough for both of them which it is, however they prefer not to share. So now we are going to buy a second one so they each have their own. We would definitely recommend for any one who thinks every member of the family deserves a quality bed to rest their head!

    109. High-quality bed- great purchase review by ElleA on 5/1/2015

      I was hesitant to go through with this purchase due to the high price tag. After receiving this product, I can tell you that you get what you pay for...very well-made dog bed. Not to mention, it's beautiful. The personalized bone pillow is adorable and sets it off. I ordered the chocolate brown which is very rich and blends in nicely with my decor, but my only warning is that the dark color shows hair and drool. A totally unbiased review from my dog- LOVES it. She has chosen her new dog bed over my couch and that makes me happy!!!

    110. Really Comfy review by DrMomKY on 5/1/2015

      Looks elegant at the foot of my bed. My border collies love it. They are not XL dogs but stretched out cover the whole couch. I would recommend the XL for any dog over 45 lbs. The embroidery on the bone is adorable. I chose the sage and love it. The fabric cleans easily and always looks nice.

      I shopped quite a bit before I settled on this bed. I initially bought a cheaper one on another site that was "memory foam" and the dogs loved it - but it was ugly to have in the middle of my bedroom. It was just a bit less than this one - so I really think this is a good buy.

    111. Great quality-Our dog loves it. review by bsam59 on 5/1/2015

      After debating on which bed to get as our Yellow Lab pup got bigger, we decided on the Comfy Couch. We ordered it in extra large, as our Lab is not yet full grown and we wanted her to have plenty of room. When we received it, we quickly unpacked it and put it in her sleeping area. She immediately checked it out, then climbed in and curled up. She looks very comfortable in it and seems very content while in it.

      I also want to say that the quality looks to be excellent. Nothing on it appears to be cheaply done. The monogrammed dog bone pillow was a nice touch also. We are very happy with this bed and I consider it to be a good value for the money.

    112. Best dog bed ever review by WMRR on 5/1/2015

      My dogs love cuddling together in this very comfy bed, I am sending one as a Christmas present to my Mom for her Dog.

    113. NULL review by maui on 5/1/2015

      I have bought alot of dog beds, they don't last long. This is the best dog bed i have bought , my dogs love them. Thanks for selling the best dog bed i have ever bought. I have told all my animal lovers friends about my new dog beds.

    114. Best Purchase Ever review by LouieD on 5/1/2015

      I'm so happy we bought this comfy couch for our dog he loves it he uses it all the time. It is very comfortable and he looks so happy when he is sitting on his couch. Was delivered very fast within a week and the personalized pillow came 2 days later very good quality on pillow and couch.

    115. Dog tired review by Dabjab on 5/1/2015

      My Cavalier absolutely LOVES his comfy couch! He fits in the medium perfectly and he can rest his head on the arm of the couch. He likes the bed, so I like the bed.

    116. great product review by queeniegyrl5 on 5/1/2015

      keeps the dog off our furniture. he loves it!

    117. As Advertised review by dke713 on 5/1/2015

      I received the bed within days of ordering. The bed came separately and then the engraved pillow the next day. My dogs love it, it's super comfy and soft. Just like the ad!

    118. Dog LOVES it! review by BostonBetty on 5/1/2015

      Just adopted a dog from Big Fluffy Dogs. She has not been an indoor dog. Does not know what a couch is, totally ignored my Christmas tree. She plopped down on a small braided rug after sniffing around her new home. When her Comfy Couch came she dove into it and within minutes was fast asleep on her back! She LOVES this couch, and that first night I sat in it with her and we both fell asleep - it is THAT comfortable! She is an underweight 80 pounder, so I got the X-Lg for her, based upon the reviews. It fits her perfectly, and will continue to do so when she gains the 20 pounds she needs. It is pricy but worth EVERY PENNY.

    119. not as pictured review by scarp on 5/1/2015

      I was looking for a supportive luxurious bed for my aging dog coming from a donut bed.In the picture it looked like it had a wide opening like a couch. However it has a much narrower opening, more like a circle w/ an opening and similar to what I had. I wanted a bed that he could curl up in and spread out in. It was made very well I was superior in comfort & support so if you are looking for a rounder bed, I would recommend.

    120. My dog loves it! review by Polya on 5/1/2015

      I love to see my puppy sleep in it, she looks so comfortable. I only wish it was easier to clean, not all the fabric is removable.

    121. Comfy bed review by JackandJill on 5/1/2015

      The beds are great. My dogs love them. Quality construction and should last a long time.

    122. Great purchase! review by TedR on 5/1/2015

      This is truly the king of all dog beds. My English Bulldog loves the bed and it has become his new home. Very satisfied with this purchase. Easily washable as well.

    123. Comfy couch review by Chisara on 5/1/2015

      It's not what I think. It's what the dogs think. They love it, they don't even get on the furniture anymore.

    124. Best dog bed review by Cans on 5/1/2015

      My older dog loves this bed. I don't feel guilty not letting him on the sofa anymore! It is attractive.
      I do recommend measuring your dog for accurate size.

    125. Excellent beds review by SantaSanta on 5/1/2015

      These beds are excellent. Our 125 lb dogs love them. Plenty big enough and they have held up well so far.

    126. pup loved it! review by crfty79 on 5/1/2015

      Well made dog bed. It doesn't have that usual effect where the dog sinks through the bed and ends up sitting on the floor, rather this dog bed has a foam floor that is supportive and comfortable for the dog. She loves it!

    127. Comfy even for me! review by DakotasDaddy on 5/1/2015

      My 5 year old yellow lab Dakota doesn't like to lay on the floor. He weighs 80-85 pounds and likes to sleep in mommy's lap or my lap in the evening while we are watching TV. After a while that 80 pounds gets very heavy and hot, so I bought him this comfy dog couch and placed it right near my chair. I have tried several times to convience Dakota to go on his new couch, but haven't had much success. I have even laid in it myself with him, which is how I know how comfortable it can be. I think Dakota may be a little spoiled...but yesterday he did lay in the comfy couch for about an hour and took a nap in the afternoon, so I am hopeful that one day he will get off my lap. The couch is well made, comes with a little pillow, and is very comfortable.

    128. Great Doggy Bed review by ForeverHome on 5/1/2015

      We live in a cold climate and its great that my Golden and other Girl have their spot that they can snuggle in, be surrounded by cushions and get warm. Plus shipping was super fast - always a great bonus!

    129. My Spoiled mutt is in love review by OSUjace on 5/1/2015

      I bought new furniture and felt bad not letting my dog up on it, so I purchased this bed, and am I ever glad I did. She loves it!!! It is so well constructed and roomy, and it looks good in the room as well

    130. Dogs loved them! review by sonjac on 5/1/2015

      We bought two of the Comfy Couch X-Large for our 50lb dogs. Once we got them out of the package and set up, they lied down on them immediately. They love it and have so much space to stretch still. The one critique I would give is they tore up their pillows with their names that same day. I do love the monogram because it gives it that personal feel. Maybe to monogram the names on the actual bed?

    131. Need to buy 1 more! review by Jezebel01c on 5/1/2015

      I got my 60lb boxer the large size and it's perfect. My French bulldog has abandoned her bed and claimed this as hers so we will be needing another. Easy to remove cover made washing easy the quality is great. I highly recommend.

    132. Superior dog bed/couch! review by Vball21 on 5/1/2015

      Fantastic bed! Terrific quality.....very much worth the money! Our boxer/ pit bull has been living in it since it got here! Thank you!

    133. Best dog bed ever!! review by Meekaw5 on 5/1/2015

      I have a boxer and ordered her the medium dog bed. She absolutly loves it. Sprawled out on it with her head on the arm or pillow. She doesn't even try to get on the bed anymore. I'm going to get her a second one so she has one in my room and one in the living room!
      Worth every penny!

    134. Great Purchase review by Boxersarethebest on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves his comfy couch!! I have a puppy boxer and decided to get the large, however i think i should've gotten the XL. My fiance' and i have to literally drag our dog out of his comfy couch, in order to take him out to use the bathroom.

    135. Dog Loving It review by CarlaJ on 5/1/2015

      Our boxer, 65lbs, just loves her new bed. She fits amazing in it and loves the lip that she can put her head on. The material is great and this just looks good in our bedroom or living room. Doesn't look like a stinkly old dog bed. Very impressed!

    136. Great Purchase! review by Realin on 5/1/2015

      The bed is super comfy and very well made. We ordered the Lg bed for our male Wheaten Terrier, but after receiving it wish we would have ordered the XL. He has just enough room, but would've rather had extra room as he loves to sprawl out when he sleeps. All in all it is a great quality product and I would highly recommend it!

    137. BEST BUY FOR MY BROOD! review by DOLO on 5/1/2015

      I have a 3-yr old tea cup Yorkie & two 1-yr old Morkies (BROTHER & SISTER Maltese & Yorkie mix). I first purchased the medium size Comfy Couch but the Yorkie is very territorial & refused to share, so I purchased the Large Comfy Couch for the other two siblings. I can tell all absolutely love the comfort it appears to give them as opposed to the other bedding products I've purchased in the past. Definitely worth the price to see them get so much out of these couches!!!

    138. Great value review by dudleysmom on 5/1/2015

      I spent quite a bit of time looking for a new bed for my large lab-mix. Ultimately I found that this bed was a great value. I'm not at ALL disappointed. It is high-quality as compared to many of the high-end beds I found in the pet boutique stores in my area. My dog used it immediately and seems to like it. I'd highly recommend purchasing this bed.

    139. Torn & Stinky Dog Bed review by ClydeK on 5/1/2015

      Our dog loved the bed. After two days we noticed the bottom cushion seem was starting to unravel this unraveling continued all the way across the back seem.
      We pined it up. Then a few more days went by & we noticed an oder, the bottom pillow had a rancid smell & our dog had no smell & is clean. The oder keep getting worse, so we had to substitute the bottom pillow with another. We did try to wash the cushion but the smell was still there. I would not recommend this dog bed.

    140. Great purchase! review by PortlandMom on 5/1/2015

      For over two years, I would look at this bed during my work trips. I thought it seemed out of my dog's league, but then when she out grew her puppy bed, we realized that large dog beds with orthopedic foam are pricey. Also the options found at local stores were not great quality. So my thoughts kept coming back to the airplane magazine bed... so this Christmas we splurged and got little Emma this bed, and she loves it. We also happened to adopt a 95 lb brother for Emma who seems to love it too. They try to share, but we may need to make an additional purchase soon.

    141. Had to order another! review by kkd72 on 5/1/2015

      My dog liked this bed so much that we were carrying it upstairs and downstairs depending on where he was, so we decided to just order another one. Recommended!

    142. Superb Comfort review by HAPPYDADDY on 5/1/2015

      This pet bed is the best our babies have ever had.
      Superb quality and comfort, they are all enjoying it!
      Extremely fast shipping and excellent communication as well.
      SkyMall is the best!

    143. Comfy review by Mun27 on 5/1/2015

      My daughter's dog took a day to like this bed but loves it now! It is well made and looks like a settee tho the sizes tend to run small as a large just fits and he is is a medium size dog. Would recommend it to others.

    144. Lifesaver review by DMcD on 5/1/2015

      We purchased the large sofa for our 60 lb. vizla. She wouldn't sleep in her bed (next to ours) through the night. Once she laid down on this, she wouldn't get out. I'm happy to say, with our first baby on the way, she sleeps through the night in this bed!
      Overall, the quality of the bed is great! I'm anxious to see how long it holds it shape and fluff!
      Great product!

