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  • TOUR B330-RX Technology

    Tour Performance optimized for amateur swing speeds under 105 mph with a preference for maximum TOUR DISTANCE. The NEW Tour B330-RX offers a reformulated mantle layer and Dual Dimple Technology. The reformulated mantle reduces spin on full shots and promotes a higher launch, resulting in greater accuracy and distance. The Dual Dimple pattern offers superior aerodynamics and enhanced wind performance. The B330-RX continues to feature a soft core design that allows maximum compression for moderate swing speed players.

    • The RX is designed for players who prefer maximum Tour distance accuracy.
    • Soft gradational compression core for longer and straighter distance
    • Reengineered mantle for reduced spin and greater accuracy
    • Tour proven Urethane cover for excellent greenside control
    • 330 dual dimple technology for a consistent flight

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