• On-the-Go Baby Bundle

    The ultimate comfort for the on-the-go baby! Each 3-piece set includes a Bib Buddy Travel Bib, Mitt N Sock Lock and a HugAwoo Travel Blanket.

    Bib Buddy Travel Bib

    A must-have for parents on-the-go! The Bib Buddy holds any size bottle, sippy cup or snack cup. It is curved in allowing the child to pick up the drink and bib together, keeping them from dropping the bottle or snack cup. No more chasing after thrown bottles and having to wash them all over again! Perfect for the car seat, stroller or high chair. The Bib Buddy is made from high quality cotton print or Minky material on the front of the bib and a soft waterproof fabric on the back of the bib. There is a unique velcro system that has a cotton pouch which keeps the children from removing the bibs. The Bib Buddy is designed for kids six months to three years of age.

    Mitt N Sock Locks

    Our Mitt N Sock Locks are designed to keep your babies socks and mitts securely in place. The bands are made with a velcro lining that gently hook to the sock with an outer layer of velcro for the parents to adjust to the proper size of the babies leg. Perfect for parents on-the-go that are tired of chasing down thrown socks or lost mittens.

    HugAwoo Travel Blanket

    Our HugAwoo blankets are 25" wide by 32" long. A great feature of these blankets is the sewn in slits. These slits allow any type of belts to pass through holding the blanket securly in place. They are great for strollers, car seats and shopping carts. The kids will be able to snuggle with their HugAwoo without losing it. Perfect for the airplane, road trips and everyday use!