    145. Loves his new bed. review by Puppetman on 5/1/2015

      Rocky is our half Mastiff half Boxer grand-dog. We go him this bed for Christmas and when we brought the big box in and told him it was his new bed He pushed his old bed into the corner with his head and fluffed up the new bed and went straight to sleep. He loves it.

    146. Best Dog Bed, worth every penny! review by GoldenMommy on 5/1/2015

      We purchased the extra large comfy couch for our Golden Retriever. We decided on this one as we couldn't find a really nice and good quality large bed for her in any of our local pet stores. This is the best dog bed we have ever purchased. It is very good quality and she loves it. She looks so happy and content on it. She sleeps in it more then any other bed she has had before, so we can tell she is comfy. We went with the extra large so that she has plenty of room and it is the perfect size for her. Another bonus is that the covers are machine washable. We would recommend this anyone if you want a bed that your dog will love, be comfy in, and that is good quality for your money.

    147. comfy comfy review by skymallguy on 5/1/2015

      Great product that the kids (dogs) fight over to get into!

    148. Everything oK review by Silvia on 5/1/2015

      A littled delay but everything ok, product as advertised.

    149. Awesome ! review by Lakeshore on 5/1/2015

      We have two Labs that pretty much own the house. They have always been allowed on the furniture. Purchased a new couch and made a decision to keep them off of it, which is not a very easy task.

      Purchased a dog couch for each one of them. Not only do they look great, the dogs love them. Both are over 100 pounds, and the XL has plenty of room.

      Love the fact the covers can be removed for washing.

      When the two year old Granddaughter comes for a visit, she thinks they are her beds. lol

      Highly recommend.

    150. My Dog Loves it review by idolofmany on 5/1/2015

      My Dog loves this couch very roomy and comfortable and easy to wash.

    151. Awesome Pet Bed review by LuvMyHuskies on 5/1/2015

      Bought two, one for each Of my boys. Nice and thicker than expected. They love their new space.

    152. NULL review by Truereview on 5/1/2015

      This product is all looks. The statement that the dog bed is crafted as well as sofas is misleading because sofas have a frame that provides support for a 69 lb. dog. This has no frame and provides no support. Also the removable cushion is not nearly as dense or thick as you are led to believe by the description. Both the cushions flatten out so that you end up with about 2 inches of cushion under the dog. I put several folded blankets under the cushion to provide some density and support, which creates more laundry. The only portion of this product that is like a sofa is the fabric, which washes well. I'm looking for a better product and will give this to the shelter when I find or build a decent bed for the dog.

    153. Love! review by Doglovr on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed was a great purchase. Our dog always wanted to sit on the furniture until we bought this for her. It is very comfortable and a great value for the price. Our dog is approximately 44 lbs and we purchased the large one for her. I was very surprised to see how big it was. She could have easily fit on the medium bed. Great quality and well-made product overall!

    154. Great product for the price review by SW1045 on 5/1/2015

      My dog absolutely loves this bed! The only downside is that he is about 30 lbs and we got the Medium sized couch and I feel he takes up the entire thing and can't stretch out. I do wish it were slightly bigger for the price paid. Great quality though!

    155. Best dog bed/couch ever! review by KLGC on 5/1/2015

      You will never need to purchase another dog bed/couch! This couch exceeded my expectations - which I might add is hard to do. The fabric is quite luxurious and the stuffing is superb. This isn' one of those temporary dogs beds you will need to replace in 6 months, rather this is one you will have for a long time. My dogs loves it and it will easily match the decor of any room. My two 20lb dogs fit comfortably. Highly recommended and well worth the money!

    156. Luxe bed for the pampered pooch review by Marchhare on 5/1/2015

      This bed is comfortable and very well made. Our doggie loves jumping in to it. The design of the bed and the cute personalised pillow draw gasps of admiration from visitors. I'm not really sure how long it will last though, as our doggie likes to treat it like a big toy (including biting it vigorously)!

    157. Amazing... review by TandC on 5/1/2015

      We travel allot and always see this bed and thought why not...

      Got it in time for the holiday and was bit worried on size as we have a 90 lb Goldendoodle.

      We got large and it with the pillow fits him perfect.

      You cant get him out of it. Great quality, very soft and comfortable!

      Its a buy, buy, buy!! So worth the money!

    158. tuft threads unraveling review by jag2 on 5/1/2015

      Purchased 2 couches last year a few months apart.
      The dogs love them and we made a major investment in them.
      However, after washing the main body pillow --only 1-2 times a month, the threads around the tufts have come undone and therefore the stuffing is not staying in place -- is there a warranty on it ?

    159. Awesome Dog Beds review by TobiTux on 5/1/2015

      My dogs instantly fell in love with these beds. My husband told the kids the dogs have nicer beds than them. You won't be disappointed - my dogs have arthritis and they absolutely love their new cushioned place to sleep.

    160. NULL review by Kakattack15 on 5/1/2015

      My dogs love this so much it keeps them off the people couches and I don't have to sit onthe floor anymore!

    161. My Dog Loves this Bed review by indygrl on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves this bed. She stretches out in it and it is very heavy duty. I have even sat in it my self! It is worth the money especially if you have bought beds that have the pillow stuffing in it that end up in getting clumpy!

    162. Great product review by usocar on 5/1/2015

      Truly like a sofa for my dog

    163. NULL review by azgirl on 5/1/2015

      Beautiful and more than I expected. My dogs slept in them the first night and the beds look great as part of the decor. The personalized pillows are icing on the cake!

    164. My grand dog loves this bed! review by AngelaB on 5/1/2015

      I got this bed for my daughter's dogs, mainly Peyton the 12 year old. She said that he no longer sleeps on her bed. He loves the Comfy Couch!

    165. Love It! review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      I bought this dog bed for my Golden Retriever for Christmas. It is the best thing I have ever bought for her. She loves this dog bed/couch and lays on it all the time. It is soft and supportive and looks wonderful in our living room. She loves the sides of it to put her head on. I highly recommend this couch to anybody who is looking for one for their dog. You won't regret it!

    166. dog loves it review by sarita37 on 5/1/2015

      I have never seen a dog love a dog bed so much.

      Will be interesting to see if it is a four season bed, seems like it would be too warm for the summer, but we'll see.

      The inside dimensions are smaller than the beds we've had in the past, but our 55-60 lb lab mix fits in it great, though she could not 'stretch out' on it like on a normal dog bed. Still, the XL would have been too big for her.

      It's very bulky, expect it to look - and weigh - like a mini couch in your room.

      All in all very cute and our dog is crazy about it.

    167. Great Dog Nest review by Labhouse on 5/1/2015

      Very high quality dog bed. We have bought numerous dog beds/nests over the past few years, and I would recommend this one over other name brand beds. Has stayed "puffy" when others have gone "flat".

    168. Stylish & comfy review by Ais12 on 5/1/2015

      This is the second bed I have bought. Great bed my dogs love them & the look fit into the decor of our room. Easily taken apart (& more importantly easy to reassemble!!) for washing. Expensive (especially went paying shipping & import duty to Ireland), but well worth it. Would & have recommend to any pet lover

    169. Dog Xl comfy couch review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      Awesome !!!! Perfect size and so comfy!! Very stylish also. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    170. Great Bed review by Carter on 5/1/2015

      This bed is a lot nicer then expected. My older Boxer does not want to get out of bed in the mornings now lol
      I would def suggest buying this bed if you have a large dog.

    171. Best piece of furniture in the house !! review by Dolfan1000 on 5/1/2015

      This thing is awesome! Good quality, very soft and our dog laid in it within 30 seconds of putting it on the floor. The customized bone pillow is just icing on the cake!

    172. Best Dog Bed Ever review by Pinkynarrf on 5/1/2015

      Since the day I gave Antonio this bed, he will not get out of it!Will never buy another cheep bed for my dog again!

    173. He loves it review by Dogmama on 5/1/2015

      Bought the large bed for our 44 lb. cocker spaniel. He started using it right away. The personalized pillow is darling. The bed is plush and the bolsters prop him up like a sofa.

    174. comfort for our senior golden review by barkinhappy on 5/1/2015

      Large doggy bed just came and it feels so comfortable, I almost want to sleep on it myself. Our wonderful senior golden retriever spent her first night on the bed last night and seemed comfortable and cozy. So far, we love it.

    175. Perfect Bed for our Basset review by BassetHoundMom on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this product hoping that it would be the one my very picky 7 year-old Basset Hound Bella would finally find comfy. It's her new favorite place to be. She has never before taken to any of the other bedding products I've tried to woo her with so that she would stop sleeping in our bed. This one has won her over. Now we have to decide whether to purchase another one for her sister Lily, because Bella doesn't want to share!

    176. Comfy Couch X-Large review by TokyoWoman on 5/1/2015

      I purchased my first comfy couch X-Large for one of my four dogs (all rescues by the way) ....Fuji is a Great Dane mix so he is the largest in the pack...I could tell this was going to be a quality piece plus it came with his very own personalized I knew for sure I wanted this for Fuji. I knew Fuji would love it but wasn't sure how the other 3 would think about this huge comfy couch. Turns out they all LOVE IT. So much that 3 of my 4 sleep in it together every single night...a Great Danes mix and two pit's such a hit in my house I'm expecting the second one to arrive any day now ;)...This one will come with Lacey's name on the pillow. This is an amazingly well made product that comes HIGHLY recommended by me, Fuji, Lacey, Edge and Keiko...

    177. Awesome!!!! review by Haydentaryn on 5/1/2015

      The absolute best purchase my wife and I have ever made for our wonderful dog!

    178. Best purchase ever review by Sandrav on 5/1/2015

      My baby dog loves it! I bought a medium size for my lab dog Benji and he fit perfectly!! Not only he is happy but my boufriend and I are as well! I highly recomend this bed even tho it's a littke expensive, however it is worth.

    179. Perfect Dog Bed review by fulana on 5/1/2015

      We have a dog who had to have her back leg amputated and is now having problems with the other back leg. This bed is perfect for her. It is plush and comfy but also provides support for her back legs. It is attractive in our living room and washes easily. Great price for a great product. She doesn't even want to get up on couch and loves to share her bed with her feline sister.

    180. comfiest dog bed review by puppylove1 on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves it!!! Great buy all around.

    181. Nice but small review by Showtime on 5/1/2015

      Good quality, however when you buy your bed, buy one size larger! I have a 20 lb Shiba Inu and the Med is not big enough for her.

    182. Great buy_ but be careful when washing!!! review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      I bought this XL dog couch for my corgi, pomeranian,and mini collie shep mix. They absolutely love cuddling together on this adorable couch! It looks so nice that I don't even have to hide it when guests come over! the only problem is that when I went to wash it, the pillow came out looking like it had been burned or melted on one edge, and left a hole with stuffing poking through. Keep in mind this was just washing, not drying. Wonderful product that I would recommend to anyone, but spot clean to be safe!

    183. Great Dog Bed review by Merq on 5/1/2015

      Definitely falls into one of the best dog beds you can buy for your dog. It's comfy for them, and makes them want to be in it. The custom name dog pillow that comes with it makes it even more awesome.

    184. Perfect For A Pampered Pet review by FayeGirl on 5/1/2015

      I am very happy with the couch we purchased for our Min-Pin. It's just what she needed for the living room. It seems to be well made, nice and heavy. And it looks so comfortable! This was a good purchase. We are very pleased.

    185. Awesome bed! review by nightlifemp on 5/1/2015

      I can't keep my dog out of this bed. I have a 70 pound Dalmatian who is in this all day. I got the large and he loves to cuddle in and rest his head on the arms like a real couch.

