Under Bed Storage Drawer

    • Under Bed Storage Drawer
    • UnderBedStorageDrawer
    • UnderBedStorageDrawer
    • UnderBedStorageDrawer

    Under Bed Storage Drawer

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    The Under Bed Storage Drawer provides extra storage without taking up extra space!

    There never seems to be enough closet or shelf space, so turn that unused area under your bed into extra storage instantly. The Under Bed Storage Drawer is ideal for hiding extra sweaters, linens or seasonal clothes so they're out of the way but easy to access. This wooden storage drawer has integrated wheels and a pull handle for easy moving in and out. The Under Bed Storage Drawer can also be used as a floor drawer in a pantry or laundry room.

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    Benefits of the Under Bed Storage Drawer:

    • The Under Bed Storage Drawer has integrated wheels that take up little space
    • This underbed drawer is ideal for extra linens, toys, or seasonal clothes
    • The Under Bed Storage Drawer is sturdily built with a smooth finish inside and out


    Dimensions: 18"W x 24-1/4"D x 4-1/2"H
    Weight: 10-1/2 lbs.
    Materials: Wood Composites; Metal Handle
    Assembly: Some Assembly Required


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    1. Love my Drawers! review by amazzone on 4/26/2015

      It alleviated space for things I don't use as often...great idea! Thank you!

    2. Superb Concept ~ Concept still in need of of work review by Corrine on 4/26/2015

      Review directed primarily directed to maker for improvements : Ideal concept with the exception of no closure to protect items inside drawers. For example; I'm a southern girl and change out my wardrobe /shoes/accessories into storage for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! In the south our weather has a tendency to be temperamental making us need to have access to two seasons at all times. Some days we will need a winter sweater and other days we need access to a sundress. Unfortunately this classy under bed storage does not offer a cover protecting from Dust ( Dust just collects - it's part of life). We must worry about 'Dust Bunnies'. Regardless of quarterly pest control ~ I certainly do not want to pull out a drawer with a scorpion or even see the common house spider; much less the slighltly less common black widow or brown recluse. These pests are known to hide and nest in small dark places. I've had the unfortunate experiencnce living in the South, to come in contact with all three of the above mentioned in an older home as well as our new custom built home.
      Bottom line is a Lid/Top of sort is a nececcity to keep the under bed DUST out of such a classy storage drawer at minimum. Something such as a secretarial desk slide up lid or hinge type lid closure. Honestly DUST is the primary concern as it could be easily avoided with a slide lid or hinge lid on the drawer. As far as the insects go - they will find a way to squeeze into the smallest of areas even though a Dust lid of sort would certainly be a deterrent of sort. Thank you for reading my review of the items I was gifted.

    Under Bed Storage Drawer
    Under Bed Storage Drawer

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