• With the proper support, you can sleep sitting up!

    "If you must sleep sitting up, good head and neck support is vital." So says Dr. Melvin Cheatham, a leading spinal surgeon, who developed the Komfort Kollar pillow for those of us who struggle to sleep while sitting up in our coach seats on long flights. Patented Komfort Kollar supports your cervical spine from every angle, and stows in a pocket-sized pouch.

    Available in sizes S(neck size to 14"), M(14-1/2 to 16-1/2") or L(17" and over).

    Inflatable Komfort Kollar
    3.1/5 (13)
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  • VaultPro Safe Passage: The most secure tote bags you'll ever travel with.

    Magellan's design. We designed our stylish totes for maximum security and organization, both at home and abroad. The sturdy, yet lightweight nylon fabric is reinforced with slash-proof stainless steel mesh to prevent slash-and-grab theft; ingenious fold-and-clip corners lock together to thwart pickpockets; and carabiner clips can be attached to any fixed object when you need to leave the bag unattended.

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