      I was hesitant to spend so much, but it's really worth it. Extremely well made and looks like it will be easy to clean.

      I would recommend and am getting a second for my boyfriends dog.

    186. Big Comfy Dog Couch review by Paulw30 on 5/1/2015

      Dogs love it and it seems to be very well made.

    187. George loves it! review by ChgoTom on 5/1/2015

      Wasn't sure how George, our Golden Retriever would react to a new bed in the sun room. To put it mildly, he loves it! It has quickly become his favorite spot. He often even uses the comfy "arms" to rest his head on.
      Today I took a picture and sent it to my partner who asked if he had melted into butter.
      Sure the quality it great, and the monogrammed pillow was a really nice touch, but best of all is how happy George is with it.
      "Thanks" from both of us!

    188. Excellent!!! review by BarryP on 5/1/2015

      This is a top quality Dog Bed/Couch. Plush and beautiful, our "Sydney" Catahoula Leopard Dog just loves it. It was promptly shipped and arrived perfect and ready to use.

    189. NULL review by scef on 5/1/2015

      We have three of these dog beds and just ordered fourth. The support is great and my bulldog is sleeping and breathing better. Best part, you can wash them....

    190. Good Product review by Hellyer on 5/1/2015

      While flying saw the advertisement in the Sky Mall magazine. It was well designed and looked like a piece of furniture. Arrived promtly, really is well built, and looks really nice in our living room. Bella our dog loves it only took her 5 minutes to get in it. sleeps all night in her own bed.

    191. A Great Find!!! review by Boxerlover on 5/1/2015

      I put off buying the Comfy Couch for months, thinking my dog wouldn't like it, or maybe finding something less expensive. I finally decided to make the purchase, and my dog absolutely loves it. I have a boxer who seemed to have the run of the house. He felt comfortable resting on our sofa, bed, and anywhere else around the house. I thought it was going to be a long, learning curve to get him in his own bed. However, the day it was delivered, he went right in, snuggled up to the bolsters, and has never set paw on our furniture again. I would highly recommend the Comfy Couch to every dog owner.

    192. Not what is pictured review by Hewy on 5/1/2015

      I am not completely satifisfied, the picture of this bed looks like a small couch and the Dog looks elevated. but the product is much different. it is very low to the ground and the bed itself needs more stuffing. NOT HAPPY . I will say my dog loves it but she is just a dog she loves laying on the ground too.

    193. small bed review by KADS on 5/1/2015

      I found the surface of bed even for 14 pound dog is not enough compared to overall bed size, The poofy surround was rigid in how it was sewn on and sort of leaned forward cutting it down even more-I needed to conserve space for my three dogs in small apartment but need the next size up. I gave to a dog charity the Large one I had before, same style, way to big for the space so was looking for a trio for present needs for the dogs with no sharing. This is a very comfortable bed in general so I want it to work. Will order next size and the Chihuahua and Bischon can share.

    194. Snuggler Stealer! review by TreeHugger on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for my 65lb Doberman mix, Barley. It came in the mail very fast, well packed and exactly what I ordered! The free shipping and free pillow was a huge bonus! I pull it out of the box, examined it for myself, was amazed at how comfortable and soft it was and then put it to the test. I called Barley in, he promptly laid right down in it and put his head up on the "armrest"! He immediately loved it. What was my former human couch snuggling buddy, is now addicted to his own couch! He even prefers hanging out there over my bed for our ritual "good morning" cuddle! I would definitely recommend this to anyone for the price. I am a real customer, always skeptical and this surpassed my expectations! Thank you so much SkyMall and Frontgate!

      Tree Hugger

    195. Great Dog Couch review by PH1978 on 5/1/2015

      Super comfy! Matches microfiber sofa. My dog Piper loves her new bed!

    196. Best Dog Bed Ever! review by SarahD321 on 5/1/2015

      My dog absolutely loves this product. Also, I was a little nervous about the color, but it went ABSOLUTELY wonderful with our living room colors!!! I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future!!!

    197. Doggy Heaven review by jdkd on 5/1/2015

      This is the highest quality dog bed we have been able to find. Our dog used to sneak into bed with us every night after we fell asleep, but since we got him his new bed he hasn't even tried. After 3 years of restless sleep this bed is a blessing for all of us!

    198. Best Dog Beds ever review by Gladene on 5/1/2015

      We bought 2 of these Comfy Couch Dog beds for our springer spaniels. The dogs were on them as soon as I pulled them out of the boxes. They love them. The quality is the best Ive seen and they are so nice looking too. I feel like they are very reasonably priced. I highly recommend them and plan to buy more.

    199. NULL review by llay on 5/1/2015

      This is a dream bed! I want to sleep in it it's so comfy. I had to entice my dog to sleep there instead of our bed so actually laid in it! He now loves it and cuddles deep into it.

    200. Better than expected! review by Peace223 on 5/1/2015

      Overall I love this bed. I am actually thinking of buying another one for another room. The construction of the bed is sturdy, the foam is thick and the sides are strong. Very good choice for the price. The only thing that I do not like is... the cover does not completely come off. The cushion and the pillow case can be washed, but the covering over the chair itself does not come off. I would prefer to wash the entire cover in the washing machine then to have to wipe it down.

    201. not as show review by Thelmis on 5/1/2015

      This product is not as show on catalog I was disapoinment I have one I bought from Dr Foster paid the same and it is much better quality Not worth it the price.

    202. Dog Couch review by auntsue on 5/1/2015

      Ordered for our black lab. She loves it and the grandkids love it even more! They love to lay in it when they come over to Grandma's! Well made and very comfy! Overall, a good buy and purchase--thanks!

    203. Doggie Bed review by Jbizzo on 5/1/2015

      I have recommended this to a few of my friends. Stella just loves it!! She doesn't lay anywhere else anymore. I might be even a little jealous cause she won't lay next to the bed and sleep through the night anymore. She's downstairs sleeping in her bed. So I would have to say she approves this product more that anybody!!

    204. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! review by jrcmom on 5/1/2015

      This is by far the best dog bed ever! I was leary about paying the price since dog beds can be purchased must cheaper but so worth it! "Trooper" looks so comfortable as he molds into the bed. Even my daughter curls into it and raves about it's comort. Nothing but the best for my TROOPER!!!!

    205. Comfy Dog Beds review by HoustonDB on 5/1/2015

      We bought two of these beds for our large (60-80 lbs) dogs that we adopted. They love them! Both dogs will even go to the bed before us as they can't wait to go to sleep for the evening.

    206. comfy couch review by TMJA on 5/1/2015

      our dog absolutely loves this bed. instead of jumping up on our bed at night she now goes directly to her new comfy couch bed at night!

    207. Quality bed review by sunnyfl on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed is of excellent quality although I am yet to decide whether it was worth its pricetag. Our dog likes to rest her head on the edge of the bed and it looks as if it is beginning to lose its shape (after 3 weeks).
      Nice material though, very deep and comfortable.

    208. Glad to be wrong review by Cocotea on 5/1/2015

      Initially, I was skeptical that this bed was any better than the cheap dog bed he previously had, but my dog clearly and unequivocally made his choice. He is currently sleeping soundly on the cross country road trip we're currently on. He prefers this bed instead of the couch and even prefers this to the actual bed with mom and dad. He loves his new dog bed and seeing him sleep all curled up makes me see the error in my earlier thinking. I definitely recommend this bed. It is a a good investment.

    209. Best dog bed ever! review by Lala1 on 5/1/2015

      We have three of these beds now for our dogs.
      They love them!

    210. My baby loves her bed! review by Cupcake81 on 5/1/2015

      My dog spends all night in her new bed and most the time I can't get her out of it in the morning! This bed is the best purchase I could have made for her!

    211. Great Bed! review by Laurie8 on 5/1/2015

      Our boxer loved this bed right from the beginning. It is so comfy. I wish there was an adult version for me!

    212. Great dog bed review by Cardo801 on 5/1/2015

      Our dogs and us love their bed. It looks perfect in our family room! The only problem we have now is our dogs are always racing to be the first one on it. Apparently we need to buy another one :)

    213. Our dogs loved the couches. review by Mike01 on 5/1/2015

      After bringing the beds from USA to Australia on our last trip, our dogs fought to be the first to use it, They absolutely loved the couch.

    214. favorite new spot for Boomer review by kumquat on 5/1/2015

      Needed to get our 7 year old beagle off the double seat as it needed to be re-upholstered. Was tired of his hair all over it! Put this on the floor next to it with his favorite blanket and he hasn't jumped on the chair since!

    215. My granddawg loves it! review by GrammaJ1 on 5/1/2015

      Our sweet, little pittie girl, granddawggie loves it. She had ACL surgery in January and is still recovering beautifully. She was also diagnosed with hip dispasia and I wanted something to make her more comfortable while she is on restricted movement. This is it! Hazel loves it so much, she doesn't want to get out of it. Her mom and dad even have to coax her out of it to go potty! She weighs 58 pounds so I got her the large bed. I wanted something for her to snuggle in. Its plenty big for her to stretch out and there is even room enough for her sister, Freida the kitty! I am seriously thinking about buying another one for my house when she comes to visit. I would definatley recommend this bed for several reasons. It's made very well, the covers come off for washing. Its very plush, but also has an orthopedic mattress for support. It even comes with a nice snuggly bone pillow with her name embroidered on it, for her to lay her head on. It gets 2 thumbs up from me and 4 paws up from Hazel!

    216. New best spot in the house! review by Vacca on 5/1/2015

      Minnie my Pitt Bull has a new favorite spot in the house! this couch bed is super comfortable I even lay there to do the test after I took out of the box. I'm very pleased with quality too. It has only been couple of weeks, but so far so good! I recommend it!

    217. Dog loved it review by Poodlegirl on 5/1/2015

      My poodle is a nester..likes the room to hide toys under the cushion.

    218. Sydney (my Aussie) and I love it!! review by Dljonesrn on 5/1/2015

      I placed it where her old pillow had been and she immediately claimed it as home. She uses it every day...often having to chase the cat off of it.

      Good quality...and looks very nice.

    219. Cutest dog bed Ever! review by jess1234 on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed is so cute, comfortable, and cozy I want to sleep in it! And I absolutely adore the monogrammed dog bone pillow. Great purchase, highly recommend!

    220. Excellent dog bed! review by waltl97 on 5/1/2015

      Our dog is very picky - it's been the couch or nothing. To our surprise, she loves her new bed. Much less time on the couch. Very well made too! Highly recommended.

    221. NULL review by JOY123 on 5/1/2015

      Very satisfied with couch. My Dog LOVES it!

    222. My Dog Loves it! review by ramsfan on 5/1/2015

      My dog needed a new bed, and he loves it! Normally at night, he usually jumps in my bed, but now, he is content to sleep in his own bed.

    223. Great product fast shipping! review by Jtasha on 5/1/2015

      I ordered our dog bed on a Sunday and had it that Friday! Fast shipping great deal and my dog loves it! I would highly recommend this product from sky mall. It came with a personalized pillow and came that fast as well! thoroughly impressed by this transaction!

    224. Best Bed Ever review by 3PitBulls on 5/1/2015

      This bed is excellent! It's soft and comfy and so thick I don't think I'll ever have a problem with it getting flat. All the pices have covers that remove for washing. I'm very impressed with this bed. And the dogs LOVE it! They almost fight over it. Only two dogs fit in it at the same time so the third one lays next to it. LOL
      I have 3 Pit Bulls wieghing 50-65 lbs and 2 can fit in at a time. I have the Large. There is more room than you would think and it's not too big to take up too much room. It's perfect. And looks very nice too. Think I'll have to get another one now!

