• Boy Scouts of America: Official Handbook 1911 for Boys

    It was the very first Official Handbook produced by the Boy Scouts, and it's just as helpful, informational and inspiring one hundred years later. Scouts past and present will love seeing what has and hasn't changed; info on everything from nature to first aid, camping to chivalry will come in handy forever.

    Paperback facsimile reprint with 300 illustrations.

    448 pages.
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Happy Giddy Cart

    This sturdy, generously sized and brightly colored plastic cart has a handle and wheels for "loads" of indoor or outdoor fun! Whether your child wants to fill it with blocks, take favorite stuffed animals for a ride, or shuttle games and toys, this cart will come in handy for hundreds of activities. The faces of your child and Happy Giddy will smile wherever they go. Easy assembly will make you smile, too!
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Patchwork mat and blocks are made of colorful, soft-vinyl with super-soft, furniture grade foam core providing toddlers a comfortable, safe place to rest and play.

    The set includes 58" square, 1.5" thick patchwork mat with 12 soft blocks. Both the mat and blocks are covered with ultra-soft vinyl that is a cinch to wipe clean. Teach manual manipulation and color recognition by encouraging children to match the blocks to the colors in the mat.

    Mat: 58"W x 58"D x 1.5"H
    Block: 5.5" cube

    SoftZone Patchwork Toddler Mat & Blocks
    4.0/5 (1)
  • NASCAR 300 Poker Chip Set

    Bring the speed and excitement of your favorite driver to game night with the NASCAR 300 Premium Poker Chip Set. These 11.5g chips are produced from a composite resin and feature a label with your favorite driver's signature and number on each side. This one of a kind chip set is the perfect way to salute your favorite driver and take your home game to the next level. It's the perfect gift for the NASCAR fan!


    • 11.5g Chip Weight
    • 39 mm Chip Diameter
    • 300 Chips (150 Red Chips, 50 Black Chips, 100 Green Chips)
    • 3 Chip Trays Hold 100 Chips Each

    *Dealer Button NOT Included
    4.0/5 (1)
  • Speed into action with the FX 3 Wheeler by Lil' Rider. The FX features deluxe design so your child can cruise the neighborhood in style. Make your child the talk of the block with the FX 3 Wheeler by Lil' Rider.

    Product Features:
    • Durable Plastic Construction
    • Battery: 6 Volt
    • Dimensions: 34.65 x 15.35 x 22.83 inches
    • Includes charger
    • Ages: 3-8 years
    • Weight capacity: 66 lbs.

    Select a color from the drop-down box.
    4.0/5 (1)
  • He shoots, he scores!

    This hand-held basketball game may look like a cinch, but it's no game of H-O-R-S-E!

    With flashing LEDs and cheering for every score, Rocking Basketball Game will keep anyone hooked.
    3.5/5 (2)
  • The James Bond Remote Controlled Stunt Car

    This is the radio controlled car that reproduces the same evasive banking maneuver executed by iconic British Secret Service agent 007. Faithfully replicating an Aston Martin DBS V12, Mr. Bond's preferred vehicle from later installments of the famous espionage movie series, the car has a small wheel that extends from the right undercarriage at your command, lifting the right front and rear wheels off the ground, enabling you to evade obstacles. A second button on the remote makes the car pop wheelies or shoot up a ramp. A press of a button plays the classic "James Bond" theme to taunt would-be pursuers. With forward, backward, left, and right directional control; working front lights.

    Requires three AAA batteries; includes six AA batteries.

    13" L x 5" W x 3-1/2" H; 2-3/4 lbs.
    3.0/5 (2)

  • How do you spell "wow?"

    Here's the gift that no kid can resist: Individually crafted letters carved out of solid maple wood then painted in soft pastel colors; great used as nursery or playroom decor.


    Safe, non-toxic and lead-free finishes.

    Made in the USA.

