TreeNanny Christmas Tree Water Sensor

  • TreeNanny Christmas Tree Water Sensor
  • TreeNannyChristmasTreeWaterSensor
  • TreeNannyChristmasTreeWaterSensor

TreeNanny Christmas Tree Water Sensor

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Christmas trees 101: no more fuss!
Proper watering extends the life of your tree. Plays Jingle Bells when tree needs water.

No more crawling under the Christmas tree and climbing over packages to water it, and lots of shedding needles because it got too dry. Now, TreeNanny's water input port sits on an accessible tree branch. Jingle Bells plays when it senses that the tree needs water. Chimes sound when the water is filled to prevent overfilling.

Hydrated trees have less needle shedding. And TreeNanny shuts off at night so it will not wake you.

Keeping your Christmas tree properly watered maintains a safer household, and lengthens the life of the tree by not letting it dry out so quickly.

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  1. Wow review by jcgonzalez

    made decorating the tree so much easier and beautiful.. i loved it so easy to install and see great results in an instant.

  2. Simply Doesn't Work review by mlosasso

    I had looked forward to this product saving me from all the typical hassles of keeping a tree watered. Unfortunately, it simply doesn't work. While the mechanical funnel and tubing was fine, the electronic alerting never played. I consider it to be a waste of money.

  3. very good review by mawmaw3

    i order two smart treekeeper. i gave one to my daughter we love them they are great item. saves alot of time and worry. we know when the tree needs water no more quess work or worry.

  4. Great reminder! review by AcornNurturer

    This worked and even was quite amusing. We actually remembered to water the tree without hearing "Jingle Bells". It was the first time we have ever not let the tree run dry. My husband also liked that he did not have to crawl beneath the tree to water it.

TreeNanny Christmas Tree Water Sensor
TreeNanny Christmas Tree Water Sensor

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