    225. Good quality review by Overindulge on 5/1/2015

      A little smaller than it looked in the picture, but it is good quality, and the dog loves it. The personalized pillow is pretty ridiculous/unnecessary, but the wife likes it.

    226. Comfy Puppy Sofa review by CredentialsIncluded on 5/1/2015

      Rico, my five month old shih tzu loves this sofa/lounger.

    227. My dogs new best bed review by Daisycoop on 5/1/2015

      My Cooper really enjoys sinking into this bed at the end of a long hard day of being chased by our baby. Once in bed she hardly ever moves and appears to be blissfully comfortable. The couch like style allows her to prop her head on the 'arms' and watch everyone move about. It did take a while to be delivered but well worth the wait. I'm very happy with this purchase!

    228. My dog's favorite spot review by MPucci on 5/1/2015

      I just purchased XL comfy bed for my Weimaraner and it took him 2 minutes to realize the benefits of relaxing and sleeping all day long on a super soft pillows. He actually is not using my couch anymore and I can do my own part of chilling and relaxing.

    229. Wonderful! review by Jvet30 on 5/1/2015

      Worth every penny! I researched a lot of beds and chose this one. So glad I did! My dog loves it! I ordered the XL for my 45 lb. dog. I could have ordered a large, but wanted her to have plenty of room to stretch. Two of her could fit on this bed.

    230. Love this bed!!! review by Doglovers33 on 5/1/2015

      We have a boxer and we bought the large Dog Comfy Couch. It fits him perfect! He is about 65#. He loves it and so do we!

    231. Great dog bed review by dkur on 5/1/2015

      This is a great purchase - it's sturdy and comfy for my aging dog. He loves the side walls and chooses this bed over his many options again and again. Even better for me, he doesn't snore as much anymore because he has the side walls to rest his head against. I'm considering ordering another for the other half of the house.

    232. Couch Potato review by Dogorado on 5/1/2015

      Hi I'm Jack and I have had my comfy
      Couch for about 2 weeks. It's my favorite
      Relaxing place. It's so soft and has just
      The right amount of cushion As you can
      See from my photos I have turned into
      A couch potato

    233. Nice review by Tcbs on 5/1/2015

      Was satisfied with purchase, but was glad I purchased the larger size. My Wheaton terrier is 33 pounds and I purchased the large and it is the perfect size for her. The medium would have been to small.

    234. So cute and well made! review by PocketPitty on 5/1/2015

      I have nothing but great things to say about this bed!! It's so cute and looks just like it does in the pictures. I wasn't sure what size to order since a lot of people said it was too small for their pet. I have a staffodshire terrier, also known as a pocket pitty because they are so much smaller than an american pit, and got her a large. Shes 45 lbs and her back doesnt even reach the height of our coffee table and length is proportional to height. She would have most definitely fit in a medium, but she is also a dog that likes to lay in a ball, if she ever sprawls out on it, the large works well. The only down side to this is that I was expecting a good memory foam type orthopedic material. It isn't too supportive so if you have an aging dog I would maybe increase the foam depth and look into better quality memory foam. I found a 4inch memory foam pad at TJ Maxx for $50, I used that to put under her existing bed which is now in the bedroom so we don't have to move the bed every night! Overall I think its a great buy, fluffy, cute and well made!

    235. Fit for a Canine King!! review by Ruka on 5/1/2015

      This was a birthday gift for our 4 yr. old AKC Champion Mini-Schnauzer who is black and silver. The pomegranite color is perfect and he looks just beautiful relaxing on his new couch!! The couch is made very well and is very cushy and elegant! I love the monogrammed pillow and so does he!! Thanks!!

    236. Great product review by Hamlin on 5/1/2015

      This is a great product and is exactly as advertised. It is both attractive and soft. But for some odd reason, our dog doesn't like it - perhaps too small, too soft, or too hot for her (she still prefers sleeping on the hardwood floor).

      The bed is two pieces: (1) the outer shell consisting of foam walls, foam floor, and attached three-sided bolster; and (2) the fluffy center pillow insert. The center portion is essentially a large removable pillow and it is REALLY puffy - similar in thickness and compression to a down head pillow. When the pillow is inserted in the middle, it is approximately the same height as the foam wall surrounding the front of the bed.

      The product looks fantastic. The monogrammed bone pillow is a great touch.

      If your dog likes to sprawl out, order up a size. Our 60 lb. dog fits in the large bed if she is curled up a bit, but does not really fit if she is stretched out at all because of the three walls of the bolster.

      It is a great product - hope the dog warms up to it!

    237. My Dog is in heaven! review by Zachukie on 5/1/2015

      This couch is soft, cozy and well made. My dog really dislikes lying on the ground and loved cushions, but always chewed them up and ruined them. He absolutely loves lying on this couch and taking long naps curled up in the room with us. Because of its size he has no interest in chewing on it. I only wish we'd found it sooner.

    238. Good dog couch review by djbammbamm on 5/1/2015

      We are very happy with the quailty and color of the dog couch, we needed another chair in our family room and saw this on the plane, bought it and its perfect.

    239. New bed for my Scotties review by kipsrun on 5/1/2015

      Scotties like this bed. However, since I have 4 Scotties the medium is a bit snug.

    240. Best Dog Bed on the Market! review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      I have a labrador/rottweiler mix that used to sleep in bed with my husband and I every night, despite the fact that she had her own dog bed. Since this new dog bed arrived she has not slept with us once. The bed is extremely plush and comfortable and we have a very happy dog that sleeps well now thanks to this purchase. I highly recommend purchasing this bed.

    241. Luxury for a dog review by DanP on 5/1/2015

      Great bed/couch and our 130 pound mastiff loves it. Shis is not that long and it fits her snug, which she seems to like. Also, the one negative is the cushion that is inserted into the bottom of the bed does not have a removable cover so once it gets really dirty, I am not sure what we are going to do.

    242. Dog Comfy Couch review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      I bought two dog comfy couch's for our two wonderful dogs (our Yellow Lab named TITUS and our Red Healer/Pit Bull named PONTO) they both LOVE their new couch they sleep on it everyday/night. SkyMall, thank you!

    243. Puppy loves it! review by MCFL on 5/1/2015

      Our dog was asleep in this bed 15min after unpacking it. He no longer gets on the couch and rarely sleeps in the bed with us anymore. It's safe to say he loves it! We purchased the large size for our 60lb dog and he has plenty of extra room to stretch out in it. The color matches our decor perfectly!

    244. Beautfiul & Comfy review by yogini on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed looks beautiful in our family room but more important than that our dog loves it. We have had 2 other bolster beds that were nice but this one is better in that it is more "cushy" and the actual bed portion is a separate cushion that can be turned over. It was only slightly higher priced than the others but has a MUCH higher quality and better appearance and I can already tell it is not going to "squash down" quickly like the others did. You can go wrong purchasing this bed.

    245. Great review by Lencho67 on 5/1/2015

      A little small for my 70lbs. Golden but other than that a great buy.

    246. Sonny review by Targa56 on 5/1/2015

      We have a 14 year old English Setter that can no longer get on the couch or bed, We bought this dog bed hoping he would use it . He now spends 90% of his day in it. It was worth every Penny.

    247. AMAZING review by armstts on 5/1/2015

      My dog absolutely loves this couch. When we first opened it she immediatley jumped on it and wouldn't get up for hours. She rarely laid on her old bed as she preferred to lay on our couches. Now that she has this bed, she rarely lays on our furniture. Very happy with the quality and comfort of this product. The embroidery on the pillow was excellent too!

    248. Comfy indeed! review by PhDgrad on 5/1/2015

      My dogs love these beds. I have 2 beagles )~30 lbs), and the medium size bed is perfect for them. They love to tuck their nose under the side wall.

    249. Dog Bed review by gboni on 5/1/2015

      Charlie is a recent "rescue dog" for my mom who was clearly a very abused animal when we took him into our home 3 months ago. Charlie has rebounded with love and affection and I thought my mom would appreciate a little gift for him so we bought him the SkyMall dog bed along with a pillow with Charlie's name on it. Charlie took to it the first night it arrived realizing that it was for him and it's his go to resting place.


    250. Great! review by beaullin on 5/1/2015

      My dog LOVES it. Size is perfect and my dog does not go on my sofa anymore
      Great purchase

    251. Very Comfortable Dog Bed review by specr7 on 5/1/2015

      I could sleep on this bed. Very Comfortable! It is actually nicer than our couch, so I am kind of jealous of my dog. She would not lay on it at first, so I took a blanket she lays on a lot and threw it over the bed and she hopped right on. She sleeps on it almost all night every night. She switches to the floor to cool off sometimes but I assure you any dog would love this. I have a 65lb female Husky and the Large size is perfect for her.

    252. Worth Every Penny review by LucysMom on 5/1/2015

      My dog has not been out of the bed since we got it. It's soft, yet supportive, and since it allows her to sleep with her head slightly elevated, she no longer snores :) In our eight years together I've been through so many beds, but this is really the best and I'll likely buy another so she can have one in each room we hang out in most. I have never written a product review...but she's just so happy and content,it just cradles her so perfectly, it makes me happy we picked this one!

    253. product seems great BUT careful on size review by piratequeen on 5/1/2015

      seems like a fabulous bed but we ordered a large, which seemed to be the correct size for a 70lb lab BUT when it arrived it was way too small! We have reordered an XL but are still awaiting the new bed. Hopefully this one will work out!

    254. Best dog bed ever review by Adam12345 on 5/1/2015

      Although this dog bed is relatively expensive, there are almost no dog beds that can compare to the quality. Shortly after the arrival of the comfy couch, our dog no longer begs to get on the couch or bed. Furthermore, we find now he enjoys sleeping late instead of waking us up with puppy energy (2 yr). We recently visited my in laws and their older dog (9 yr) who has some joint pain took immense pleasure sneaking into our dog's bed. I strongly recommend this bed for dogs of all age (but especially for older dogs). It is well made and can conveniently be cleaned/washed due to the construction of the foam base with the removable pillow top. No regrets here.

    255. Perfect dog bed review by lucasfamily on 5/1/2015

      My 90lb shepherd loves her new bed. It's a perfect size and she fits on it very comfortably.
      Highly recommended.

    256. Dog Bedding review by XXXX on 5/1/2015

      We bought 2 XL Dog Confy Couch and the quality is excellent , order came in as described. These Dog beds are very confortable if i may say so myself. The Dogs love them !
      Great quality and product. excellent supplier.

    257. Dog Comfy Couch review by AJ61 on 5/1/2015

      Saw this in the catalog on a business trip. The description was very accurate and my dog loves it.

    258. As nice as it looks online! review by Avrogirl on 5/1/2015

      This cute little couch is just as good as it looks online...maybe even better! I have a 6 month old German Shepherd mix and the large couch fits her perfectly with plenty of room to allow for her to keep growing. This couch is very soft, looks amazing, seems easy to clean, and I just love the removeable couch cushion! The bone pillow is such a cute addition...super soft too. I love this couch so much and wouldn't trade it for anything out there. It even matches my furniture! What a nice looking addition to my place.

    259. Wonderful buy! review by KDK143 on 5/1/2015

      I was looking for a comfortable bed for my dog. She absolutely loves it! The other beds I have gotten for her, she will use, but not like this one. I picked the color sage and I love it. It was easy to order, easy to receive, and well worth the money! I highly recommed this!

