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    Carry and use your iPad2 everywhere with comfort and style.

    The detachable shell for the OmniStand with Handle, with its hard plastic exterior and soft rubber inlay gives full protection for the back of your Apple iPad 2 or iPad3 with accessibility to all ports and controls. This feature, combined with its soft rubber-coated handle, allows you to use your Apple iPad in the most diverse, ergonomic, portable and stylish way.

    You will be able to hold your iPad comfortably with one hand while doing your tasks with your other hand and rotating the shell 360 degrees with one finger, for horizontal or vertical views. You also be able to use your iPad hands free on almost any surface. The soft rubber-coated handle prevents the unit from skidding on very smooth surfaces like glass and granite while you touch or type on the screen at any angle.

    The shape of the OmniStand with Handle allows your Apple iPad to be hung on any hook which can support its weight and most cabinet knobs. In less than 10 seconds you can install it, with the provided Velcro strap, on the back of a car seat headrest without disturbing the driver or front passenger and enjoy watching videos on your Apple iPad at your desired angle. It's the ultimate case, stand, and holder for your iPad.

    Available in color accents to match the Apple Smart Covers. Select color.

    Apple iPad Smart Cover not included.

    iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • Travel

    Prepare for your next great adventure with travel gear that's designed for your plans. Learn to speak a new language with easy-to-use language tools.

  • Slimback Rest

    The Slimback low back cushion features a slim profile. This lumbar rest is ideally used in the car or even a computer chair. It provide optimal support without being bulky to the lumbo-sacral region making your lower back more comfortable. It is great for the car, office or at home. It fits any chair and is excellent for bucket seats.

    Dimensions: 12" x 14"

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  • Travel

    Prepare for your next great adventure with travel gear that's designed for your plans. Learn to speak a new language with easy-to-use language tools.

  • Look ma, no glasses needed for mobile 3D movies and pictures.
    Eyefly3D is a screen protector that also allows you to view pictures and video in 3D with a free app.

    Now you can view 3D movies and pictures on your iPhone without the need of 3D glasses. EyeFly3D is a perfectly engineered super thin and super lightweight screen protector that does not affect 2D viewing. Two free apps let you create your own 3D content and stream YouTube's 3D content.

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  • Tabletop Foosball dock for your iPad.
    The ultimate multi-player experience.

    Advanced peripheral-to-game dynamics bring the real deal of Foosball to your iPad. Work your pull, snake, bank and bread and butter shots. Fake out your opponent and hear the resounding "thunk" when you make the goal with realistic game and crowd sounds.

    With multiple layouts and play fields.

    Download the free app from iTunes in multiple languages.

    3-1/4"H x 7"W x 12"D

    iPad not included.

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    30-Pin Connector for use with iPad 1, 2 & 3
    Bluetooth Smart for use with iPad 3, 4 & 5

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