    Select item:
    SM (Small) = up to 6 characters
    LG (Large) = up to 12 characters
    $24.95 - $29.95
    3.0/5 (2)
  • Numbers Sound Puzzle

    This wooden, 21-piece puzzle pronounces the name of each number when its piece is placed correctly in the puzzle board! Pieces are slightly raised above the puzzle board, for easy grasping. Colorful pictures to help teach counting and reinforce the relationship between numbers and numerals are underneath each piece. Dimensions: 0.8" x 10" x 13.5" Assembled. Recommended Ages: 3+ years. Contains small parts. AAA batteries not included.
    3.0/5 (1)
  • Artist Gary Chang creates our premium board in hand tooled faux silver and ebony, fashioned each 1 1/2-inch square with a Celtic knot, then encased it in solid wood for use with his pieces or your own.

    Gremlins, goblins and trolls create a world of magic and love as artist Gary Chang creates his own war of mythic proportions in this Toscano-exclusive, collectible chess set.
    $49.95 - $149.00
    3.0/5 (1)
  • Carrera GO!!! SpongeBob Race Set

    Race Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick down straights, around curves, through loops as they chase each other down the track. The set comes complete and is ready to be set up and raced. Spongebob Squarepants Race Set includes: 1 Spongebob Squarpants car, 1 Patrick car, straights, curves, loops, and 2 hand controllers. The race set comes with a track length of 18.37 feet and a footprint of 6 x 2.82 feet. You can play with the rest or race with the best...Carrera!
    2.0/5 (1)
  • The Remote Controlled Chinook Helicopter

    Modeled after the U.S. Army Chinook, this is the remote controlled helicopter that flies easily even when a beginner is on the stick. Its exceptional stability is provided by two pairs of contra-rotating coaxial rotors that cancel the effects of angular momentum and provide gyroscopic in-air stability to keep the copter balanced during flight. Its three-channel 2.4GHz remote provides digital proportional control of rotor speed for flights as high as 164'; trim controls provide further tuning for pitch and yaw. Faithfully depicting the iconic 1960s workhorse, its fuselage is detailed with four windows on each side and a turboshaft engine on either side of its rear rotor cowling. Its rechargeable battery provides five- to seven-minute flight times from a one-hour charge using its AC adapter.

    Requires four AA batteries.

    Ages 14 and up.

    11" L x 3" W x 6-1/2" H; 3 oz.
    1.0/5 (1)
  • 1000 Poker Chip Set with Case

    These casino sized chips are 11.5 grams in weight. They are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight feel of a heavy casino quality chip. What makes them unique however, is the high resolution graphic label that is applied to the chip. This graphic is of the highest quality and offers players a chip with a superior look and feel.

    All chips have a colorful image of a 4-of-a-kind poker hand in aces surrounding the denomination. Each denomination is a slightly different label color, matching the color of the chips' stripes.The best part about these chips is that they already have the denominations on them.

    There are 10 different denominations in this chip series, including $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, and $10000. Play your No Limit Hold'Em games and all your other high stakes casino games with these chips! Or play low stakes games too. These chips are very flexible for any game.The detail on these chips is flawless and their unique design makes them great for casinos and homestyle play alike.

    And as used in casinos all over the world, this handy 1000 chip carrying case makes it easy to transport chips all over your casino or gaming room, and allows for fast and easy chip access during those crucial gaming moments. Constructed of thick, durable, clear acrylic, this sturdy, reinforced case will hold 10 chip trays neatly stacked, for a total of 1000 poker chips. The top easily slides off, and a comfortable handle makes it easy to carry and move around. The dimensions are roughly 10"L x 8 "W x 13 "H.
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 (6V) Ride-On Battery Powered Car

    The ultimate luxury ride-on car! This elegantly designed child-size version of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 is just as desirable as the adult version. It is officially licensed by Lamborghini and features authentic Lamborghini logos and details. It is powered by a 6V Battery (included) that is completely rechargeable (charger included). Operates in forward and reverse up to a speed of 2.5 mph. Realistic details are sure to turn heads as your child cruises down the street. Recommended for ages 3 to 6.