    260. Nice product. review by Gabby911 on 5/1/2015

      The dog bed was accurate on color and comfort . It took a couple days for my lab to get used to it. She's never had a luxury bed. I purchased the grey large bed, I have a 45 pound lab and she fits snuggled in nicely. You could definitely let your 55 pound four legged friend sleep all night in this size. Worth the money!

    261. Well constructed review by cyrena25 on 5/1/2015

      My dogs have torn through several beds because they love to play in them and scratch themselves a spot to lay down. This one is holding up really well so far!

    262. Still warming up review by Larson on 5/1/2015

      My puppy is 7 months old. She lies on her new couch some, but since she is still in a crate at nighttime, she tends to make that her #1 choice for "napping" during the day. I am hoping that once she is out of the crate, this bed will be top choice. She is 55 pounds and I ordered the large. No issues with delivery or order - would recommend it. Wish they came in human size.

    263. Excellent dog bed review by Indy2013 on 5/1/2015

      I'm very pleased with this purchase. I bought this bed for my dog while she recovers from surgery and couldn't be happier. It took her about a day to get used to it and now loves it. I recommend getting a size larger than you'd think. She is about 55 pounds and the extra large size works great.

    264. Doggy Couch Review review by NULL on 5/1/2015

      This couch is So Good. Watching the dog go to it the first time is priceless. The first time he sat in it he had a great big smile on his face. He goes to that bed all the time now. He does not come up on our bed as much. I am going to get another one. One for the bedroom and one for the living room. Right now I keep bringing it back and forth. When we are in the Living room watching a movie or something, It is sooooo much better to have him in his own bed instead of having him on the couch with us. Love Love Love the bed. The Personalized Bone Pillow is a PLUS!!!!

    265. My search is over!!! review by Mamaof3 on 5/1/2015

      We have a 75lb boxer who would not get off my couch. I would catch him on my sofa in the middle of night and in the morning. Even sometimes during the day. I tried everything you can find online to get your dog off the couch. Nothing worked. Then I saw this bed and read some of the reviews. I bought the XL bed and when it arrived he couldn't believe it was his. The only downfall is that it made him more Lazy. All he wants to do is lay down on it. His snoring even got louder. So I can say that this bed is a life saver and I will never buy another bed again. So please don't ever get rid of this bed because when we decide to get another dog I want another one of these beds.

    266. Great Dog Bed review by kjo5797 on 5/1/2015

      We bought this to replace a beloved human couch our dog has been using for years. We thought she would hate the idea, but as soon as it came she made it her new spot in the living room. She barely noticed when we moved her old couch out! She loves it. She is about 70 lbs and we ordered the large, we should have ordered the extra large to give her a little more room but she fits fine. If she were 80 lbs, it would be too small.

    267. NULL review by SASHA3 on 5/1/2015

      I wasn't sure about purchasing this product without being able to see it first but I am so glad I did. It is awesome and my boxer loves it. She took her pillow first thing and layed on it. She is 10 years old and I can tell the comfort of this bed makes her feel so good as she is laying in it. She loves her new bed. Thank you !!

    268. Great product! review by castromommy on 5/1/2015

      We purchased this for our elderly dog, who has issues jumping on and off our bed now. We searched for a bed that most resembled our bed so he could safely stay there during the day. I must say my dog LOVES this bed!!!! It was the best investment ever. He spends more time in that bed then any other bed we have ever bought him. I am so happy we decided to get it for him!!!! He is even more happy that we bought it though!! :)

    269. great purchase!!! review by flyygyrrl on 5/1/2015

      This was a great purchase!! Very nice and plush!! Finally we can keep our dog out of our bed:-)!!

    270. Dog Comfy Couch review by Shilcal on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for my 10 year old dog who is no longer able to jump up and down from the couch. Now he has his own. He loves it. I bought the XL even though he is 70 lbs. Glad I did. I think the L would not have been big enough for him to lay the way he likes. Pillow is nice - cute, but definitely for the human.

    271. Great bed review by beto1225 on 5/1/2015

      Our dog loves this bed. It looks very nice and is a quality product. It is extremely well made and matches our decor nicely. Can't ask for such a great bed for the price.

    272. Belle's favorite spot review by cabanko on 5/1/2015

      Our Airedale Belle has owned her own Comfy bed for over 2 years and LOVES IT! Sometimes she visits our son's house when we are away, but her bed at his house was just a plain stuffed large cushion.
      As she will be spending some time at his house soon, we wanted her to enjoy the same luxurious sleeping comfort she enjoys at our house, so we purchased a second one for her. She now has two identical Comfy Couches -- one for her city home and one for her country home.

    273. Good bed review by Canosa on 5/1/2015

      So far the bed is a lot better than the beds you would find at your average local pet shop. I had the bed for about 2 weeks now, so it is too soon to tell if it will retain the shape and cushion, but it appears sold and very good quality for the money.

    274. Best Birthday Present review by Sultana on 5/1/2015

      We purchased the Dog Comfy Couch for our Miniature Poodle's tenth birthday. We laughed at how quickly she jumped in it. It is very comfortable for her and soft but sturdy. The reason we ordered is the fact you can remove outside lining to wash. She is happy sleeping most of the day!! on this new bed. It is a great purchase.

    275. Best Dog Bed! review by RuffLife on 5/1/2015

      This is the best dog bed ever! We bought a large one several months ago and our big dog loves it! He is a 70lb Shepherd/Hound mix. The fact that the lining can be washed was ideal for us. We have washed it every week since we got it and it is holding up great. We decided to get the medium bed for our recently adopted dog; who is about 50lb, when we realized we couldn't keep him out of the other dog's bed. We would and have recommend this bed to anyone with a dog

    276. best dog bed! review by cooki3lov3r on 5/1/2015

      i searched everywhere for a comfy bed for my 15 year old golden retriever. he's just starting to get some aches and pains and i wanted a bed for him with enough cushion that he would not feel the floor at all. So many dog beds we've tried are expensive and elaborate but in the end, they still have very little padding from the floor.
      we ordered the large size. he is 45 pounds and it is perfect for his size, he has plenty of room to stretch out.
      this bed is exactly what we wanted; it's big, thick and soft enough that when he lies on it, his body never touches the floor. he absolutely loves it, spends many hours lounging and sleeping on it.
      he's sleeping better now and when he gets up from a nap, he's not as stiff and sore anymore. i'm so happy to see him sleeping and resting more comfortably.
      i highly recommend it for any dog and i would totally make this purchase again.
      only 2 drawbacks:
      1) for washing the cover, it's easy enough to take out all the cushions but it takes some serious effort to stuff them back in again and get the cover all zipped up. i had to fight with it for a few minutes but perhaps will get better with practice.
      2) the biggest cushion would not fit in my standard size washer, might not even fit in an extra large, so to wash the cushions one must go to a laundromat.

    277. Good Purchase review by Familygal on 5/1/2015

      The Dog Comfy Couch is everything I thought it would be. It looks just like the pictures. I have a cavalier that is 18 pounds and I ordered the Medium size. She really likes it and it was a good purchase. I would recommend this product for sure!

    278. Worth the wait! review by Tracygirl on 5/1/2015

      My husband and I were in the process of moving when I found this puppylove bed in I waited..and waited! I finally placed our order and had to wait a wee bit longer, BUT it was totally worth it!! When the package arrived, my hubby and I along with 2 cats and our puppylove unboxed his new bed and he went goofy!! He runs right to his new bed and cuddles up, even putting his head on his HUCK pillow!!! I would recommend this bed to any dog owner who has a bed loving puppy, you won't be disappointed!!

    279. great bed but small is very small review by sred on 5/1/2015

      bought small for my min pin who weighs 10 lbs and it was way too small for her and if I put the pillow in it, the pillow took up the entire bed and it looked ridiculous so I had to exchange for the medium and now she has a lot of room because there is a huge difference between the small and medium but she loves it

    280. Murphy's Comfy Couch review by MrMurphy on 5/1/2015

      When my daddy brought this wonderful bed home , with my name stiched in the bone pillow., I was in love. This will be where you can find me every night this winter. It is so soft and durable. Dad does not mind if my paws are a little dirty when I go to bed. He said its easy to clean and I am worth it.

    281. We love it Dog doesn't review by Cugs on 5/1/2015

      We wanted a great bed for our retired Marine bomb sniffing dog. After six deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan we think he thinks it's too fancy. He won't sleep in it. It's a great purchase and we hope he comes around. Maybe when it's colder this winter...

    282. Dog comfy couch! review by Teddy23 on 5/1/2015

      My lab's love these dog beds! Finally they are staying off of our bed!

    283. Best doggy purchase ever review by Moose19 on 5/1/2015

      Very happy with purchase! Dogs love them. Very good quality!

    284. Best bed for older dogs review by Tina18535 on 5/1/2015

      As they age, older dogs need more comfort. This fits that description to a T.

    285. Perfect review by FamilyDog on 5/1/2015

      It is just as presented in the description. My older dog jumped right into it and made it his own. At first I was concerned b/c the pillow was not shipped with bed. It arrived in a day or two. The pillow is adorable.

    286. My dog loves her new Couch!! review by SandB on 5/1/2015

      I wasn't sure about buying this bed, but after the diagnosis of Acid Reflux with my Golden Retriever I hoped that the sides of the couch might help keep her head propped up at night. It's been a great help!! And she just loves snuggling with her included "bone" pillow!! I will be ordering another one for the living room as well!!

    287. Impressive review by Justaregperson on 5/1/2015

      My 2 hooligans weigh approx 30lbs -- and one we lovingly call Sammie Da Bull --- love these sofa beds. These are very good quality all around -- quality stitching and materials. You can tell from the weight it is quality filling and so far has kept it's shape. I also bought the sofa bed cover -- the cover is only for the removable cushion and is a great addition -- my babies like to wipe their face after eating wet food -- and they decline napkins so they use their beds instead.

    288. Awesome! review by JulieK on 5/1/2015

      Worth every penny and appreciate the free shipping! I purchased the large Comfy Couch for my larger dog and my little dog won't stay out of it. Preiously, she had the more comfy bed but not any more! Now I'll be ordering her one so they each have their own.

    289. Appearance good but the size? review by PeteD on 5/1/2015

      I purchased the Large bed for our English bulldog Titus (he is right at 55 lbs) and he has no room to waddle. After delivery and his slight un-comfortableness I should have ordered the extra large size bed.

      The design and appearance is great plus the added monographed pillow made it even better and he uses the pillow for an actual head rest.

    290. Wonderfully made pet bed review by jamsey on 5/1/2015

      Very well made pet bed. My Golden Retriever loves it! And with all the color choices I was able to get one that matched my furniture!
      The large bed is so big that my teenage son actually sits in it when he watches tv. :)

    291. Dog Comfy Couch review by Max1 on 5/1/2015

      I bought the comfy couch for my dog so that he would have a couch of his own and stay off ours. It took him a couple of days to finally get comfortable and trust that the couch was not going to hurt him. He loves his new couch and sleeps in it all the time.

      Great product and very durable.

    292. Very plush! review by Brea on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for my large dog, but I can't keep my small ones out of it, either. My Boston Terrier who has slept in my bed with me for 8 years sneaks away to sleep in the comfy couch.

    293. Wonderful review by Conniefb50 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for my bloodhound and she loves it. I have the XL and it's great. I am getting ready to wash it, and will write a review about how it washes up.

