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Travel Totes

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Organize personal items when you travel.
Reach essentials without bending under the seat.

The Travel Tote, a soft-sided pocket that fits conveniently over a seat back, keeps your personal effects nearby on a plane or in a car. No more bending over to grab your essentials!

Holds a paperback, water bottle, tablet, games, pens, tissues and more.

Made in U.S.A.

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  1. kayakerbob review by kayakerbob

    I travel by air about 35 weeks in the year, many of them 2 + hour flights. I wanted something to put personal items like books, pens, notepads, my Kindle, etc on the back of the seat in front of me.

    I realized that I can use the top of its protective case inserted into the wide slot to hold it in place.

    After I received the Travel Tote it meets most of my needs and am very happy with it.

    Without intending to sound critical I do offer these suggestions to improve this items:

    1. Provide a strap or some other way to hang the Tote from the seat in front. I note that most such seats have a gap between the headrest and seat frame which is as wide as the seat. This permits me to hang the Tote high enough (eye level) to watch a movie without having the Kindle on my lap or on the tray, leaving room for other items. I'm currently doing this with a section of paracord. Other passengers noted with a smile what I was doing.

    2. On the wide pocket section of the Tote find some way for a user to adapt the width at the top edge of the pocket so a variety of tablets can be hung firnly there.

  2. Keeps things handy review by rxzonie

    I bought this recently for a five hour cross country plane trip. I've tried other things to try keep my things handy on the plane including a travel bag with a clip. This was so much better since it kept everything neatly organized

Travel Totes
Travel Totes

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