    *Three Stroke Steering Wheel
    *LED Headlights
    *Functional Horn
    *Realistic alloy-like plastic wheels
    *Prop Aeropack wing fixed spoiler
    *Three hexagonal transparent Engine Cover
    *Elegantly designed non functional front air intakes and twin air diffuser
    *Authentic Lamborghini badges
    *1/4 scale of the original car
    *Licensed by Lamborghini
    *Speed: 2.5 mph
    *Rechargeable battery and charger included
    *Battery: 1x 6V battery
    *Forward and Reverse Gears
    *Maximum Rider Height: 3'6"
    *Maximum Weight: 55 lbs
    *Ages 3 to 6
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Blue Ice Go Kart Ride-On Toy

    Kids on-the-go will have a blast with this incredible Lil' Rider Blue Ice Battery Operated Go-Kart! From its high-backed bucket seat to its low-riding comfort, this baby is packed with delightful touches. Kids press the pedal on the floor to get goin', and turn the steering wheel to make sharp turns. Butterfly steering wheel makes it easy for little hands to steer and features buttons for sound effects.

    Features Include:

    • Bright Colors: Blue and Yellow
    • Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 22.5 inches
    • Top Speed: 2 MPH
    • Weight Capacity: 55 lbs.
    • Sound Effects: Horn & Music (Requires 3 AA Batteries - Not Included)
    • Forward and Reverse
    • Bucket Seat with high back
    • Battery Operated: 6V 10Ah
    • AC/DC Recharging Adaptor
    • Washable tires
    • Ages 3-7
    1.0/5 (1)
  • Pretend Kitchen with Bonus Personalized Chef Outfit

    NEW! Inspire imagination in your little chef! Pretend kitchen is solid wood construction with a removable sink, 3-burner cooktop, oven with clicking knobs, refrigerator and a working timer. Also measuring spoons, two wooden utensils and an oven mitt. A machine washable chef's jacket, hat, and name tag with free personalization are also included. Up to 12 characters Ages 3-6 years. Easy to assemble. 26"H x 36"W x 16"D (assembled).
  • Laser Pegs combines 2 things kids love: light and building.

    From Helicopter to Animal kits, Laser Pegs offers a huge range of construction kits that can be used together or alone. Each kit uses light up LED Laser Pegs shapes that illuminate when connected to a small battery operated power base and transparent construction pieces compatible with other construction kits. 100% Recyclable

    Build 8 Light Up models from Earthling Starfighter to the Humming Bird or imagine your own creations with the Laser Pegs Samurai set.

    This is a great starter set that includes 14 Light up LED Laser Pegs shapes and 42 transparent construction pieces that are compatible with other major construction brick brands. This is a great kit that never runs out of ways to play and keeps kids building for hours.
  • Laser Pegs combines 2 things kids love: light and building.

    From Helicopter to Animal kits, Laser Pegs offers a huge range of construction kits that can be used together or alone. Each kit uses light up LED Laser Pegs shapes that illuminate when connected to a small battery operated power base and transparent construction pieces compatible with other construction kits. 100% Recyclable

    Looking for a fun way to teach reading, writing and arithmetic Check out the light up Laser Pegs Educational Blocks.
    36 Educational Blocks.

    The kit comes with 12 Letter Blocks, 12 Number Blocks, 12 Word Blocks and a 3D Lite Board. Each block contains a LED that illuminates when connected to the 3D Lite Board. Combine and stack the blocks any way you can to make different words, sentences and equations. All of blocks are compatible with the other Laser Pegs construction kits so you can build and learn at the same time. With more than 35 fun games included for the beginner or advanced pupil, these blocks are a great way to get kids exited about reading, writing and arithmetic.

    Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

    22.5" x 4" x 16.25"; 5 lbs.
  • Playroom Entertainment - Scary Tales 4 Big Bad Wolf/Cinderella

    He'll huff and puff 'til he gets his way . . . and if that doesn't work, maybe his great big teeth will! The Big Bad Wolf has even convinced those boarish Little Pigs to join his malevolent side. She's an over-worked, over-stressed girl on the brink who's had it up to here, plus Cinderella has her Fairy Godmother looking over her shoulder. They're both crazy for power, but which has the strongest will and resources to rule the land For 2 players. A unisex product. Suitable for ages 13 years old and up.
  • Fun & Fitness Weight Bench for Kids