    294. Happy I didn't listen to negative reveiws review by Dumdumdumdum on 5/1/2015

      I just purchased this dog sofa bed and I sweated waiting for it to arrive. Didn't know if it was going to be too small considering folks mentioned a small 35lb dog was too big for the Large. Well, I love this!! It looks great in the living room and the dog loves it too! I did put his favorite Fleece blanket around the interior pillow but that seemed to "stabilize" the sofa (thought it might need to be up against a wall to hold it's shape). This little sofa looks like a mini of my current sofa and I'm going to keep it (left it open to return if it wasn't perfect). Don't hesitate to buy this!!!!

    295. Great Bed, but Cushion Seemed too Flat review by SwellMell on 5/1/2015

      I love most things about this dog bed, however after my dog laid down on the cushion, she sank down and she had her head up and over the front part of bed, looking very uncomfortable. She is a geman shephard/cattle dog mix and weighs 60 pounds. I purchased the size Large for her, which seems to be a perfect size. If you look at the pictures, it just looks like a couch, with a firm cushion, you don't expect the sinking thing to happen. I just feel that the cushion is not firm enough. So, I put an old pillow underneath the cushion and that fixed the problem and it's now perfect! My dog seems to really love the comfort that it provides and I think it will keep her warm over the winter months. I am glad I purchased it, I just wish I didn't have to modify it - considering how expensive it was.

    296. Cash's bed is worth the cash spent!! review by tygarmom on 5/1/2015

      Finding a comfy bed for a 170 lb Mastiff isn't easy, with all the great reviews I read before purchasing I decided to go ahead pay the high dollar and see how it turns out. Now that we've had it I will be buying a second one for another room in the house! 

    297. dog bed review by Tina911 on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves this bed. He no longer gets on our furniture.

    298. Recommend review by tim888 on 5/1/2015

      worth the price! We are very pleased.

    299. Happy doggies! review by mene19 on 5/1/2015

      Fits my pug/beagle mix and toy maltese with room to spare! Soft and cushy/easy to clean!

    300. Awesome dog bed! review by Boomerdude on 5/1/2015

      The bed was way more than I expected as far as quality and my two 100lb. Labs absolutely love it. The problem that I'm faced with now is that I have to buy another one because when it's bed time they race to the new bed and it doesn't accommodate both of them comfortably, and they really prefer sleeping together. I wish it was a little bit bigger so they could both fit on it. Excellent quality and worth the money.

    301. Dog Bed review by Vince7 on 5/1/2015

      Could be less spongy feel with a little more support. Pricy but glad we got it.

    302. Dog LOVES this bed! review by Jeannine on 5/1/2015

      On a recent business trip I noticed the dog bed and knew we had to get it for our 1 year old Lab. She is a snuggler but I had to get her out of our bed. She immediately took to her new couch and sleeps all night - spread out on her own bed now. Good material and comfy. Worth every penny compared to the dog beds we have purchased over this past year. 

    303. Cody loves his new bed! review by RENauman on 5/1/2015

      We have a 90 pound Golden Retriever and Cody just loves his new doggie bed. He especially likes to hang his head over it. Our house is a bit drafty so the three sides to the bed keep Cody from getting them circulating across his bed. It's a sturdy bed, easy to unzip and wash the cover. Considering the prices of other dog beds this size out there, the SkyMall dog bed is much less--but you get equal quality. Best priced dog bed on the market in my opinion.

    304. Cupcake loves it review by EveW on 5/1/2015

      I am very happy with the doggy bed purchase.  My 10 month old lab love it.  She is about 48 lbs and the large is just perfect.  

    305. Dog Fell in Love! review by KrisM98 on 5/1/2015

      Bought this bed for my Rhodesian Ridgeback. He immediately got in it. And he now sleeps all night in the bed instead of shifting from one place to another. He even naps in it. It's very cushy and looks great in the room.

    306. NULL review by luccaa on 5/1/2015

      Great bed. Glad I decided to go with Sky Mall

    307. Sofa Dog Bed review by cweb789 on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves this bed and I love that I can wash the cover. Definitely happy with my purchase.

    308. Very Comfortable For Our Dog review by cj418dj on 5/1/2015

      Our 90lb. dog fits nicely in the extra large bed. He seems to enjoy it a lot. The only complaint I have is that the sides are not very sturdy for his strength/weight. I was hoping that it would be like an actual cushy couch, but it's not. The sides of the bed do not stay up when he lays his head on it or stretches out as the picture in the ad shows. It ends up flattening out. Because Lucky still enjoyed it, we didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it. It's a nice bed and would probably be better suited for a medium to smaller dog. After having the bed for awhile, I wished we didn't pay as much as we did.

    309. great product review by momzurch on 5/1/2015

      Arrived right on time in excellent condition for such a large box (I bought the xtra large bed). My dogs love it!!!

    310. Plush & Cozy bed! review by Whyanna on 5/1/2015

      What a bed for my beloved dog! It is plush and cozy. He got in it right away! He had his old bed for over three years, so the change made me nervous but he did not blink. He curled up the first night. When we can't find him, we know to look in his new bed. 

    311. Perfect!! review by Teterlynn on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for Sabo (our 100lb Boxer) for Christmas, so he would hopefully stay off our couch! Although he is still getting used to Staying off our couch....he Loves his new couch! I bought the X-Large couch in brown & it's perfect for Sabo with room to spare! Very good quality and very plush! So glad we bought it! It's Perfect! 

    312. Soft and comfy, well made and attractive review by Heeler on 5/1/2015

      Bought this bed for our 13 year old, 60 pound mixed breed fella. We bought the extra large and there is tons of room for him, likely could have purchased the large size. It is a lovely product, looks great in the room, really comfy cushioning and the necessary places for a dog's head to hang over the side as they love to do while sleeping.
      He loves it.

      Love the washability of the zip on covers.

    313. Dog Sofa review by J88R66 on 5/1/2015

      This is the best thing my wife and I have ever bought our dog's, Sasha and Zeeva two large Dobermans.  The dogs love it so much, we're probably going to have to purchase another one?

    314. NULL review by JEwelseeb on 5/1/2015

      Best dog bed ever! My Girl loves it! It's so nice I've thought about taking a nap on it!!

    315. Excellent review by MattOneEye on 5/1/2015

      Like perfect sized little sofas for our 65 lb. Goldendoodles.  Attractive and well made.

    316. Big Dog Loves It - Little Dog Also! review by Charlee on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed because of the reviews and pictures. My dog is a 140-pound Great Pyrenees, so I was worried the bed would be too small, but he makes it work. The little dog loves it, also. I put a blanket on mine because of large amounts of hair. This bed has a lot of padding, and is worth the money. I have looked in pet stores for something to fit my big dog, but nothing comes close to the size or quality of this bed. My daughter commented that it would be a good TV chair for her at her apartment!

    317. My dog fell in love with it instantly review by Lu_Lolly on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for my dog for Xmas. The moment we opened, she got in and instantly loved it. She enjoys the sofa features of it and the size we got is perfect for her (we got the large, she is a 60lbs black lab and there is space for me to sit by her side and pet her :) ). It has been a week and she is has left our red sofa for her own red sofa doggie bed; which by the way is a deep rich red, the picture I'm including shows it much brighter than it is. I particularly like the fact that you can take out the center cushion out (she tends to go on "sleepovers" to her firends' houses when we travel and that makes the bed much more portable for those days). This is the best dog bed we've ever bought for her, well worth the money. We are all happy!

    318. My dog loves it! review by philthy on 5/1/2015

      Seems to be great quality, and my dog loves it. I ordered an XL for my 60lb Golden Retreiver. it's huge! Probably could have gotten away with a large, but whatevs… she's comfy. 

    319. Wonderful big bed!! review by Nenagain on 5/1/2015

      My boy loves it...with the exception,  of it's lack of bottom support. Placed a 2 inch foam pad under the bed middle, and he swooped.

    320. Attractive, supportive, comfortable review by Ihatethisnicknamequestion on 5/1/2015

      Both of our Boston Terriers are thoroughly enjoying their new sofa since presenting it to them a couple of weeks ago. Two bolsters surrounding the bed, create a comfortable, den-like environment for them. Apparently it is a warmer bed than the round beds they have. Very pleasing appearance.
      I do find this bed difficult to re-stuff after laundering. The appearance and comfort of the bed will hopefully outweigh the somewhat rigorous re-stuffing process. When the bed is reassembled it looks excellent, so it launders beautifully.

    321. Pay Attention to size. review by EBouf on 5/1/2015

      The "Sofa Dog Bed" is great BUT I was unsure of the size since my dog lies btw a small and medium size...13lbs.  Needless to say I got the medium and it was HUGE for my dog.  If you are unsure get the small.  I have now lost the return label and am stuck with the medium.  Rather than that, I love it and Crandy (my dog)  loves it too!  

    322. NULL review by Holiday on 5/1/2015

      3rd review. Hopefully this gets posted. The sofa bed is awesome. Out dog loves it. 

    323. Heavenly Bed For A Beloved Beagle review by LynS on 5/1/2015

      I'd been admiring this doggie bed/couch in the Sky Mall catalog for over a year. I wanted a nice looking piece of furniture since my husband and I have a very small condo with an already cramped living room area. I decided to splurge on my "step-beagle" for his holiday gift. I feared that his current doggie bed was too low to the ground and wasn't keeping him warm enough or offering enough support. I am so glad I asked for the interior dimensions of the bed before placing my order. The small would've been too small. Our 35 lb. beagle loves curling up in his new bed and propping his head up on the cushy rim. The quality of this item is amazing, and despite some apprehension about removing and returning the cover after washing it, the process was very easy and the cover cleans up nicely. The only downside was that the bottom cushion does not have a removable cover. Also, I could've sworn that some of the older pictures on the site featured a detachable and personalized bone shaped pillow. But overall, doggie and I are incredibly happy with this purchase!

    324. Great support And wrap around bolster review by Laureb on 5/1/2015

      The dogs took to the bed pretty much right away. One of then is always on it. My 8 year old daughter actually has been lounging in it reading books claiming it's the most comfortable spot in the house and I concur. I have a shy dog who likes to curl up against the corner part of the bolster so she feels secure, and my doodle spreads out using te bolster as a leg or head pillow. Am only giving a 4 star bc I wish the XL had been a tiny bit bigger to make it a cozy 2 dog bed. My 2 are a little cramped. Maybe I should have bought 2 mediums instead... But great bed. I sat on it and couldn't feel the floor so I laid on it and my hipbones still couldn't feel the floor. Neither my knees when i got up. I'm 140lbs

    325. Dog loves it! review by AmiL on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves this bed. He used to move his bed around and fidget all night and now he stays put. The extra large is plenty big for a Great Dane. 

    326. Love it review by doglover307 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for my 120 lb lab and he loves it.

    327. Perfect Fit review by trixie112 on 5/1/2015

      We had been looking a bed good enough for our 100 pound do. Nothing fit well enough or lasted. This bed is much mor comfortable as well as easily portable

    328. Great Product review by ramp on 5/1/2015

      Superb product but my spoilt dog will not sit in it but uses our sofa instead. He is slowly making friends with it

    329. Got two and both dogs love them! review by Mgirvine on 5/1/2015

      I never do reviews but these beds are so perfect that I felt compelled to do so here.  The beds are of the highest quality, look elegant and best of all my big mutts love them!  I looked all over the web to find the best dog bed for the money and do not regret getting these one bit.  I'm actually writing this on a mini ski vacation we are taking.  Brought the dogs and the beds along!  :)

    330. My pets love it! review by BXLola on 5/1/2015

      I got a large size for my 2 small dogs, big enough for 3-4 dogs to fit in it. I got it so that they can have their own sofa :). They both love it and sleep together in it, I will admit I tried it myself and it is rather comfortable. I have not watched it yet but it has a zipper to remove the outer cover for easy cleaning!

