Fitness & Sport Equipment
  • The Collapsible Travel Exercise Ball will help you stay fit and lose weight. No Excuses!
    It is easy to take with you and workout while traveling.

    Designed for all fitness levels.

    The Collapsible Travel Exercise Ball is a cross between a kettlebell and medicine ball which will help turn your hotel room, office or home into a private gym. Build lean muscle, improve flexibility, balance and strength with this amazing full body workout in sessions of 30 minutes or less.

    Simply fill the two chambers with water to the desired weight. Easy to drain and collapse for easy transport.

    3.1 lbs. collapsed, up to 10 lbs. filled.

    Leak proof with convenient carrying bag.

    Patent pending.
    5.0/5 (7)
  • Fitness & Sport Equipment

    Get in great shape or play the game to your best abilities with a variety of fitness and sports equipment. Lift weights or lift your team to victory.

  • Get hopping and jump your way to an all new you.
    Keep feet close to the ground -- even use it sitting down!

    EZ Jumper is the answer to the never-ending quest for a better body. It will not punish the joints of beginners and is proven to be better in raising the heart rate. You can even use it sitting down for great results.

    Includes a 20-minute workout DVD.

    Select color.

    8-5/8"H x 5-3/8"W x 2-1/4"D

    U.S. Patent #8088047
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Fitness & Sport Equipment

    Get in great shape or play the game to your best abilities with a variety of fitness and sports equipment. Lift weights or lift your team to victory.

  • Get a full body workout anywhere with AquaBells Travel Weights!

    SkyMall has the totally portable fitness and rehabilitation solution to help you maintain your upper and lower body workout regimen while traveling and in the privacy of your hotel room! This ingenious pair of AquaBells Dumbbells weighs 26 oz. and collapses flat in your luggage or briefcase. Simply add tap water (funnel included) to expand the weights up to 32 lbs. (adjustable to 16 lbs. of resistance on each bar).

    The dumbbells set includes eight "weights" (guaranteed not to leak) and two 13" long bars with soft cushioned grips.

    The innovative AquaBells Ankle Weights set includes two Ankle Weights, adjustable up to 4 lbs. each when filled. This means, you can take your weight training routine with you wherever you go, without lugging 40 lbs. of heavy weights in your travel bag, car, or boat. When it's time to pack, your AquaBells empty in seconds.

    These versatile weights are also great for physical therapy, and can be also be used for water resistance programs when in swimming pools, too! Will not damage floors. As seen on "The Today Show", "Oprah" and "The Doctors"! For health, home and travel. No metal parts.
    $29.99 - $69.99
    5.0/5 (2)
  • Improve your swing and batting average.
    Get the realistic sight and feel of hitting a baseball

    The Vortex Batting Instructor develops your hand eye coordination, hitting skills and helps you make adjustments in your swing. Baseball and fast-pitch Softball players of any age can become better hitters. While practicing with The Vortex Batting Instructor it provides instant feedback on every swing making you a more confident hitter. This fully self-contained portable training device lets you practice at the park, your garage or the driveway.

    No assembly required. Lifetime warranty on aluminum frame and aluminum parts.

    Endorsed by Robert Fick, 10-year Pro Baseball Veteran.
    • Includes carrying bag, 3 ground anchors and 3-15 lb. sandbags (excludes sand)
    • Use in the garage on rainy or cold days
    • Self-powering speed band mechanism
    4.8/5 (4)
  • Stronger hands, wrists, and forearms in just one minute a day.
    Innovative gyroscopic resistance training makes it easy and fun to exercise anywhere.

    Give it a spin. Challenge yourself and others to spin it faster, longer or glow brighter. NSD Spinner helps golfers, tennis players, trainers and athletes alike.

    The gyroscope will give your wrist and forearm a workout and can also prevent and overcome repetitive stress-induced injuries at work. A few minutes a day is all it takes.

    Select style.
    $19.99 - $99.99
    3.0/5 (4)
  • Additional Arm for use with the Vortex Batting Instructor.

    Select Baseball or Softball arm.
  • Achieve your fitness and weight goals with the Vitagoods Silver Digital Body Analyzer Scale.

    Whether you are a following a diet, nutritional advice, aiming toward your optimum body weight or even keen to keep tabs on your water intake, the Digital Body Analyzer will give you the information you need to keep on track. The Digital Body Analyzer utilizes intelligent, patented "Sense-On" technology and four high-precision "G- Sensors" located on a wipe clean tempered-glass surface to measure body composition.

    Measurement information includes body weight, body fat, muscle mass, water weight and bone density. All body composition measurements are cleanly displayed on an extra large, backlit LCD display. What's more the Digital Body Analyzer stores information for up to 8 individual users making it ideal for families or small groups. Crafted of glass and brushed stainless steel, this unit's crisp, clean lines make it a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. The Digital Body Analyzer is an exceptional tool to help monitor results to maintain, reach or achieve your ideal body composition.

    Measurements displayed in pounds or kilograms. 330 lbs / 150 kilogram capacity. Easy to use.
  • The VS-3100 Bluetooth Smart Digital Body Analyzer records, syncs, and tracks your weight, body fat percent and BMI with brilliant simplicity.

    Much more than a device to monitor weight loss, this sleek, stylish bathroom scale leverages Bluetooth Smart technology to pair with the Vitasigns app so you can monitor your personal health information and view it over time. Using bio impedance analysis (BIA) the scale measures your vital signs via contact with your bare feet. It communicates that data to the app so you can track and meet your health goals.
    • Elegant, lightweight design
    • Large LCD screen displays weight, BMI and Body Fat Percentage
    • Transmits data to your Vitasigns app via Bluetooth Smart technology
    • Compatible with any iOS device
    • Patented SENSE ON technology activates the scale when you step on
    • Provides in-depth health data and tracking
    • Share vital data with your workout buddy, trainer or health care provider
    • Track weight trends over time in the app
    • Remembers and tracks progress for multiple users
    • Reads in pounds and kilograms
    • Measures weights up to 440 lb.
    • Overload and low battery indicators
    • Stable, low-profile base provides secure footing
    • Operates on three 3V batteries (not included)