    We are proud to present our latest innovative fitness products for children. This equipment gets and keeps children moving with healthy activity based recreation! Children's exercise should be fun, exciting, & safe. This weight bench inspire them to move and have an active lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle choices will benefit children for a lifetime!
    • Meets EN 71 and CE Standards
    • Some assembly required. (Tools are included with product, wrench & Phillips screwdriver.)
    • The bar weighs approximately 2 lbs. The "weights" are made of foam and the Large weighs approximately 10 oz., the Medium weighs approximately 5 oz., and the Small weighs approximately 2 oz. The total approximate weight is 4.25 lbs. including the bar.
    • This weight bench provides three different exercises: the bench press, leg curl and leg lift.
    • The bench is adjustable
    • Low impact work out.
    • Assembled Dimensions: 45 1/4"L x 27 1/2"W x 36 5/8"H
    • For Ages 4 - 8 years
    • Not intended for use by a child weighing over 150 lbs.
    • Never allow more than one user at a time.
  • MARTHA STEWART-Martha Stewart Crafts: Circle Edge Punch Starter Set

    This punch allows for a continuous die-cut border from 5-1/2 to 11- 1/2 inches without having to cut the paper first. This 4-1/4x12x2- 3/4 inch box contains one circle edge punch base, one rotating knob, one eyelet doily punch cartridge with metal plate and one punch cartridge sleeve. Imported.
  • Playroom Entertainment - KB Odyssey Starter Heroic & Azoic

    In the ultimate race to build a bunny society on planet Earth, players are pitted against each other as they struggle to gain Civilization Points, by building cities and increasing their bunny populations. This 3-Pack Combo Starter for Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey allows players to jump right into the game with enough cards, dice, and scoring tokens for 3 customizable decks. For 1 to 3 players. A unisex product. Suitable for ages 13 years old and up.
  • Playroom Entertainment - Scary Tales 3 Prince Charming/Hansel

    Atop his Noble Steed, this handsome Prince is every girl's dream . . . or is he your worst nightmare It should be easy for Prince Charming to defeat a young boy, except that Hansel has an equally sinister sister, Gretel, and together they form an eerily unstoppable duo. It will take all of their tricks to win control of the kingdom, but who will be victorious For 2 players. A unisex product. Suitable for ages 13 years old and up.
  • Kitchen Accessory Set

    Get ready to cook up something yummy! This 8-piece wooden cook's set includes a frying pan, stockpot and saucepan with lids, spoon, slotted spatula and an oven mitt. Everything you need to equip a serious chef's kitchen.
  • Personalized Big Rig Building Truck Wooden Toy Set

    This tough, two-piece tractor-trailer is ready to roll . . . and ready to build! Packed with wooden construction pieces and pre-drilled with holes for the wooden nails and bolts, the truck itself is a moving building site. Connect the painted building boards to create brightly colored structures on wheels! The building toy's 22 wooden toy pieces - including a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, board, nails, nuts, and bolts - store away inside the trailer to keep your little builder's supplies organized for the next big job. Big Rig Building Set wooden truck toy is great for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving, and encourages imaginative play and manual dexterity. Dimensions: 5.25" x 21" x 3.5". Recommended Ages: 3+ years.

    Enter up to 12 characters of personalization. Personalization is in a white, classic font.

    No returns on personalized items. Enter personalization exactly as you would like it to appear.
  • Beeposh Ozzy Alien

    Beeposh Ozzy Alien is one oddball extraterrestrial: His body is striped, his arms and legs are wiggly and his half-smiling face is bright blue! But after one squeeze of this special space guy, you'd gladly take him to your leader. Deluxe microfleece is incredibly soft to the touch, and high-quality fill invites many close encounters. Ages 3+ years. Dimensions: 30" x 14" x 5".

    About Beeposh stuffed animals:

    They've got style, they've got pizzazz, they're got snuggles to spare--they're Beeposh stuffed animals! Color-blast fabrics are exciting for the eyes and soothing to the touch, and each cuddly creature in the family is stuffed with personality. Many also coordinate with Beeposh style essentials, the cool, comfy and collectible clothing and gear. With a wide range of whimsical critters, pillows, bags and more, there's no limit to how cozy and colorful your world can Bee!
  • ALEX TOYS-Silk Screen Factory

    Your t-shirts, totes, bandanas, socks, jeans, and much more is just screaming for The Silk Screen Factory. Add flowers, butterflies, hearts, fruit, and much more with the included fourteen stencils and four inks (green, blue, yellow, red). Kit contains: Silk Screen Factory machine, fourteen plastic stencils, four 1oz/29.5ml tubes of silk screen ink, foam squeegee, bandana, four reusable silk sheets and easy to follow instructions. Inks are permanent and will not wash out of clothing. Contents may vary. Conforms to ASTM F963 and D4236. Recommended for ages 7 and up. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Imported.
  • A fun place to draw, paint, doodle and more, the ECR4Kids 3-IN-1 Art Easel is great for the artist in everyone!