    331. Worth every penny review by DeWayne on 5/1/2015

      I purchased this just after Christmas for my 85lb American Bulldog. She loves it. The quality appears to be very good. It's very cushy,  but with a firmness that suggest it will hold its form well over time. 

    332. NULL review by Timmsy on 5/1/2015

      We are from Australia and purchase the sofa dog bed whilst on the train going from Washington to New York, so easy and when we arrived back in Australia the bed arrived on time, great experience Louise & Peter Timms, Melbourne Australia.

    333. our boxer is in heaven. review by elismom on 5/1/2015

      Our dog kept tearing beds up from just moving around on them. We went through three beds last year. This year we got this  and its amazing. He is in heaven. We have an 80 lb boxer and the large was prefect.

    334. "Comfortable" With Purchase! review by Spender on 5/1/2015

      My 11 year old sweet labradore retriever  can no longer jump on the bed at night so we got him a bed of his own! It's accessible to him and He feels cozy and safe. Sweet dreams, Zeus.

    335. Very comfortable!! review by GaryBoy on 5/1/2015

      We just got our sofa for our dog and he loves it, it feels great and very comfortable! 

    336. Cradles your pup like a baby! review by NuDezign on 5/1/2015

      Firm quality support. The circular shape of the bed mimics the natural curling position my dog sleeps in. My dog prefers to sleep in her own bed now! Happy happy!!!

    337. NULL review by Pip11 on 5/1/2015

      Even I like sitting in it lol got it for 4 small dogs no more then 10lbs each, they all love it three fit great 4 fit good in the large size they like to cuddle and lay their heads on the pillowed edge.  I will get another when I get a large dog!

    338. Comfortable bed! review by CupcakesCureCancer on 5/1/2015

      We bought this bed about a month ago for our 11 year Lab who struggles to sleep through the night. It has truly helped him get comfortable in the evening and thankfully minimized the amount of times he gets up during the night. I do have to say that after reading the reviews on size, I thought the large bed would be plenty of room for him. Upon receiving the bed, I was surprised by the small size of the large. My Baley is 60 pounds and he fits perfectly in the bed but lacks any room to spread out. If I had to do it again, I would get him the extra large.

    339. Roomy and comfy review by Happydogs on 5/1/2015

      We got the XL and it holds both of our 60lb dogs together with extra room. Both love it and use it all the time. Our boxer always needs to have her head resting on things so she enjoys the arm rests. Very comfy! 

    340. Best doggy beds ever in the world! review by Giro on 5/1/2015

      My wiener dog and Frenchie prefer these doggy couches to the human one. So happy with this purchase!!!

    341. Great couch for dogs!! Looks great with my decor! review by Melliphet on 5/1/2015

      The couch is really well designed and looks great in my living room.  My dog loves it, the back of the couch wraps around his back and he seems to really love it.  Its light enough to take to my parent's house.  I like that I can wash the cover.  The red is beautiful.  Price was great compared to other doggie furniture that I have seen.

    342. Comfy and Good Looking review by asongbird on 5/1/2015

      My skinny standard poodle likes to get on the sofa or any pillowy chair, but now with his own "sofa" he is totally content to get in and never leave. It looks to be well made and it looks good in the living room and we love it.

    343. Cheap zippers review by Tjestig on 5/1/2015

      Cheap plastic zippers broke a week after delivery. So not recommend. 

    344. Great Bed review by lceman on 5/1/2015

      Bought it and it arrived quickly.  Our Boxer loves it!

    345. FITS review by DoctorG on 5/1/2015

      The big dog fits... That's all that matters!

    346. My dog loves it! review by Dommy on 5/1/2015

      I needed the bed for my Great Dane. I wish the bed was a little bit bigger, but that is what happens when you own a Great Dane. I bought it because my picky dog prefers to lay on the couch instead of the typical round or square dog beds. He actually likes this bed because it is shaped more like a couch and he can rest is head up higher than his body or curl inside it to have something touching him, which he likes.

    347. Heaven!! review by momofdogs on 5/1/2015

      Scooby is in heaven when she lays down. Will get another one for her 2 little sisters since she won't share!

    348. Great product review by Matthew81 on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed was exactly what I have been searching for. It's hard to find a dog bed large enough, and one that is comfortable. Great product and was shipped quickly and easily.

    349. Comfortable and well built review by mtbanana on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed a month ago and I am very happy. The construction of the bed is easy to wash and fluff. It keeps its shape. My dog melts into the bed.

    350. Worth the money review by Sarah0924 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this in hopes that it would be kind of like our labs personal couch, and he would stay off ours. Worked like a charm. The moment we put in down for him he jumped in it and stuggled right in. Bought the extra large and it is a little big but gives him more room. Definitely worth the money!!

    351. My dog loves his new bed !! review by Tyson775 on 5/1/2015

      My big baby "dog" won't get out of his new bed, he loves it so much !!
      Thank you !

    352. My Babies Love their Sofa Dog Beds review by Calscorp on 5/1/2015

      I bought the first sofa dog bed back in December 2013 for my "grand beagle" (my son's beagle). He loved the bed. I got the large size because of the reviews I read and I'm glad I did. He's a tall beagle and weighs about 40 lbs. He loves his bed, but so does my little chihuahua. She's always sneaking into his bed and snuggling up. So I just purchased a sofa dog bed for her too! She loves it! Her's is the medium size and in a different color. They now switch off between the two beds.

    353. I've never seen my dog so comfortable - DOG HEAVEN review by JBalla on 5/1/2015

      I've wanted to get this bed since the first time I flipped thru the Skymall and noticed it on a flight 2 years ago - but I kept forgetting. Finally, I did and Simone couldn't be more pleased. I've never seen her more comfortable. She weighs 53 lbs and her back comes up to about my knee. I could have gotten away with a L but I know she enjoys the extra room. This XL is in fact a true XL!

    354. Areally great bed for your dog review by Perrigrene on 5/1/2015

      I decided to buy this bed after reading the great reviews it received. Our.
      18 month old chocolate lab had other beds but preferred to sleep with us
      which was ok most nights. The problem is, she likes to sleep across the
      bed. That means she is laying across the entire bed and that does not
      leave much room for the wife and me. Since we bought her this bed, she
      has spent most nights in her own bed. She loves it so much, we bought
      her another one for our beach house. It is worth every penny. I am sure
      your dog will love it as much as Katie loves hers.

    355. Big and cozy for the boii review by ChipDason on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves it, and doesn't jump on my leather couch anymore when I'm not home

    356. Dog loves it review by LouJ on 5/1/2015

      She hasn't left it since we bought it. We may even buy another for upstairs cause we spoil her...yup

    357. Great for the big dog! review by TheRock on 5/1/2015

      Got this to replace simple dog bed and mat of my daughter's that I accidently broke. My daughter and her husband are quite happy with this. It seems to work well for the really bit Labrador mix they have.

    358. My dog loves it. Didn't hold up well. review by SanDiegoTriPawd on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed about a year ago for my golden retriever. She LOVES it, snuggles right into the bolsters and is happy as a clam. None of the other beds she used contained her very well, allowed her to curl up. However, I've been disappointed by how the padding in the base has held up. It squished down, and there's now a large gap between the edge of the lower bolster and the pad. Every night I shove it back towards the back of the bed, so she's not sleeping in a pad-less hole, left by the shifting pad. For the price, I'd expect the pad to hold up for several years at least, and the bed to hold it's shape, even with washing. It's just poly-fill with sections to minimize shifting. A smaller dog probably wouldn't have as much wear and tear on the pad. The removeable cover and bolster padding are just great. Overall, decent quality, but a bed in this premium tier, ought to last longer and still look great.

    359. Great Doggy Bed review by scotty5656 on 5/1/2015

      My Scottish Terrier loves his new bed! I bought the medium size. He is 30lbs, gives him last of room to curl up in the bed. Also loves to rest his chin/neck on the bumpers of the bed. Very steardy.

    360. Maisy loves her new bed review by rhgan on 5/1/2015

      Very good quality. The shape and contour is fabulous for my 55 pound Golden Doodle. The only problem is getting Maisy out of her new soft bed! She loves it.

    361. Amazing, my dogs love it! review by Tara2020 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for my two beagles to get them off my couch. They love it and it fits both comfortably with room to move around (XL). Great purchase and I am very happy with it. No more couch paw prints!

    362. Best dog bed ever review by CC22 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this dog sofa for my lab and she loves it! It's perfect for her to snooze on and she really seems to love the high sides and back for extra support.

    363. Wonderful Durable Bed! review by kate107 on 5/1/2015

      My 3 monsters (50lbs, 25lbs and 10lbs) LOVE this bed! The photo is of the Xlarge bed. It's huge! It's great for the 14yr old as it supports her well and keeps her joints stable. The 4 yr old loves to crawl under the pillow and snuggle up with the others. It's a Great purchase and worth so much more than it's being charged for. Class A bed! It washing VERY well and goes right back together! The photo is of the Xlarge bed. It's huge!

    364. Plush but firm - excellent dog bed review by MichelleG on 5/1/2015

      This not my first purchase of this bed. My dogs love this bed and they look great. I have one in 3 different rooms of the house.

    365. Freedom loves it! review by SwampQueen on 5/1/2015

      I bought this for Freedom, an older lab who can no longer get onto the couch (Yay!) - He loves it (but still looks longingly at the couch sometimes). Interestingly - he gets into it from the high back side - I guess it saves him from turning around once he is in it. Savannah, Freedom's cat, likes it too!

    366. My Roxy is going to love this! review by jancat on 5/1/2015

      Our pets are so spoiled right? But how can we not spoil them with love? They are a very big part of the family:) I ordered the XL for my Wolfhound, but I don't think it's going to be large enough. (fingers crossed it will be) It will be here soon, will keep all you animal lovers updated.

    367. Cooper loves his new bed! review by Nickel3 on 5/1/2015

      Our dog Cooper was very excited when his new bed arrived. He didn't exactly know what to make of it. It was his first bed that was big enough for him to spread out on. Cooper sleeps well in his new luxury bed and he is a happy puppy once again!

    368. Love at first sight review by Comfy dog on 5/1/2015

      It was as if our dog couldn't believe it was his and waited for permission to get on then ...

    369. My bed looks nothing like the picture review by BadDogBed on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for my dog Christmas 2013, it is now July 20, 2014 so not even a year old and it looks terrible. I don't even have an Extra Large Dog but I did buy the extra large bed so he would have a lot of space and now it has completely lost its shape and structure. He only sleeps on this bed during the day, at night he has a another bed (memory foam style) that he sleeps on at night. So he only uses this bed part-time and it still looks terrible.

    370. Perfect for our Regal Beagle review by Regal Beagle on 5/1/2015

      It's a bed our Beagle Baxter loves. he gets into the bed and takes a good nap and also gets into some strange positions while sleeping.

    371. Dog loves bed, cushion dirty review by ksmn on 5/1/2015

      Dog loves new bed, but the main center cushion cover cannot be removed to wash. It is starting to smell. Have to Febreeze weekly.

    372. She LOVES it! review by Jenny4377 on 5/1/2015

      I ordered this based on the reviews and I'm so glad that I did! Belle is a medium sized dog and the medium bed is just perfect! The first time she used it she was fast asleep in a matter of minutes. She's falling asleep in the picture too. :) I recommend the spa color. It's very nice!

