• GreatShield Power Tube 2600mAh Power Bank Stylish Lipstick Shape with 5V/1A output and LED Indicator for Smartphones
    • High quality 2600 mAh capacity rechargeable power bank with 1 Amp output can charge your devices rapidly. (For smartphones Only, NOT Compatible with Tablet)
    • Lithium Polymer Cores battery enhances the reliability and stability to ensures longer battery life
    • Secure Safety Protection - Built-in short circuit, over-charge and over-heat protection allows for safe, fast and reliable charge while on the go
    • Compact and portable size, easy fits into bag or pocket, convenient to carry. PERFECT SOLUTION for camping, outdoor activities, long plane flights, road trips or frequent traveler

    Plug, Charge and Go
    If you are always on the move or need, GreatShield Power Tube is your one solution to power up and go. It provides up to 1A output charging ability that can rapid charge your smartphones. This It is light, compact, portable and powerful. It comes with build in with build-in short circuit, over charge and over-heat protection. It uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

    Multiple functions ease your life:
    • Anti-Static wiper to clean the devices anytime
    • Best support for your smartphone, MP3, iPad, PDA
    • Smart design keeps cables tidy
    • Power button with the blue light for checking charging status

    Unique cylindrical design 2600mAh power bank:
    • Dimensions: 99x23mm
    • Cycle life: Over 500 times
    • Output: 5V/1.0A Input: 5V/1.0A
    • Complete charge of the Power bank requires minimum 10 hrs (depending on the input current)
    • Wall adapter not included. Recommend using your own smartphone or tablet charger/adapter.

    Package includes: Power Tube and Micro USB charging cable

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