    The quality wood easel will give your children hours of creative fun while drawing and painting the world they see. This easel with three canvas options: chalk, dry-erase and paper, is ideal for both classroom and home use. Includes storage tray with holes for paint cups, 3 paint cups in primary colors, chalk, eraser, dry-erase marker, and magnets. When not in use the easel fold flat for easy storage and saves space.

    Assembled Dimensions: 23" x 19.5" x 36"
  • Pop N Play Castle

    Calling all princes, princesses, kings and queens to rule the finest flat-pack castle in the land! Simply unfold and watch the castle come alive as medieval archways, workshops and a drawbridge appear before your eyes. What adventure awaits you beyond the walls of Build a Dream Playhouse's Pop n Play Castle? No assembly required! Cabinets, workbench and a drawbridge. Expands from flat to full fortress in seconds. Stores flat. length: 58. height: 29. width: 52.5.
  • ALEX TOYS-Tie Dye Best Friend Scarves

    One for you and one for your BFF! Cool new tools to help you make truly unique scarves just for you and a friend. This kit contains two 54in cotton scarves, thirteen tie-dye cool tools, three 2oz/59ml bottles containing 0.07oz/2g dry dye each (you just add water), forty plastic pony beads, twenty plastic bands, four no-mess plastic gloves and illustrated instructions. Recommended for children ages 6 and up. WARNING: Choking Hazard-small parts. Not for children under 3 years. All contents conform to ASTM D4236 & F963. Imported.
  • AMERICAN GIRL CRAFTS-Super Scrapbook Kit

    Make a keepsake of special times with your friends and family! This kit contains one 12x12 inch scrapbook album with 20 designer scrapbook pages, one photo stencil, 352 assorted stickers, 13 bubble stickers, 17 title stickers, 66 journaling stickers, 106 cut-out shapes, 20 gem stickers, 64 adhesive foam squares. Recommended for ages 8 and up. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. Imported.
  • ALEX TOYS-Friends 4 Ever Kit

    This handy little suitcase holds hours of fun! Great for parties, rainy days, camp, scouts and much more. Make friendship bracelets for everyone you know! Two styles, eight patterns, twenty-two bracelets! This package contains twenty- two colors of floss (solids, variegated and multi-colored), two double-sided color-coded foam friendship looms, two best double- sided color-coded foam friend band looms, beads in various colors, beading needle, detailed instructions and it is all packed inside of this convenient 8-1/2x9-3/8x2in neon bright suitcase with a acetate window, snap closure and a carry handle for taking your bracelet making on the go! All contents conform to ASTM F963. Recommended for children ages 8 and up. WARNING: Choking Hazard-small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Imported.
  • Dashboard Driving Wall Panel

    Anatex was the first company to manufacture Rollercoaster wire bead maze frames in the United States and North America. They are proud to have been awarded the Parents Choice Classic which recognized the Rollercoaster as the Original. The Rollercoaster is also a Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Winner. Anatex was commended by the USC School of Business for it's unique and innovative marketing plan of promoting toys through the American Academy of Pediatrics. For more than a decade the Rollercoaster has been called The Best Doctor's Office Toy. Anatex has enjoyed an exciting history and looks forward to sharing with their customers a successful and profitable future. The Dashboard Driving Panel has a key and ignition, steering wheel and horn, gearshift, and speedometers and a pretend window with an open road ahead which stimulates the imagination. Features strong wooden construction. Adult assembly required. Measures 24W x 6D x 21H inches.
  • CRAYOLA-Pip Squeaks Washable Telescoping Marker Tower 50/Pkg-Assorted Colors

    With over 20 new colors this 3-tier tower is the largest variety ofPip Squeak Markers ever! 3-tier Tower folds down for easy storage, plus makes it easy to access all 50 markers. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in China.
  • CRAYOLA-Marker Airbrush Kit

    This set allows you to air brush like a pro and create art with different colors and designs! The package includes: one airbrush sprayer, twenty blank paper sheets, eight washable markers, four fabric markers and four stencil sheets. For 6 years and over. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which may cause a choking hazard if swallowed. Imported.
  • CREATIVE CRYSTAL-Bejeweler Pro Hot-Fix Crystal Tool is a precision electric rhinestone applicator for hot-fix embellishments.