    373. NULL review by Harleys Mom on 5/1/2015

      This was a great buy! Harley loves her new bed! Perfect choice!

    374. Dog Bed review by mm13 on 5/1/2015

      Great, we have three big labs and two usually pile in it at once. I just wish it could be washed!

    375. My dog loves his sofa dog bed! review by DukeOfWallingford on 5/1/2015

      I have regained my bed again. Since buying the sofa dog bed for my dog, Duke, he sleeps in it every night now instead of sprawling across my bed preventing me from getting a good night's rest.

    376. The New "Sofa" review by 2pugmom on 5/1/2015

      From the pugs point of view: "We love this new bed! We previously had the 'medium' size of this bed, and our dad thought that was a large, so mom ordered this XL size. Well, it's big enough for a Great Dane so the 2 of us have more than enough room to sprawl out and we love our new bed! All dogs should be so lucky to sleep on such a comfortable bed when they can't be in their parent's beds!"

    377. NULL review by Golfing on 5/1/2015

      I thought it would have a stronger back. After laying in the bed it tends to tip backward. I purchased one 3 years before this one and that one has not had this trouble. Disappointed with that but otherwise it is ok.

    378. WONDERFUL!! review by appel on 5/1/2015

      This is the best dog bed, I have a medium-sized greyhound who fits perfectly on it. I can tell she is so comfortable! I will be buying a second one soon!

    379. My dog loves her bed! review by Alli B on 5/1/2015

      My dog loves this bed. It is very comfy and supportive. Cover and middle insert are machine washable. It is a very cute bed; looks just like a mini couch! I have a 65 lb. female boxer who loves to stretch out, so I bought the extra large. It is very big, I should have gotten a large (could probably even do a medium).

    380. Poor quality for High price! review by ShanShanns on 5/1/2015

      The bolsters on sides of the couch are way too flimsy! Within a week of having this bed the one arm almost always is touching the floor, no matter how much fluffing I do. For the price of this item I would have expected much higher quality. Very disappointed.

    381. Extra large dog bed review by gmaa on 5/1/2015

      We received about 6 weeks ago, there is a corner that is a little slouchy

    382. Huge bed! review by Fbasaran on 5/1/2015

      The bed is so big and comfortable! My Labrador is in love with it!

    383. Perfect fit for 62 pound pup. review by rodjenkins on 5/1/2015

      Correct color, timely delivery, good value for cost.

    384. comfy, washable, perfect size review by gr87 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this thinking it might be to big, but it's perfect. My puppy loves his new bed and I can't wait to see him grow up in it.

    385. Don't do it!!!! review by CarlyM555 on 5/1/2015

      We bought this bed and after 2 days of our dog laying in it, the bed completely lost its shape and was flattened. I wish I had a picture to share but it was so bad we threw it away. Waste of money.

    386. My dog loves it! review by DukeOfWallingford on 5/1/2015

      Just bought a second one for my dog to put in my bedroom so I don't have to keep bringing it upstairs when it's bed time. I often have to wake him up just so I can! My dog loves the bolsters. He is about 55 lbs and the picture shows an extra-large bed. I decided to get extra-large so he could stretch out. For his second bed, I decided on the large. :)

    387. Our dogs LOVE this bed review by WhitneyB on 5/1/2015

      It seemed like a lot of money but I took the plunge and bought the extra large choclate bed for our boxer and minature Dashhound. We like it when Bogy the boxer sleeps in her bed because she is 80lbs and we have nice furniture, but we don't want her to be uncomfortable or feel left out. Both dogs love this bed and when we drive to visit family or friends we pack the large comfy bed in with us. I'm thinking about getting a second one for down stairs because they won't lay anywhere else now. Great quality and has held up well .Chocolate is a good color to hide muddy paw prints or stains while still looking nice.

    388. Awesome dog bed! review by Basenjiowner on 5/1/2015

      This is the cushiest, softest, and most supportive dog bed I've ever bought for my dog, and he loves it. The foam cushion underneath the regular pillow is great because it provides more support than the average dog bed that has only the regular pillow inside. The only improvement that could be made would be if the cover on the inside pillow was also removable, instead of just cover on the main body of the bed being removable. My dog is so enthusiastic about this bed that he puts himself to bed right after dinner every night :-) I'm very happy with this purchase.

    389. Dog bed review by Greeniis on 5/1/2015

      I have had the bed for a month and it has kept it shape and remains easy to clean. However the best news is that my dog got into it as soon as I took it out of the box and has given up her old bed without a second thought.
      Most of the beds I have bought lose their shape very quickly and it is irreversible !! I even went as far as putting one bed inside another and attaching them so they would last.... To no avail. This is working out great !

    390. This bed is great review by Ndavis on 5/1/2015

      I bought it for my older Labrador retreiver. she loves it.

    391. Great Bed! review by chip and putt on 5/1/2015

      My boxer loves this bed!!

    392. Perfect for Mastiff! review by BaileeJH on 5/1/2015

      This bed is what we've always needed! It is cozier, thicker, and all around nicer than I expected. My 150 lb bullmastiff makes himself comfortable with room to spare. His stubborn self chooses this new bed over my bed and the "people" couch! It is so perfect and we are both happy and impressed with the purchase.

    393. Dog Bed review by Dan 17 on 5/1/2015

      Great quality beautiful colors and my dog loves it

    394. So comfortable!!! review by dogloverAZ on 5/1/2015

      My dog is 12 years old and I really wanted to find a bed to comfort her with her aches & pains in her back and hips (most likely arthritis). This bed is so comfortable that I wish I was small enough to sleep on it!

    395. For Chocolate Lab review by Jasper26 on 5/1/2015

      Not as big as it looks however the 80lb dog loves it. WAY too expensive. About $70 over priced.

    396. Great Dog Bed review by cybrcop49 on 5/1/2015

      All my dogs are fighting over who gets to sleep in it. Will have to buy more

    397. Great dog bed! review by Jayne55 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for our Newf-he loves it-but so does are other dogs!
      Our yorkies seem to get in as soon as he gets out!

    398. looks nice and is nice but way too small review by tricia in las vegas on 5/1/2015

      It is a very nice bed, but I ordered the large and it was too small for my dog that is 75lbs. she is just tall not stocky so it should have been big enough, so my advice is to order up a size or two. My dog really did try and make the bed work but there wasn't enough room for her.

    399. Ultimate doggy comfort review by Ginger familly on 5/1/2015

      Bought one sofa dog bed for my daughter's dog and she loved it. Laid in it immediately and wagged and wagged her tail. Then my son's dog was over and he wanted to lay in it too, so I bought another sofa dog bed for him. Both dogs are very happy canines!

    400. Her Place! review by Bears mom on 5/1/2015

      Our little girl knew this was hers before it was completely unpacked. She jumped in, snuggled down and went to sleep. No more competing with daddy for his chair.
      Great product, well made, very nice looking, well priced. The sofa is doggy approved!

    401. Great bed review by Sidsbed on 5/1/2015

      I absolutely love this bed. It is perfect for my dog. He will not sleep on it but I find it extremely comfortable. I originally bought this bed for him because he wouldn't sleep his "normal" bed... However, now that he has the new bed, he likes the old. But I personally find the sofa bed highly comfortable and perfect for an afternoon nap.

    402. My dog loves it!!! review by Ellis018 on 5/1/2015

      I bought the bed a few weeks ago. I ordered a large for my 60lb pitador and she loves it. It is very plush and definitely worth the money to see her enjoy it :) Only down side is the pillow cushion doesn't unzip to wash the pillow fabric. I'm scared when I wash it, it may get a little lumpy :(

    403. Super pet bed! review by Tyshann on 5/1/2015

      The extra large sofa dog bed was perfect for my son's golden retriever and his dog loved it! It's so soft, yet firm enough for great support. Great product!

    404. Dog Bed review by Jim C on 5/1/2015

      Excellent dog bed that's both my black labs love.. Ordered it and arrived in a week! Great bed great service!! 5 stars!!

    405. Comfy for Bijoux review by Tiika on 5/1/2015

      Sofa arrived promptly and perfectly packaged. I ordered the medium to make it an extra bit larger for my Yorie-poo. I love it more than she does lol. She still prefers being up higher up, as on a bed, but loves to lay in it in front of the window watching the squirrels or waiting for the car to pull up if no one is home. The quality is great and the color beautiful. I couldn't have found a better sofa or deal

    406. Insert very poor quality review by Aerica52 on 5/1/2015

      I was so excited to purchase this bed. Every time I flew I would look at it in the magazine. When it arrived I was sorely disappointed at how thin the insert (the part the dog lays on) was. My dog was basically laying on the floor. I returned it 3 days later.

    407. Very comfy review by Marsha301 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this bed for my two dogs. They both love it and take turns sleeping in it. I was happy they enjoyed it. Then, the cat got in it and would not move. She took over. Needless to say, this is a big hit at my house and I am ordering another one so the cat can have her own.

    408. dog loves review by rick and boogie on 5/1/2015

      Quality is excellent and the dog loves it.

    409. Kona gives it 5 Paws rating review by MCofNC on 5/1/2015

      Our 65lb lab loves his new bed. I wasn't sure about the size but large was the correct size. Sometimes he lies on his back spreadeagle and spills out of the bed but most of the time he sleeps curled up and its the perfect size. He instantly took to it and its become his safe, go-to spot to sleep

    410. Great dog bed review by Scalpel on 5/1/2015

      Was an Xmas gift for my dog and was great! My chocolate lab loves it.

    411. NULL review by Johnny b on 5/1/2015

      Very happy with my purchase, looking forward to my next.

    412. The Best for your Dog review by Babe5 on 5/1/2015

      I have a bought a few of these for friends and finally as of a few months ago purchased one for our family dog.
      it is so comfortable that you will not be surprised when you have people over they may just try and lay in it.
      the overall couch look allows you to comfortably place the dog bed anywhere in the house and it effectively becomes part of the furniture and area.
      your dog will love it....especially for older dogs your dog will thank will see it in their eyes...

    413. Great dog bed! review by Nana15 on 5/1/2015

      I bought this dog bed for my yellow lab. I got the large one, so she would have plenty of room. She was diagnosed with arthritis when she was young, so I wanted to get something comfortable for her. She loves her new bed!

    414. I love the dog bed and so does the dog! review by Gracie2015 on 5/1/2015

      I wasn't told when this product would ship for 16 days- too long! I was waiting for this dog bed, my dog is old and was uncomfortable in her existing bed.

    415. easy ordering, timely delivery and great quality review by yasha on 5/1/2015

      I can't get my dog out of it!!!

    416. My dogs? new bed review by mikied on 5/1/2015

      Although I bought this for my dog the cat seem to have taken it as their own and only allow the dog on it if they are in the mood to have company.

    417. DOG BED review by FRESH on 5/1/2015

      My doggy loves the large dog bed !! great comfort :) great size for a miniature pinsher ! thanks once again !

    418. Happy Dog review by ShawnyC on 5/1/2015

      Our dog Josie loves her new beds. We bought two and she uses one at night and one during the day. It is comfortable and cozy and wraps around her completely. This is our second set of beds and we would order more in the future.

    419. NULL review by Dave2421 on 5/1/2015

      This dog bed was not what was pictured.... Texted company to say was not sowed right but no reply. Left side does not stand upright like the other. Also bedpan comes out, in text ask to replace bed but no reply

    420. Love my Shih Tzu! review by Jersey Girl on 5/1/2015

      My dog has several beds. This one is plush. Color was what I wanted (red).

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