    Can be used on fabric, paper, foam, suede, wax, and wood. Ergonomically shaped comfort grip handle, 4.8 watts and 120 volts. Includes tool and eight tips. Color: Pink. Made in China.
  • CRAYOLA-Drawing Art Chalk

    CRAYOLA drawing chalk produces strong, brilliant colors for artwork on paper and surfaces other than chalkboards. The chalk can be blended directly by applying one color over another or by rubbing with fingers. This package contains 144 3x5/16 inch sticks of drawing chalk in assorted colors. Conforms to ASTM D4236 and is non-toxic. Imported.
  • The Stomp Rocket Junior launches rockets up to 100 feet in the air! Designed for ages 3 and up. Stomp on the launch pad and a blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket up to 100 feet in the air!

    The kit comes with 4 glow in the dark foam rockets.

    Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years. To reduce risk of serious eye injury or blindness: Do not shoot rocket at others. Keep bystanders behind the launch pad. Do not catch rockets.

    Warning: To prevent serious eye or face injuries:

    • Read instructions before assembling or using
    • Do not aim at your eyes or face
    • Do not aim at persons or animals
    • Do not get in the path of or attempt to catch falling rocket
    • Clear launch site and target area before stomping
    • Never climb anything to retrieve rocket
    • Do not modify product from its original design
    • Discard broken rockets immediately
  • EK SUCCESS-Disney Collection: Mickey Scrapbook Album

    This post- bound album is the perfect place to keep all of those cherished memories from your family vacation! The front cover features a silhouette of Mickey's head and a 3-1/2x4-1/4 inch window opening for showcasing a special photograph. Inside are ten 12x12 inch top loading page protectors each with a white paper insert. Overall dimensions of the album are 12-1/2x13-1/2x1 inch. This package contains one album. Photo safe. Imported.
  • Translucent Modular Partitions

    As well as being useful for classroom organistaion, the rigid panel partitions can be used to display documents or for drawing (water based pencils only), making collages and so on. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Using the partition clips you can join several partitions together. The welded ABS frame is extremely sturdy and its corner pieces securely hold the rigid panels in place. Their lightness makes organisating classrooms easier and removes any danger to children should they fall. Weighted feet for increased stability. Feet not included. Dimensions: 49 L x 24 W.
  • Wesco Robo Toy

    Robo. Manufactured to the highest quality available. Satisfaction ensured. Offering the finest value in toys today.
  • Sand and Water Table

    The Weplay Sand & Water Table is a fully mobile sensory station. Wheels are attached to two of the legs to make it easy to move. All of the legs are adjustable to suit the height of the children using it. The tub is lightweight and can be lifted out to make cleaning easy. The tub's lid fits snuggly and easily on top of the tub to keep sensory items covered.

    It can also be flipped over and used as a shallow play area or a writing or drawing surface when it is filled with sand. The lid becomes a storage shelf when placed underneath the tub on the rack. If using liquids in the tub, the draining flow can be controlled by the drainage plug. The table allows for numerous activities that stimulates a child's sense of touch by learning the different characteristics of sand, water or other sensory items. It also promotes sharing and interaction among children.

    Dimensions: 35" x 25" x 17" - 23". Participants: 4-6 people. Ages: 2.5 years & up. Contains small parts.
  • Chuggington Brake Training Set

    High speed Koko is practicing her braking skills. Lift the gate to launch Koko down the super-steep hill. As she passes the sand pit, each sand pile pops up while Koko slows down. Rotate the gate and Koko can travel up the hill to practice again! Suitable for ages 3 years old and up.
  • John Deere County Fair Wagon

    The Johnny Tractor County Fair Caravan features the newly styled Johnny, tumbling pigs and animals popping out of the bale. Fun, unique and easily activated by toddlers. Includes music and sound. Suitable for ages 18 months and up. 1-AA battery is included.
  • America West 1/100 Scale Model

    The Airbus A320 is a short to medium range commercial passenger airliner manufactured by Airbus. The A320 was first delivered in 1988 and it uses digital fly-by-wire flight control systems. At that time the American West Airlines was experiencing financial troubles due to the rapid growth of the airlines which resulted in large operating losses. During 1986 the company was in the verge of bankruptcy. In 1990 the American West Airlines moved into the new terminal 4 and also took the delivery of several Airbus A320 aircraft that were destined for the now defunct Braniff Airways. The A320s were sold to America West at a steep discount. The America West Airlines continued to lose money and operated in bankruptcy from 1991 to 1994. The company resorted to organizational restructuring and the bankruptcy also forced a number of changes on the management aspect. The American West continued ordering Airbus A320 and gradually started retiring its older Boeing 737-200 aircraft. The most notable contribution of the A320 airliner is that it was the best selling member among the family. The A320 features a computerised on-board maintenance system. It also features a wider single-aisle cabin and larger overhead bins. The A320 airliners and other variants (A318 A319 and A321) incorporate LCD (liquid crystal display) units in the flight deck instead of the original CRT (cathode ray tube) displays. There are over 3 000 A320 airliners built making it the second best selling jet airliner family of all time.
  • AH-1G Cobra 1/32 Scale Model

    The AH-1G Cobra was developed by Bell featuring a new wide bladed rotor and slim fuselage that gave it twice the speed of the UH-1B or Huey. The Cobra aircraft is armed with 2.75 inch Folding Fin Aerial Rockets and a chin turret on the M28/M28A1 armament subsystem. The AH-1G Cobra or Snake was first set up on September 1967 in Vietnam. The principal mission of the AH-1G was to give fire support to troop carrying Hueys. During the Vietnam War the AH-1G Cobra was used in a lot of missions from armed escort and reconnaissance to fire suppression and aerial rocket artillery. The AH-1G Cobra was always paired with an unarmed OH 6A Cayuse Loach or OH58A Kiowa light observation helicopter or a UH-1H Night hawk. The AH-1G Cobra was also equipped with Cobra Night Fire Control System or CONFICS and the Southeast Asia Multi Sensor Armament Subsystem for Huey Cobra or SMASH to provide the AH-1G with the capability of detecting identifying and targeting ground targets during day or night operations. The AH-1G is one of the high performance attack helicopters in history. Some of the specifications of AH-1G Cobra are as follows: for the crew the helicopter allows one pilot and one CPG; its length is 44 ff and 5 inches rotor diameter is 44 ft height is at 13 ft and 5 inches weight when empty is 6 073 pounds maximum take off weight is 9 500 pounds power plant is 1x AVCO Lycoming T53L-13 turbo shaft and the rotor system has 2 blades.
  • JSF/CV USN 1/72 Scale Model

    The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is a joint multinational acquisition program for the United States Air Force Navy Marine Corps and eight cooperative international partners. It was created to replace various aircraft while keeping development production and operating costs down. The objective is to develop a technically superior and affordable fleet of aircraft that would be capable of a wide range of missions in a variety of theaters. The program began in November 1996 with a 5-year competition between Lockheed Martin and Boeing to determine the most capable and affordable preliminary aircraft design. On October 26 2001 the contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin whose X-35 experimental aircraft outperformed Boeing s X-32. The JSF aircraft design has three variants: conventional takeoff and landing (F-35A) short takeoff and vertical landing (F-35B) and carrier-based (F-35C). The program s hallmark of affordability is achieved through a high degree of commonality among the variants; 80 percent of the parts are shared. The F-35C naval variant will have a larger folding wing and larger control surfaces for improved low-speed control and stronger landing gear for the stresses of carrier landings. The larger wing area provides increased range and payload with twice the range on internal fuel compared with the F/A-18C Hornet achieving the same goal as the heavier F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. The US Navy intends to buy 480 F-35Cs to replace the Hornets. It will also serve as a stealthier complement to the Super Hornet. The F35C is expected to be available beginning in 2012.

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